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‘No tangible proof of Muslims’ involvement in terrorism’

September 29, 2008
‘No tangible proof of Muslims’ involvement in terrorism’

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, head, Majlis-e-Mushawarat 
September 29, 2008
Upset at what they consider the deliberate implication of the Muslim community in terror attacks, varoius Muslim organisations last week formed an umbrella body — Coordination Committee for Indian Muslims — to raise their voice against the development. 

After a meeting at the Jamaat e Islami Hind in New Delhi [Images], held in the wake of the Jamia Nagar encounter in which two youth were shot dead and a police inspector was killed, they formed a five-member panel to counter the campaign against the community.
Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, head of the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, who is a member of this five-member committee, tells Special Correspondent Vicky Nanjappa that anger among the Muslim, especially among the youth, is building up over the continuing demonisation of the community.
All the organisations with you seem to completely disagree with the Delhi police on the Jamia Nagar encounter.
There are many question marks about this “encounter”. Three fact-finding reports to date have raised questions about the incident and the police narrative. All pointers indicate that it was a fake encounter. The police team did not go there to kill but to investigate and arrest. They bungled the operation; their officer was killed by his own men. As a result, in a fit of rage they killed two so-called “terrorists” and injured a third. To justify the killing, they invented this whole story making them “masterminds” and extending the conspiracy to their home district Azamgarh where dozens of youths have been picked up both from Azamgarh and Delhi on mere suspicion.
Outlandish stories are being churned out by the police and lapped up by a stenographic media like the claim that the slain youths had received crores of rupees in their accounts while bank managers in Azamgarh said on camera that these youths had paltry sums in their accounts; or the fantastic claim that these same youths had planted bombs in Varanasi, Jaipur [Images], Hyderabad, Ahmedabad [Images] etc. This logically means that since all the masterminds have been now killed or arrested, India from now on will not witness a single terrorist attack.
Why do you think that those youth in particular were targeted?
According to the Mumbai police, they had passed on some information about these youths to the Gujarat police and asked them to observe them. The Gujarat police, highly discredited as it is for its communal bias and criminal role in the riots, jumped the gun and informed the Delhi police that these people were planning to carry out explosions. These youths must be one of many under observation in the country. It was their bad luck that a police officer was killed while trying to arrest them and they paid the price for this.
Subsequently, the entire Muslim community is made to pay the price of this khaki crime which is not new to Delhi. We have already experienced fake encounters at Ansal Plaza and Connaught Place in the past.
If the encounter was fake then what do you have to say about the death of M C Sharma?
It is pretty clear that Sharma was killed by his own men at very close range from behind. It was the mistake of the police to rush 2500 policemen into the narrow lanes of Batla House. They were deployed on various floors and rooftops of the same building as well as on the adjoining buildings. Such a mishap was bound to happen in such a situation.
Invariably, after every terror attack, Muslim youth are being accused of involvement. What does the community have to say about this?
It is true the finger is pointed at Muslims after each act of terror, but without proof in every single case. The same security and intelligence agencies which did not know anything about an impending attack a minute before it took place, suddenly and within minutes know every detail of the persons, organisations, funders etc behind the incident. They want to cover up their abject failure, and as the Muslims are the weakest section at this moment, the blame is safely pinned on them.
There are umpteen terrorist organisations in various parts of our country working for a variety of secessionist and political aims. It is possible that there may be a few Muslims too who are taking to terrorism, but till today we do not have tangible proof of this. There is no proof that the Students Islamic Movement of India, despite its extremist views, ever had any armed wing or imparted any armed training to its members. All we have is tall claims by various people and agencies which were trashed by their own hand-picked judge of the tribunal formed by the Union home ministry. Moreover, close to 50 SIMI [Images] activists have been acquitted to date by courts across the country.
It is natural that anger is building up among our youth for two reasons: justice is not done in cases of blatant pogroms, riots and demolition of Babri mosque, while Muslim youths are routinely killed in encounters or arrested on baseless charges which are not proved in a court of law.
Do you suspect the role of right-wing Hindu outfits in some of the blasts that have occurred in the country?
We do not only suspect. Rather, we firmly believe that many acts of terrorism blamed on Muslims are in fact the handiwork of Hindutva terrorist outfits like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Shri Ram Sena, Hindu Munnani, Hindu Jagran Manch, Yuva [Images] Hindu Vahini, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Durga Vahini etc. Members of these outfits have been caught red-handed in many places like Nanded, Tenkasi, Thane and more recently at Kanpur but these terrorist acts/explosions are hushed up. So much so that the government has conceded that the Hindu outfits are not under its scanner.
How do you think the community should handle such a situation?
There is a high sense of both anger and insecurity in the community in all parts of India. Our message is always that we should not take the law in our hands and that we must use all the legal and constitutional channels to get justice, but I am afraid that this continued victimisation and denial of justice will push many of our youths to the path they are unjustly blamed of today. Perhaps this is the gameplan of the Hindutva organisations in the first place.
What about the ban on SIMI for terrorist activities?
The Muslim community believes that though these people were extremists, they were not terrorists and did not actually commit terrorist crimes, though it an unproven possibility that a few former members of SIMI may have indulged in acts of terrorism, but for this the whole organisation or the whole Muslim community cannot be blamed just as for crimes of the BJP and Congress, all members of the party cannot be blamed.
What you think about the government’s handling of the SIMI issue?
The Bharatiya Janata Party government which clamped the first ban on SIMI in September 2001 did so because it found SIMI to be the weakest point in the chain of a weak community. At the time SIMI was a marginalised group which had little sympathy or following in the community. Now it has sympathy in the community because it is perceived as a victim of State terrorism.
The United Progressive Alliance government had a good opportunity to get rid of this problem by accepting the Geeta Mittal tribunal’s verdict which threw out the home ministry case as it was based not on facts and evidence but on mere claims. But the government chose to appeal to the Supreme Court which acted fast to continue the ban. The same Supreme Court is sitting on three appeals by SIMI since 2002 against judgments by three earlier tribunals and did not find a few minutes to look into them.
With SIMI in the dock, which youth outfit do the Muslim youth look up to?
The Students Islamic Organisation is very strong. The Muslim youth can always join this organisation.
Will SIO too go the same road as SIMI?
What happened with SIMI will never happen with SIO. SIMI never had the supervision and guidance of elders. However, with SIO that is not the case and elders in the community are constantly monitoring and guiding it.
SIMI prior to being banned used to act on its own and somewhere things went haywire. SIMI never had the sympathy of the community prior to being banned, but now we do sympathise since we feel the outfit is being (falsely) implicated.
The nation’s focus has now shifted to the Indian Mujahideen [Images]. What are your views on this outfit?
No one knows what this Indian Mujahideen is. All we have is three emails sent to some media organisations. Curiously the first email was sent from the computer of an American evangelist based in Mumbai who was later allowed to flee the country. Under some bargain he was allowed to come back later perhaps to clear his name and that of the security agencies too that allowed him to flee. Before he fled he had claimed that the police were asking him a bribe in order to close his case. It is anybody’s guess why this American was never arrested and why no charges were levelled against him. Is there is an international dimension to what is happening in India?
You say several innocent youth are being targeted by the police in the name of terror. What role are you going to play in securing the release of these persons?
We are highlighting cases where we have reason to believe that injustice is being done. We issue statements, we write to the highest officials, we hold dharnas and conferences and we approach the courts. All these are within the laws and liberties granted to Indian citizens.
Lastly, your views on Saturday’s Mehrauli blast.
I condemn it and my heartfelt condolences to those victims and their families. But I would like to ask the following question. According the Delhi police following the Jamia Nagar incident, all the dreaded masterminds had either been killed or arrested. If this was the case no blast should have taken place. But the fact remains that such attacks continue to take place in the very capital. What happened to the claims by the Delhi police?

What is the post-Ahmedabad Blast Scenario in India? By Amaresh Misra

August 2, 2008



What is the post-Ahmedabad Blast Scenario in India?



By Amaresh Misra



        The Ahmedabad blasts mark a turning point in Indian political life. Till now, whenever and wherever a blast occurred, the blame was put squarely on Muslim terrorist organizations; there was unanimity amongst all major Indian political parties, whether in power or sitting in the opposition, over the central role played by Muslim extremist outfits in planning and executing lethal bomb blasts.


        The situation was such that after every blast no matter if they happen to occur in Muslim areas, Muslim youths in their hundreds were picked up by the various State Police departments of the Indian Union. After the 11th July 2006 Mumbai blasts, hundreds of Muslims youths, most of them found innocent by the Mumbai Police later, were not only arrested without warrants but tortured as well. Similar was the case after terrorist attacks in Uttar Pradesh, the Malegaon and the Hyderabad Mecca Masjid blasts.


        After each blast some obscure, new terrorist organization, which was never heard of before, and which was usually never heard of after as well, popped up to claim `responsibility’ for violence. After the recent Ahmedabad blasts too the name of never heard of before `Indian Mujahideen’ group popped up; the pattern was sickeningly similar and every secular indeed Indian feared for Muslim youths in Gujarat.


        But suddenly, things started changing—the familiar pattern was disturbed; the UPA Government at the center appeared reluctant to toe the Gujarat BJP’s Government line about the involvement of a Muslim organization executing the Ahmedabad blasts. Bombs started appearing in Surat and elsewhere in Gujarat—the police was conveniently informed about them before they could explode.


Then came the bombshell: BJP—the party which had always been the most strident about blaming `Islamic terrorism’ for the blasts, the party which was in forefront of open Muslim persecution, the party which always demanded the most strict measures against not only terrorist organizations but often Muslims as a community, the party which advocated revoking draconian black acts like TADA and POTA, which suspended civil liberties and put Muslims in a dock—that party went on record to state that the Congress-UPA Government at the Center planned and executed and blasts in order to divert attention from the `cash for votes’ scandal following the confidence vote in the Indian Parliament over the Indo-US nuclear deal.


        The allegation is shocking all the more since the BJP is a known Muslim baiter—in the past, it has not only refused to listen to reason that how could a new Muslim organization pop up every time after each blast, but it has also been consistent in standing firm with Indian security agencies, however absurd their version might be on the arrest and torture of Muslim youths. In fact, in several cases, especially the 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament, the terrorist attack on the Red Fort, and the 11th July 2006 Mumbai blasts, the BJP appeared to have advanced knowledge of the events. Then in other cases, most famously in the Nanded blasts at Bajrang Dal Headquarters,  bomb attacks in Vashi and Thane, Hindu terrorist outfits were found by the police to have been involved in executing blasts. Most of these organizations were affiliated to the BJP-RSS combine. The attack on RSS Headquarters in Nagpur turned out to be a hoax, a set-up where attacking terrorists, officially shot down by the Nagpur Police in an encounter, were found to be victims of `encounter deaths’, about which even the Nagpur police was clueless; in Tamil Nadu, members of the Hindu Munaani, affiliated to the RSS have been charge-sheeted officially by the Tamil Nadu Police for planning the terrorist attack on RSS’ Chennai head quarters.    


        Thus, accusations that blamed the BJP for organizing both the Bangalore and the Ahmedabad blasts for political mileage after the formation of the Mayawati-Left alliance threatened their 2009 electoral fortunes, carried credibility. In the past the BJP brushed these allegations off by blaming secular and `pro-Muslim’ forces of planting `conspiracy theories’. Now in the post-Ahmedabad blast phase, the BJP itself is constructing a conspiracy theory, blaming the Congress Government for facilitating the attack! Has anyone ever heard of anything like this before?


        For the first time in recent Indian history, the glare of terrorism, has shifted from Muslims; by accusing each other, both the Congress and the BJP are in a way promoting conspiracy theories; both these parties are also going out of their way to say that the attacks happened as part of a plan to shift focus away from a political objective.


        Now Left and other secular forces have been saying time and time again that a deeper enquiry has to be conducted into the nature and pattern of Indian bomb blasts; that it is insufficient to blame Muslim extremist organizations; that the angle whether Hindu fundamentalist organizations or rogue and communal elements in various State and Central agencies might be involved in the blasts, should also be probed: subtle hints have been given out about the hand of foreign agencies as well; in a country which has seen the assassinations of two Prime Ministers in which the hand of foreign agencies is still suspected; where one of those Prime Minister (Indira Gandhi) went on record blaming CIA for conducting covert-subversive activities in India; in that country the possibility that a conspiracy exists first, to carry out bomb blasts and terrorist attacks by some forces or an alliance of forces—and then make Muslims a scapegoat—at the top—both within and outside India—cannot be discounted.       


But in the past, the Left and secular forces making these points have been laughed at; now, after the BJP accusations, these very forces stand vindicated. The issue is not whether the BJP charge is true or false; the issue is that a mainstream political party, a known anti-Muslim force is blaming not Muslims but the Government of India; this is the time when all persecuted Muslims and secular elements ought to stand up and demand justice for injustices committed in the past; the fracas over the Ahmedabad blasts between two main Indian political parties reveal that there indeed is a big conspiracy—involving the BJP, Congress and even some elements of the Samajwadi Party at various levels—often in collusion but opposition as well—behind bomb blasts that keep happening in India. If secular elements miss this moment, in which there seems to be a momentary collapse of the subtle understanding between the BJP and the Congress over the Muslim persecution issue, then another similar opportunity might not come by for some time.                                                                 




Maoists, Muslim fundamentalists to fight ‘state terror’ together

June 13, 2008


Maoists, Muslim fundamentalists to fight ‘state terror’ together




Posted online: Friday, June 13, 2008 at 2324 hrs



New Delhi, June 12: Maoists and Muslim fundamentalists ― they may seem to be the most unlikely partners. But in a move which is rife with much internal contradictions and political ramifications, the two are coming together to forge a national platform to combat “state terror”.



Calling themselves “the victims of state terror”, the two improbable partners had sat together for the first time and called for resistance against all kinds of terror unleashed by the State and Central governments against Maoists and Muslims. The meeting was held in Kerala last month.


The main forces behind the move are ― ‘Porattom’, a Maoist group having base in South India, Minority Watch, a human rights organisation suspected of having close links with the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and National Democratic Front (NDF), a radical Muslim group accused of having similar links with the banned Islamic Sevak Sangh (ISS).


“Maoists and Muslims share the similar plight of being the victims of the state terror. The best way to eliminate anyone who raises his voice against the wrong doings of the State is to brand him as a Naxalite. Similar is the plight of Muslim brethren. Whenever and wherever there is a terrorist attack, the community as a whole is brought under the eye of suspicion. Every Muslim is being treated as a potential terrorist. It is in this background that we have decided to join hands to combat this state sponsored terrorism,” said Ravunni, general convener of Porattom.


Nazaruddeen Elamarom of the NDF also echoed similar views. “The Maoists and the Muslims are the worst affected victims of state terror. We are the favourite whipping boys of the Government as we are clubbed together as anti-nationals. And this is the common thread that connects the two,” he said. According to him, it is for the first time that the Naxalites and Muslim groups are coming together for espousing a similar cause.


Nazaruddeen maintained that the fight would be against the upper caste ruling elite forces of Hindutva and imperialism who have the agenda of hunting down Maoists and Muslims. “This is for upholding human rights and to stop the fascists,” he added.


The agenda of the Maoist-Muslim joint platform group includes withdrawal of ban on SIMI and a total full stop to encounter killings. They also want the Naxalites to be given the treatment of war prisoners.


According to Ravunni, they are in touch with many other Maoist and Muslim groups across the country. “We are planning to hold our next meetings in Bangalore and Calcutta. We would be deciding upon the nature and structure of the joint platform in those meetings and it would have a pan Indian nature,” he said. Ravunni said that the meeting has brought together two victim groups together and the rest of the fight would be fought together.


Acknowledging that it was an unlikely alliance, Ravunni said: “A lot of complexities are involved in this coming together.” “But we would unite to fight against the common enemy putting aside differences in their ideologies,” he added.


The meeting was also attended by some civil society movements including Confederation of Human Rights Organisation (CHRO) and People’s Union Civil Liberty (PUCL) working against encounter killings and anti-terror laws.




April 19, 2008


Saturday, April 19, 2008





State after state, the special police squads, organised as ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) and STF (Special Task Force), are rounding up innocent Muslims, brand them as ‘terrorists’, jail them under draconian laws for days, months and years and try every trick in the trade to deny them justice. The volume of such arrests country wide has increased manifold.


This only points to a conspiracy to import US/Israeli agenda into India with a distinct proactive commitment to flaunt India’s constitution, its democracy, its rule of law, it’s ingrained respect for judicial process and flagrant violation of Human Rights.


India’s most active upholder of Human Rights, TEHELKA magazine, in the following article, exposes a diabolical attempt to subvert the system of justice and to make India a virtual police state, by openly promoting special police units to become the judge and jury in the case of Indian Muslims by denying the accused through chauvinist propaganda, the services of lawyers for their day in court.


From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 5, Issue 16, Dated April 26, 2008


Presumed guilty –


When Lawyers Turn Judges 

Bar associations in Uttar Pradesh have enforced a peculiar boycott of justice: no lawyer will plead a terror suspect’s case. But one man has refused to obey. ANIL VARGHESE reports

ARE YOUNG Muslim men victims of an unofficial Emergency? An unusual meeting that went unnoticed took place in Allahabad a couple of weeks ago. Away from the media glare, over a thousand Muslims gathered to speak aloud a question increasingly being asked in their community: are they the collateral damage in the fight against terror? The gathering took up the specific example of Uttar Pradesh where, in an unprecedented denial of justice, Muslims slapped with terror charges are being shunned by local lawyers. And with no lawyer ready to fight their cases, the police is finding it easy to pick up, detain and interrogate suspected ‘terrorists’ in flagrantly illegal ways. The Allahabad meeting was called to raise a voice against this State terrorism.

The banner stuck below the dais read, ‘ATS-STF Vibhag, Aatankvad Ka Doosra Naam’ (ATS-STF Department, Terrorism’s Other Name). The ATS (Anti-Terrorism Squad) and the STF (Special Task Force) are special police forces tasked with tackling the growing number of jehadi attacks in UP. One of the speakers warned the audience: “Please do not be consoled that the one picked up by the STF was not you; it could soon be you.” Waliullah, Aftab Alam Ansari, Mohammed Khalid Mujahid, Mohammed Tariq Qasmi, Sajhadur Rehman, Mohammed Akhtar. These are not just names. The families of each of these men have accused the police of acting illegally but none could seek any legal recourse because one after the other, district bar associations passed resolutions boycotting the accused.

The Faizabad bar association set the trend following the attack on the makeshift temple in Ayodhya in 2005. Varanasi followed suit when the trial of Waliullah, accused in the 2006 twin explosions in the Sankatmochan Temple and the Railway Station, was about to begin. Lucknow and Barabanki joined the boycott after the November 22, 2007 serial blasts in three courts — at Varanasi, Lucknow and Faizabad. Days before the blasts, lawyers at a Lucknow court had even assaulted three men arrested by the STF for a plot to assassinate Rahul Gandhi.

In Phulpur village, 40km from Allahabad, Waliullah appeared for questioning at the local police station on March 25, 2006. The next day, he was asked to make the short trip to the IFFCO campus for another session where midway, he was stopped by men in three Bolero jeeps, shoved into one of the jeeps and driven away. Affectionately known as Muftisaab, Waliullah ran a madarsa and was also the Imam of the Phulpur mosque. The STF’s FIR says Waliullah was arrested in Lucknow with explosives in his possession on April 5, ten days after the date given by witnesses. His brother, Wasiullah, firmly denies the STF’s allegation that Waliullah was carrying a passport and had Rs 50 lakh in his bank account.

While awaiting trial in Varanasi, his “confession” to the police was broadcast on TV. Attacked in court and spurned by lawyers, his case made no progress for one-and-a-half years. It was then that he moved the Allahabad High Court for a transfer of his trial. The case was shifted to Ghaziabad where the family managed to hire a lawyer for Waliullah who has spent two years behind bars. He had left a pregnant wife and two little sons behind. Ask Varanasi lawyer Anupam Verma — part of the boycott — about Waliullah and he says, “These are people who betrayed the nation. Theirs is a matter of police investigation, and the police’s word should be deemed final.”

THE LAWYERS have for all purposes turned into judges. The serial blasts outside the courts united the legal community in outrage, and the five accused in these cases were rendered especially untouchable. Mohammed Shoaib, a lawyer based in Lucknow, defied the ban by the bar association to come to their rescue. Shoaib pleaded on behalf of Aftab Alam Ansari who the STF had labelled a HUJI terrorist. “Aftab’s mother and I were not allowed to meet him in prison. When I filed a complaint in court, the judge asked for a report from the jail authorities instead of acting on the complaint,” Shoaib recalls. But his efforts met with success and Aftab was released a few days later after Shoaib demolished the police’s theory.

The lone legal warrior was soon approached by the families of co-accused Mohammed Khalid Mujhahid and Mohammed Tariq Qasmi. “Khalid was picked up by the STF in Mariyahu (Jaunpur district) town where he had gone to buy vegetables. Hundreds of witnesses have signed a declaration testifying this,” says his wife Shabnam Banu. The date was December 16, 2007; the couple had been married for less than two months. Tariq’s story is similar. “He was arrested from Saraimir in Azamgarh on December 12 while on his way to Mohammedpur. When the people in the vicinity asked the STF personnel where they were taking him, they said they were taking him home. Instead, they dumped him in Lucknow Jail,” says Arshad Khan, leader of the National Loktantrik Party who led street protests in Lucknow following Tariq’s disappearance.

The protests led to the Director General of Police calling a press conference on December 22 to announce the arrest of two Harkat-ul-Jihad-al- Islami (HuJI) militants, suspects in the court explosions. The two suspects were Khalid and Tariq who, the DGP claimed, had fallen into the STF’s trap in Barabanki on that very day. Innocents or hardcore HUJI militants? Forget the legal work Shoaib is putting in, the lawyer also has to fight the “untouchability’’ factor that is operating so strongly against the “terror” suspects — it has reached the officials in the bottom rung. Requests for copies of case documents fell on deaf ears. It was now not just the lawyers, even the jail officials were lending silent support.

In Faizabad, the jail superintendent failed to respond to a show cause notice after he had failed to present the accused in court. The Chief Judicial Magistrate was forced to make an unusual move. Recalls Shoaib, “He went to the prison complex and read out the chargesheet to me and my clients,” says Shoaib. The jail authorities have still not produced Tariq and Shahid in court. When Shoaib went to submit the bail application in Barabanki, he was warned by Pradip Singh, secretary of the local bar association, of a possible assault if he didn’t withdraw from the cases. Bowing to pressure, he withdrew, and returned to Lucknow having struck his name off his clients’ papers. Distraught, the families of Khalid and Tariq have asked him to reconsider. Aware that the possibility of finding another lawyer is almost nil, Shoaib told TEHELKA, “In all probability, I will be the replacement.”

Any accused is not guilty until proven guilty, but this fundamental legal principle has not passed muster in some parts of Uttar Pradesh. The lawyers’ boycott has come as a cruel blow to the families of the suspects. There seems to be little remorse about the effect the boycott is having. Sabhajit Pandey, secretary of the bar association in Faizabad, had said while passing the resolution, “The lawyers voiced their personal stand when they passed the resolution. It was inspired by their love for the nation. It will continue against similar cases in the future.” The boycott has been in practice for three long years and it is only now that Shoaib has filed a writ in the Allahabad High Court against the boycott resolutions of the Lucknow, Faizabad and Barabanki Bar Associations.

The hearing is scheduled for May 22 — a date the families of the accused are looking forward to. Meanwhile, Shoaib’s list of “helpless clients” is growing. He now also represents Sajjhadur Rehman and Mohammed Akhtar, the two remaining accused in the court explosions. He is similarly defending Kaushar Farooqui, arrested under dubious circumstances from Kunda, Pratapgarh for the January 1 attack on the CRPF camp in Rampur. “In my career spanning over three decades, I have seen nothing of this sort. Even during the Emergency, when I was underground for over a year and was subsequently jailed for two months, I could still avail legal recourse,” says Shoaib. In parts of UP, there seems to be an unofficial Emergency looming over young Muslim men.WRITER’S E-MAIL :






March 12, 2008

Sunday, March 09, 2008 


Once again BBC is on its very subtle and very sophisticated exercise of continuing Muslim baiting by choosing a very offensive motion to be debated at the Doha Debate telecast last evening: ‘This House believes that Muslims are failing to combat extremism.’ Why should Muslim be answering to this question, and why not the US and Israel are openly and publicly brought into the picture by the BBC to complete the picture of the world of extremism.’ (  By restricting the definition of extremism to only the so-called Muslim extremism, is it not an utterly motivated exercise to put Muslims in the dock, while letting free BBC’s main clients, the US and Israel on whose behalf, the state funded BBC is organizing these pet projects, to bring out their own concerns, without giving the other side of the story, the full impact of monstrosity of the terrorism of the both sides.  Why it is Kosher for US to bomb Iraq and Afghanistan, on concocted pretext, put out on lies and propaganda, while the entire world Muslim community of over a billion strong, is being painted with a single brush of the high crime of ‘extremism, terrorism, fundamentalism’ while US goes scot free with its daily bombings and killings of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. The debate was heavily doctored from the very beginning, by placing complaint participants within the group of about 350 participants, who overwhelmingly voted, naturally, in favour of the motion.  Qatar is a small country. Its old emir was deposed through US intervention and the new emir was placed at the helm of a defenseless tiny emirate, as the new entrant into oil boom. The first act of the new emir was to recognize the state of Israel. Nobody can fool the whole world that the clock and dagger drama of ‘regime change’ was under extreme duress from the US. Now US has major military establishment in the country. The small Qatari population had been lifted from the old desert life of scrapping their hard living, through fishing, diving and other trades that was the hallmark of all Gulf States in the old century. The Qataris are now living a life of luxury, thanks to oil income and their new found friendship with the US and Israel. Can BBC find any majority in any panel discussion in the vulnerable state of Qatar who will dare to go against the chosen line of the US and Israel. If the US is spending millions of dollars to propagate its demonizing of terrorists as well as the whole Ummah and even the religion of Islam, why one of the panelists should be so worked up about the budget of Saudi charities. After all it’s the same devalued dollars that both sides are using. And nobody can be fooled that the US is not playing a double game of running with both the hounds and the hare, when it can make easily life difficult for Saudis, if they want to. After all they are the super power and they can dictate their writ on the Saudis. Even in Qatar, the continuance of Shaikh Qardawi is to give the false impression that Qatar is an independent country and if Qataris want Shaikh Qardawi to remain in Qatar, the US cannot do anything.  This is a false picture and it cannot fool the world. The world is fully aware that Qatar is the same way an ‘occupied country’ as any other Arab and Muslim country, where the US dominates through proxies — be that Egypt or Pakistan. So to celebrate the outcome of the current session of Doha Debate, where under the expert management of the artful manager from the BBC stable, the formidable Tim Sebastian is to insult the intelligence of both the East and the West. Credit should be given for the few courageous souls, mainly womenfolk in Hijab, who brought out the barest minimum of true mainstream Muslims concern over massacres of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, till Tim cut them out in the nick of time at each instant.  It is shameful for BBC to be still behaving like the poodle, even though the most infamous of them, Tony Blair, has left the scene in total disgrace. Lessons should have been learned.  

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai