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January 30, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009




Thursday, January 29, 2009 could have been a very star crossed day as it caused flare-ups in public arena at two different locations across the world. One at India‘s Supreme Court and the second at Davos meeting attending jointly by Israeli President Simon Perez and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. 


In Delhi, the venue was the venerable highest justice portal of the land, India‘s Supreme Court. The TOI reports:



“Delay in riot cases raised in SC

Senior Lawyers Engage In War Of Words Over Srikrishna Report

Dhananjay Mahapatra I TNN 

New Delhi: Muslim organisations for long have been urging the Supreme Court to ensure in toto the implementation of Srikrishna Commission’s caustic report on 1992 Mumbai riots, but their counsel — both reputed senior advocates — had a bitter face-off in full public view in the Chief Justice of India’s courtroom on Thursday. 

    Seconds after a bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justices P Sathasivam and J M Panchal left the courtroom for lunch after adjourning hearing in the case, senior advocates Rajeev Dhawan and Colin Gonsalves traded charges. 

    Gonsalves, who was unhappy over the way the other senior advocate was conducting himself during the hearing, charged Dhawan of “compromising the case”. An angry Dhawan, generally erudite in his arguments on constitutional issues, was equal to the task with a below the belt remark, calling Gonsalves “an entrepreneur of minority rights”. 

Responding angrily to the continuing muttering by Gonsalves reiterating that his colleague had “compromised” the stand of the petitioners in the case, Dhawan termed his opponent as “the tail piece in the tale”, indicating the latter’s late entry into the riot case litigation in SC. 


    The two grey haired lawyers were finally dissuaded from a full fledged war of words by another, who said, “It does not look nice when two seniors fight in the court.” Though both left the courtroom without looking at each other, the verbal sniping continued till they were out in the open.

    Before breaking into the slanging match, Gonsalves, representing Shakil Ahmed, made a serious grievance before the bench about the manner in which the prosecution and judiciary had discriminated between the two inter-linked events — 1992 Mumbai riots and 1993 serial blasts. 

    “While trial in blast-related cases have been over, majority of the accused convicted and handed down death, life and other harsh sentences, there has not been a single conviction in riot-related cases,” he said. 

    In the 1992 riots, over 900 people were killed and the commission indicted several policemen, yet there were only acquittals and no action against the erring policemen, he complained. 

Maharashtra counsel Ravindra Adsure raised a technical objection. Verdicts of trial court acquitting the accused had to be challenged in proper forum and the SC could not entertain a PIL on this issue, he said.

    Agreeing with him, the bench said the apex court could at best issue some general guidelines relating to the manner in which these cases could be dealt by the police, prosecution and the trial court. It adjourned further hearing on the case, pending since 1998, to March 19. 

    Gonsalves alleged that as many as 30 officers were indicted for their involvement in the riots and most of them had been recommended to be dismissed from service, but though the state government has accepted the recommendations, it has instead given promotions to these officers. “


Since Times of India is India‘s most widely read English newspaper, the news spread like wildfire. Both lawyers are supposed to be liberal and secular. But they apparently differ in degrees over their commitment to liberalism and secularism. The petition is from people of Mumbai, who had been enraged on how the supposedly secular political parties coalition of Sonia Congress and Sharad Pawar’s National Congress Party, has been stonewalling the persecution of accused singled out by Sri Krishna Commission as criminally involved in 1992-93 Bombay Riots in which Muslims were the major sufferers. While the culprits in Mumbai Bomb Blasts were promptly rounded up and all of them have been judged and guilty among them were sentence in quick order, the culprits in Bombay Riots, especially the 30 police officers that were found guilty and recommended by Justice Sri Krishna for dismissal had been, on the contrary, promoted. This is slap on the face of Muslims and at the face of Justice Sri Krishna too. A public litigation appeal was filed by several organizations, with the Supreme Court, pleading them to intervene in the matter and instruct the Maharashtra Government to speedily process the cases, so that those innocent could find freedom and justice. Both Congress and NCP governments are in the hands of Marathas and even though Muslim voters have voted overwhelming to elect both these supposedly secular political parties, their stark communalism is open for all to see how differently they have treated the accused in Mumbai blasts and those in Mumbai Riots. The difference is between Muslim accused and non-Muslim accused. The Muslim accused were swiftly tried and sentenced. The non-Muslims in Mumbai riots cases, including the non-Muslim police, has been given preferential treatment and there are chances that they will never be brought to justice, unless Supreme Court intervenes in the matter of equal justice for all.


The public behaviour of both coalition partners is all the more surprising, as elections to Parliament are due within next three months and Sharad Pawar is desperately trying to aim for the next Prime Minister’s post. Both secular parties need Muslim vote and both are overconfident that Muslims have nowhere to go and will vote for them, come what may. They could be surprised as Indian elections are famous for their surprises.


The petitioners are joined ironically by a former Congress Muslim minister, while his own government is involved in stonewalling. The public impression is that he was deliberately pushed into his role, to frustrate the ends of justice. The difference of approach by the two lawyers, Rajeev Dhawan and Colin Gonsalves could be the result of some attempt behind the scene to water down Muslim demands. One hopes, the truth will be revealed in the public arena, thanks to TOI reporting. Urdu Media is already on the trail.


The second outburst of the day widely telecasted on BBC, CNN, Reuters and Aljazeera, is datelined in Davos, Switzerland. Two supposedly friendly nation’s leaders were seated next to each other on the dais. They were Israel‘s President Simon Perez and Turkey‘s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Perez thundered in his baritone voice, breathing fire on Hamas in Gaza and showing no remorse on the 1200 dead and over 5000 injured in Israel’s land, sea and air onslaught on defenseless civilians. He was clapped and applauded by the European audience in the meeting.  Turkish prime minister, Israel’s only Muslim friend in the Middle East, was boiling at the way Perez was showing off his triumphal boasts. He further angered Erdogan, when he addressed him directly and asked the question, how he will feel if his country is hit by rockets. When Perez finished, the anchor started to declare the meeting close, but Erdogan intervened and repeatedly stopped him saying, one minute, one minute.  Ignatius of Washington Post deferred to him and said only a minute if you please as we are already late for dinner. In fact, Ignatius had realised that there will be fireworks if he allowed Erdogan to speak as he has seen Erdogan fuming and referring to his notes again and again. Erdogan had his say. He addressed Perez directly, saying you are elder to me and I see that you have a good voice; still you had to shout as possibly you had guilty conscious. He said, I saw your forces shooting children on the beach. Your two former prime ministers gloating over invading Gaza on the backs of tanks, and these people here are applauding. That is inhuman. He said, your own commandment says, you should not kill, and all you do is kill. He cited a Jewish Oxford professor who had come out heavily against Israel’s invasion of Gaza. He said, I am not being given time, as I have lots of points to take up. While he was struggling to speak, Ignatius kept on touching his shoulder and asking him to stop. Erdogan said, Perez spoke for 25 minutes and you are not giving me the right to reply for even half the time. I am finished with Davos, and I will never come to Davos again. Gathering his papers, he calmly stood up, ignored Perez and moved on towards the exit. While Erdogan spoke, Perez face was completely changed. Gone was the earlier cockiness and the show of bravado. Israel has lost in those moments, a vital Muslim ally that had stood with Israel in worst of days. Gaza massacre had touched all the people of the world across all divides, except die-hard Muslim haters. The reckoning for Israel is unfolding, as the blood of innocents will not go unanswered. Each day that dawns brings in news of new moves unfolding to haul Israel and its leaders for an accounting.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai








July 12, 2008


Saturday, July 12, 2008




The instant CPI (M)’s senior politburo member, M. K. Pandhe, came out with his warning to Samajwadi Party against joining the Man Mohan Singh bandwagon, lest they lose their ‘Muslim voters’ in the coming elections, both media and politicians of the pseudo-secular joined forces with the Hindutva parivar to treat the use of the very ‘word’ Muslim as communal, if not high treason.


The very next day both ‘The Times of India’ and ‘The Indian Express’ editorials were seething with anger over the gross indiscretion of Marxist leader to bring in Muslim factor in national discourse. It would appear as if the 150 million Muslims of India have no stake, no voice, no concern with their own country’s most vital interests and the selling of their countries freedom and independence to a bunch of notorious foreign powers, whose designs on weaker nations is too obvious to be so callously ignored, while ill-advised leaders of Sonia Congress are pushing the nation into a future of wars and strife.


It is regrettable that under the force of such adverse communal demonizing of potential Muslim role in Indian politics, some Ulema groups went defensive and declared that ‘we Muslims’ do not have anything to do with the government decision on Indo-US nuclear deal. That is the power of aggressive communal propaganda. However, saner minds started questioning the line of argument, as if being Muslim in India was some crime and to push any line of thinking by Muslims, even with best of interest of their nation at heart is communal and anti-national. Indian Muslims are full citizens of this beloved nation of India and have every right to hold and give their own independent opinion on national affairs, with whatever degree of clout they can muster to freely influence democratic political decision making.


As a matter of fact, Muslims do have a very important role to develop their own line of thinking, in as much as they find that the ‘Hindutva’ line of thinking developed over the time has been markedly tainted with communal and anti-Muslim content. The Hindutva Brahminical adopting of Israel and America, as their preferred partners, has been motivated primarily as a reaction to their animosity to Muslims. The choice of Israel as the new supplier of security and intelligence products to India was primarily made as a reaction to the internal anti-Muslim propaganda unleashed by the communal Hindutva forces. Israel as an enemy of Muslim Arab is the most suitable ally of the Hindutva and Brahminical worldview. There are no other merits needed as long as Israel remains a sworn enemy of the Muslim Arabs. India’s skewed foreign policy, keeping the Arab world at arms lengths at the cost of even India’s most vital economic interests, is directly motivated by ‘hate Muslim’ content of India’s internal politics.


Just this week, the most audacious suicide attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul is proof enough that the foreign affair policy makers are heavily under pressure from the US and its allies, to push India into a very dangerous area of civil war that India cannot hope to come out unscathed. The quagmire of Afghanistan and its border with Pakistan is sure to drag India into a future of constant upheaval. Indian administration cannot fool the people, by giving out all manner of concocted good face on its ‘constructive’ engagement in Afghanistan.


Indian people are not geared for any misadventure of the international kind on its borders, in which the Manmohan Singh Government is dragging it, under US and Israeli prodding. The very Idea of India is against such foreign misadventures and is certainly against the very ethos of Indian society.


In practical terms, India is not ready for another Kandahar like exchange of terrorists with its citizens in war zones of US operations, and sooner or later, most probably sooner than later, Indian government will realize the folly of succumbing to US pressures to increase its exposure in Afghanistan and will be forced by events to withdraw from the war torn area.


Regrettably, the hallmark of Manmohan Singh government is to make private deals that could mortgage India’s long term future, its freedom and independence to foreign imperialist forces whose historical record, immediate past and immediate present, leaves no doubt that India will be eventually mauled very severely by its association with the western warmongers.


Those who have even a rudimentary grasp of world affairs cannot ignore the stark fact that there is a serious fault line between US/Israel/UK with their reluctant NATO partners on the one side and the rest of world that includes Russia, China and India on the other side.


America and Israel’s relentless and unceasing efforts to subjugate rest of nations that happen to populate between the so-called East and West, and make an eventual move against China in particular, will certainly force a fence-sitting India to choose between West and East, through applying means fair and foul, and through carrot and stick strategies.


The present government and even the whole of political class, so deeply mired in political corruption of loot of national wealth, is hardly seized of the natural and most obvious consequences of any teaming up with the US/Israel/UK axis, much less interested in taking the people of India into any confidence.


The abuse of executive powers by both BJP and Sonia Congress to rush head over heels to conclude a strategic partnership with the warmongering imperial forces, is a clear sign that this government will not bother to debate the issues in public forums and seek the express approval of the people of India, to such monumental paradigm shift in independent India’s blind commitment to war games of the US/Israel/UK.


In fact, India is being hijacked by an oligarchy of Brahminical overlords that treat rest of people of India, including Muslims as their vassals.


It is this arrogance of power that had forced the media and various political groups to be incensed at the very mention of a ‘Muslim’ view on India’s dealings with the US.


There certainly seems to be a conspiracy to silence Muslims of India to raise any voice against the rape of their country. Muslims had fought the first wars of independence by shedding blood in all theaters of engagements and it is natural that they will be called upon to fight another war of independence to free the India of the future from the stranglehold of the neo-imperialists.


So those who treat Muslim role as communalizing India’s foreign policies are themselves playing communal games that are blinding them from consequences of sleeping with the enemy that is stalking our national sovereignty and integrity. Muslims should be proud to be part of the alliance that opposes the wholesale subjugation of our nation. Though the Left has its own political reasons to oppose selling of India to foreigners, in as much as they are boldly and courageously exposing the almost dictatorial and herd mentality of the opportunist political groups, they are saviors of the nation.


The move to offer strategic partnership to India is fraught with deception and fraud. India should not trust America, Israel and UK axis, as they are all out to strictly follow the neo-con blueprint of shaping a New World Order, that has no place for India except as a mercenary power base to offer the blood of its Jawans to fight proxy war on behalf of the Axis conspirators.


Some Urdu language commentators had tried to make out that Muslims are only wary of President Bush and not averse to America as a nation. These analysts are oblivious to the ground realities prevailing in the US, where the neo-con American Jews have fully laid down long term US foreign policy parameters and departure of Bush would not change the essence of imperialist nature of America’s relationship with other nations. There may be change of style with the new US administrations, but the content will remain as antagonist and exploitative as the Neo-Con laid out plans for New American Century. Its recommended use of American fire power, in conjunction with its allies will remain unchanged. It will be great folly for the victims to try to search for the some chink in the armor of their tormentors and lay back. Indian people should be made aware of the notorious nature of US and Israel designs on India and it will be the duty of Indian Muslims, that they should speak out, even at the cost of their being branded as communal, as long as their line of thinking saves the nation from a calamitous future.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai