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Comments posted on The New York Times article: Wall Street Casualities

September 16, 2008

Comments posted on The New York Times article: Wall Street Casualities:


Tuesday, September 16, 2008 

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September 16th, 2008 8:45 pm


The people pay, one way or other. Though it appeared outrageous that public funds in the US, (should be squandered)  to rescue private corporate from going under, the downside of leaving them to their devices, is worse and people will pay both ways. President Bush had wasted billions ‘saving’ Iraq. He should not have shirked in saving some of the most influential financial institutions that in the longer term, would avert a traumatic recessionary cycle and save millions of people not only in the US, but all over in this interconnected world. Bush has got bad advice and he lost his nerve in his last days. A true leader would have stood his ground. He is no Roosevelt or Reagan. There is still time for him to move fast and save the world economy.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

— Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai, India