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The World Debate: The West Under Challenge

March 16, 2008



Sunday, March 16, 2008




BBC’S WORLD DEBATE: The West Under Challenge


Forty minutes out of a discussion lasting forty five minutes, Islam was not in the picture as the topic of discussion or worry, when the most aggressive, uncouth and uncivilized of the panelists, Richard Holbrook, the US ambassador, who had earlier called the whole BBC debate as an ‘stupid discussion on non-issue’ and the motion of the debate: as nothing but journalist gibberish, stepped in with the warning to the European participants, from France, Poland, Russia, that while we all are grappling with each other, we are not focused on the real adversary/enemy out there.


He clearly meant Islam, the third ‘enemy’ identified by the BBC that should have been the main point of discussion. It did not, and there lies the main problem with the West. The supposed allies of the US are not prepared to brand Islam and Muslim world as their mortal enemy, while US and Israel are hell-bent on their agenda with their single-minded obsession. The US and Israel are bent on attacking Iran on false pretexts, just like they had collaborated for invasion of Iraq; Israel conceptualizing and the US implementing.  


There is a lesson in this for India. It should not blindly and slavishly follow the lead given by the US and Israel, to treat Islam and Muslim as their ‘natural enemy’. India should make correction from the very outset, not to keep the US and Israel under any false hope of India following their script that the Jewish Neo-cons have drawn up to subvert the rest of the world. India should chalk up its own preferred group of friends and allies and make overture to Russia, China and the Muslim world. They are the leaders of the coming age. Apparently both the US and Israel are isolated in the world. India is not prepared to join the losers.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai