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Sanjarpur still living in fear, hasn’t lost hope – By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,

November 19, 2008

Sanjarpur still living in fear, hasn’t lost hope

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

New Delhi: What greets you first when you enter Sanjarpur is the graveyard-like silence and a curfew-bound deserted street. There is no curfew officially but people think it safe to remain indoor even in daytime. So much is the impact of havoc and fear caused by the follow-up of the Batla House encounter.



The narrow, dusty road snakes through the village and a few minutes in car after you leave the highway you are at the heart of sleepy Sanjarpur – an open space surrounded by houses with some dozen chairs in the middle indicating people, both mediapersons and human rights activists, have frequented the place since one of the most controversial encounters took place in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar on September 19.

Sajid (17), younger of the two slain suspected terrorists, and Saif who was picked by the ATS from the House L-18 on the day, were from this village.


Sajid’s brother Arif in centre

Sajid’s brother Arif looks shocked and traumatized and also tired of talking to press persons and social workers. He just says that F word is still ruling the roost as the village of 15000 people (with 65% Muslims) is yet to fully come out of the trauma and fear.

Someone informs elders of the village and soon come in many including Saif’s father Mohd Shadab, a politician and a famous district court advocate Wasiuddin. Shadab is former vice president of Azamgarh district unit of Samajwadi Party.



About two months after the encounter, has the situation improved?

“The entire Azamgarh district particularly the village of Sanjarpur is still frightened. Every child is in fear. Even small children are in tension and not taking much interest in education. They fear any sudden and sad incident. The guardians also are not giving much attention to children’s education. They fear STF or ATS may anytime land in the village and pick one,” Shadab told


(From right) Saif’s father Shadab, Advocate Wasiuddin and others

Students who were living in Delhi are not willing to go back. Their guardians also fear the worst, says he.

“We have worked hard to educate our children but the incident has forced us to pull them back. Guardians are concerned about their children’s safety in Delhi, so they are not willing to let them go again. They even think to give them village level education but not send them out,” says Shadab who is locally known as Mister.

But how far will you keep your children at home, how will you give them higher education, what is the way-out?

“First of all there is a need for the government to remove the fear of people. There is a need for promotion of peace and security and this can be done only by the government, state and central. The government should take initiative. They should remove fear and instill confidence among people,” he says, adding, only then people can think of sending their children out.



He relates his visit to Delhi Police’s Special Cell office to meet his son Saif who was arrested from the flat and some others picked later from Jamia Nagar area. All were from Azamgarh. “Saif and other youths in the custody were looking very frightened mentally. We went there after gathering much courage. We were holding back our tears so that they do not get nervous,” Shadab says in choked voice.

Why was Azamgarh targeted?

“Apparently because people here were doing well financially and in education. They are financially sound and literacy rate was going up, people were pushing their children to higher education. Sanjarpur was leading the district in education and youths from the village were going ahead. The incident has shaken their confidence and ambition and shattered their dream,” he says.

Most of the students from the village living in Delhi have come back. Some went back but many are staying back as their guardians are not allowing them to go. They say they will not educate but not sacrifice their children.

Around a dozen students have stayed back. But none of them were willing to come before the media. Though this TCN correspondent was accompanied by known locals faces including two village heads, guardians were not ready to bring them out.

Advocate Wasiuddin is angry over the manner the encounter took place and the refusal by the government of judicial enquiry into the incident.



“They failed in nabbing culprits behind Delhi serial blasts and under pressure and to get accolade they did Batla House. The youths were innocent, why didn’t they arrest them if thousands of security men had surrounded the area and the building,” Wasiuddin asks.

Why they have refused to order enquiry into the case is because they know they committed wrong and want to hide something. To say that the enquiry will dampen the spirit of security persons is absurd as enquiries have been conducted in several encounters in the blast and only then truth could come out and guilty officers were punished. The Sohrabuddin and Connaught Place encounters are living examples, he adds.

“We condemn terrorism and want hardest punishment for terrorists, but first crime should be proved. Muslim religious leaders have condemned it and issued fatwas but after every blast innocent Muslims were picked and no proper investigation was carried out,” says he adding that this will give way to uneasiness in the society and increase terrorism.

Saif’s father Shadab hopes that “all the youths from Azamgarh arrested in connection with blasts will be acquitted as they are innocent. The blood of those killed will not go in vain.”


Jamia residents foiled “encounter” attempt – By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,

October 17, 2008
Jamia residents foiled “encounter” attempt
16 October 2008
By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

New Delhi: The residents of Jamia Nagar today foiled a kidnapping/encounter attempt by some policemen in plainclothes in Shaheen Bagh area under the Jamia Nagar Police Station in Delhi.

It was around 8 in the night when a black Hyundai car with tinted glasses but with no number plates entered Shaheen Bagh. Five persons, may be ATS sleuths in plainclothes, came out and tried to drag a youth named Amir into the car. He resisted and asked them why they were dragging him. They said they will tell him soon.

As the Jamia Nagar encounter and subsequent indiscriminate picking of locals were fresh in people’s mind, locals began gathering. The plainclothes people threatened them but as mob got thicker, some of them slipped away. The locals, however, were able to catch one who later turned out to be an ASI of Noida Police. The public brought both the policeman and Amir to Jamia Nagar police station.

Hundreds of people gathered around the police station and demanded action against the ‘kidnapppers’. They alleged that their plan was to encounter the person and later declare him a terrorist.

People say Amir was with his friend Irfan on a motorcycle. Amir from Zafarabad area in Delhi had come here to meet someone. They alleged that his friend Irfan was police informer because those came in car tried to drag into the car only Amir, not Irfan. Irfan also fled the scene.

The car had no number plate but a number plate was found in the car which had DL1T W 1590 written on it. The plate looked new and unused. The mob also was able to snatch some documents from the Noida policemen. They include PANCARDS, mobile, SIM. Among other things in the car two ID with different picture but same name belonging to an IT company was found in the car. The angry residents damaged the car and broke window panes. The local police reached the spot and asked the residents to hand over Amir and the policemen but the people demanded that they will do it before higher authorities.



Soon ACP (Sarita Vihar) Gurcharan Das reached there and persuaded the locals to handover the men. After much effort the police could bring them and the car to the Jamia Nagar Police Station. But hundreds of locals followed the police and reached the station.

People remained outside the station until 1 am when the police announced that the FIR from Amir has been registered. This all proceeding was done in the presence of Aziz Burney, Editor of Sahara Urdu daily, Md Rahman, Delhi High Court advocate and some local leaders.

Talking to mediapersons around 1 am, DCP Ajay Choudhry said those who came in the car were Noida Police personnel. The Delhi Police will investigate the matter. He said he had contacted Noida SSP and he assured he is looking into the case and action will be taken against the guilty officials.


A convert Muslim recalls 72 hours of khaki terror By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,

September 29, 2008

A convert Muslim recalls 72 hours of khaki terror



Submitted by Mudassir Rizwan on 27 September 20085:07am.  Indian Muslim





By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,



New Delhi: It is around 3:30 pm, September 18, the day before the Jamia Nagar encounter. Six people enter the House No. C-81 in Abul Fazal Enclave in Jamia Nagar area and ask three persons in the room their name.


All the three were reading books. Among them one is class X student and another class XII student. The third one is a research scholar of Jamia Millia Islamia. The three are flat partners.


As soon as the six strangers in civil dress (sleuths of Special Cell of Delhi Police) get confirmed that it is C-81 and among three one is Md. Rashid, they begin flipping books on the shelf.


Do you know Abul Bashar, they asked? “I said I don’t know anyone with this name,” recalls the slim man in early 30s.


Do you know Abu Bashir? “I don’t know anyone with this name either. Then they said you will know everything soon.


They asked his friends about the mobile he uses. His friends said he does not use any mobile.


Then they took out his purse from his pocket. There was Jamia Millia Islamia I Card, DTC bus pass, 500 rupees and a phone diary.


Then they asked him to come with them. He asked “Where do you want to take me and first tell me who are you? “They were in civil dress so I could not identify whether they were policemen,” recounts Rashid who became Muslim when he was a teenager.


Then they brought Abul Bashar to his room. They asked Rashid “Do you know him?” he said no.


“Uncle ji, what is the matter? Come with us, you will know soon, they said.


“I am not a thief; I have been living here for eight years. I am Jamia student. Ask me whatever you want to know” he told them clearly.


Yet, they caught hold of his shoulder and took him down. He said “Uncle ji I am not thief, I am Jamia student. I have no intention to flee. I have not done any crime. You can take me as a normal person, not as a thief.”


All the way they continued asking him about Abul Bashar. They said they were taking him for questioning as Abul Bashar has given his name.


They took him to a Delhi Police Special Cell office. He was presented before an officer. There were 10-12 persons there. They repeated the last question. And he repeated the answer. Then they said he will not speak by this way. “We are respecting you as you are research scholar and not using other methods. If you do not tell the truth then we will make you tell,” they said.


Then began the real drama.


They pounced on him. They were 5-6. They were not beating, in fact fists and kicks were raining on him. They beat him to their full satisfaction. Then they asked the same question.


“If you are going to continue beating me then I am ready to confess whatever you want. Yes I know Abul Bashar. And tell me where to sign papers. I am ready to sign” Rashid told them.


They said he will not budge so easily.


Then they took him to another room. There they took off all his clothes. He was standing with no thread on him. And again they started beating brutally.


He said “If you want me to make mastermind, then I am ready. But I don’t want to be beaten like this.”


The whole drama continued for 2 hours. Then they presented him before an officer. Now they repeated the same question and added one more name. They asked “Do you know Yasin Patel?” “I don’t know him personally,” he said.


Patel’s name was on a chit in his phone book. Rashid told them he makes his two ends by doing tuition and coaching. Many people come in his contact. Some parents give him their phone number and ask him to spare time for their children.


They also asked him about conversion. He said he converted on December 9, 1995, almost three years after the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. He is from Allahabad.


They asked who made him recite the kalimah. He told them how he came across a book on Hindu society and then developed curiosity to learn about Islam.


Then he read a Hindi translation of “Towards Understanding Islam” of Maulana Abul Ala Maudoodi. They asked who gave him this book. He said he bought it from a shop.


They hurled abuses on his conversion. They kept him in the custody for full 72 hours. Gradually their hard tone and attitude got softer and on September 22 he was released.


Even today he is shocked and terrified thanks to our people in khaki dress.