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April 2, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008




S. Balakrishnan is a senior reporter of TOI-Mumbai’s print edition. His career at the Times has been long and very opportunistic. He is not the one to carry any story on the basis of his considerable grounding in journalistic fundamentals. He is in effect, his master’s voice. Time and again over the last 20 years, especially after the Bombay Blasts, he completely identifies with some elements in Mumbai police circles that have some personal equations with the supposed masterminds of the Bombay Bomb blasts. The jugalbandi of criminals and police in any urban center, with ever increasing stakes in new developmental progress, is nothing surprising. Long before the 1993 Bombay Bomb Blasts, the very sinister nature of the nexus between the police and the underworld in the city of Bombay was virtually the talk of the town. With the bomb blasts, communal elements in the Police force had made the issue as the test of patriotism. As if the criminal infamy tied to Mumbai police’s reputation can be whitewashed with some kind of a badge of patriotism under cover of which they could sow the seeds of their criminal demonisation of a section of Indian citizenry while continue their nefarious activities. This was to gain power to thwart all attempts to bring the culprits in police force to book and to reform the whole system of policing that had the stamp of colonial ‘gora sahib’ mentality running into police interaction with the rest of civil society.


It is apparent that the Times of India has become a very convenient and potent tool in the hands of rank communalists to demonize Muslim citizens of India in its collective identity and to divide them into sects by sowing dissensions and divisions.


Besides, Balakrishnan’s short but very dangerous exercise in bringing Ahle Hadith school of thought into the mainstream of Muslim identities in India as something sinister appears to have direct links with the international demonisation of Salafi school of thought by proactive Jewish/Zionist movements in world media owned and directed by Jewish Media barons. Jews are formidable foes of Muslims and they are now bringing their fight onward into India and introduce a new element of division and strife that can only undermine India’s peace, security and social stability.


The Times of India has thus become an open tool to propagate a foreign agenda into India, without considering the implications of this exercise in media management and disinformation to the fragile peace and communal amity of the Indian society.


Not many people are aware that Salafi school of thought that is locally known as Ahle-Hadis have been at the forefront of India’s freedom struggle right from early nineteenth century. Their efforts can be dated to 1802, when Haji Shariatullah started a movement for reforms in Muslim polity and combined it with the opposition to the British colonial incursions that he wisely foresaw as the precursor to the disintegration of India’s native fabric of religious, cultural and social tapestry. His movement started first in Bengal which was the hub of British colonial conspiracies.


Mohsinuddin Ahmed Doodoo Miyan (1819-1860), son of Haji Shariatullah, carried forward the movement of social reform in conjunction with struggle for freedom from foreign rule. Their struggle coincided with the two famous Shaheeds, Syed Ahmed Shaheed and Shah Ismail Shaheed, who raised an army to fight the British. From 1827 to 1831 they had many clashes with the enemy. At Balacoat, 300 were martyred. Maulana Wilayat Ali and Maulana Inayat Ali headed the Imarat to counter the British. However, the British used the same ‘divide and rule’ strategies that are now being initiated through the likes of S. Balakrishnan, and got Sikhs to join the fight with them to defeat the freedom fighters. Even a cursory glance over the history of India will convince the skeptics that western imperialist powers have always conspired by promoting divisions within India, by separating in the name of religion, castes, sub-castes, regions, languages and vested interest groups and getting their upper hand over the land and its people. India divided is India enslaved.


It is time the Jains and the Krishnans rise up from their stupor of power and pelf and reflect as to what is in the best interest of the nation and not fight the wars of the West on their own soil by creating strife within their own people. This is the most convoluted notion of patriotism.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai