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June 4, 2008

Further comments posted on blogsite



Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Amit wrote:


“GM, please take note: Your views on Brahmins are a very racist GENERALIZATION! Generalizations are odious. I would go as far as to say that if India was indeed governed (not ruled) by Brahmins (like Nehru, Indira etc.), Thank God! Why shouldn’t the Brahmins govern? They’re by & large the more educated class in the country. If they’re communal, they have the confidence to express it. You have a choice; don’t vote for them!”


My views on Brahmins, even if some kind of alleged racist generalisation, pale in comparison to the whole 2000 year record of racism perpetrated by the Brahmins, cleverly wrapped in Manu’s caste spin doctoring of the supposed birth of Brahmins from the head of the Gods. By the far the vast majority of the so-called Hindus of degraded to lower castes by Manu’s dictates, hold the Brahmins responsible in concocting such myths and exploiting it to subjugate the victims. The kind of apartheid that had been imposed by the Brahmins on the lower caste, that prohibits them to even live in Brahmin villages, pass through their roads, drink from their wells, that had lasted for thousands of years, is more sinister and sadist than the apartheid practiced by the White supremacists of South Africa.


The 3% Brahmins should not govern or rule in a democratic country, as they do not have the number. Their so-called slight of hand majority, is a big fraud on gullible voters. Their behind the scene machinations to use their strategic dominance in bureaucracy to favour their own caste brethrens, cannot be appreciated or tolerated by the rest of the 97 percent of the population and a reaction is bound to surface. A storm is long a coming.


By the responses that I observe on this site to the grievances against Brahmins, it seems Brahmins are too absorbed in their own ghetto world; completely unaware of the storm gathering and the ripening of crop of deep disenchantment and anger that they have been sowing by their insensitive and relentless onslaught on the just demands of the rest of Indian people.


Amit has every right to thank God, that Brahmins had governed India; after all the Brahmin hegemony has served their own kind to the utmost. However, as far as Indian state has discriminated and deliberately resorted to ‘cleanse’ the system of the Malechas, to enjoy their monopoly power, through means fair and foul, those others who are victims of their overzealous and undeserved overlordship over others in a democratic set-up, have every right to put out their cases, their grievances and take all measures at their command, to expose the viciousness of the Brahminical conspiracies and call for collective measures to curb their excesses.


Amit feels that since they have confidence to be communal, they have a right to be communal and right to express it. Have gun will shoot.


By the same criteria, others if they acquire confidence, they too should and would express themselves and fight the communalism that Brahmins have unleashed on a supposedly secular nation.


As for the choices available to non-Brahmins, Amit need not be so gracious as to suggest the Marie Antoinette solution — ‘go eat the cake, if you do not get bread’. Amit should keep an eye on history, how revolutions start with such trigger situations.


I will concede one point about generalisation. On a personal level, Brahmins are best of friends and worst of enemies. It takes all to make a community. I salute those who are confident and generous enough to concede and condemn the excesses heaped by their kind on the others. They are not the focus of my grievances, as long as they upheld truth and justice and are ready to make amends.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai





June 2, 2008


Ghulam Muhammed on June 1st, 2008 9:00 am


I am surprised that Sudie feels Brahmins are so innocent that if they are named in any context, an injustice is being committed. He should read literature by Dalits and Dravidians, with open mind to know how strongly they have suffered injustices meted out by the racist Brahmins. Muslims have suffered at their hands, especially during the partition. Partition was cleverly imposed on Muslims, both by the British to carve out a ‘military outpost’ for themselves, by exploiting Jinnah’s ego as well as his loyalty to Aga Khan, who were old loyalists of the Crown and were very judiciously used by the British whenever they needed them. The Brahmins in Indian National Congress were represented by Pandit Nehru, who with Gandhi and Patel, agreed to partition India, with a sinister conspiracy to rid India of Muslims. Brahmins, themselves migrants to India, made out as if all Muslims, and overwhelming majority of them in united India, were not from outside but were and are the real sons of the soil. The whole community that formed about 30 percent in British India was divided in three antagonist groups, by Nehru and Indira, both Brahmins. In sixty years of Indian independence, Muslims have been so devilishly persecuted for the alleged sin of partition, that they had no confidence left to challenge the false propaganda of the power grabbers. In United India, one can see that Muslim population percentage with a democratic constitution, would have been ruling the whole subcontinent. I can go on and on, listing the sins of Brahmins and Brahminical conspiracies. The trouble with Sudie is that he cannot see his back. There is no smoke without the fire. If Brahmins are clearly pointed out as the culprits in the plight of the Muslims, one can see how all Brahminical political groups — Congress, BJP, Communists — all led by Brahmins are blatantly perpetrating crimes against Muslims and still hide behind the pious garb of secularism. A day will come, when the 3% Brahmins will not be able to concoct and flaunt the 85% Hindus as majorities. And for their atrocities on OBC, Dalits and Muslims, they will be singled out and ostracised in the same manner as they have ostracised others.


Sudie on June 1st, 2008 12:02 am


I somehow see a lot of anger against the “Brahmins”. I wonder what these refering are to. Is it claiming that “Brahmins” get special privileges in India?; if its so I would surely like to find out where. Or is it that Brahmin have an additional edge in the education system. In a system that judges peple just by marks and not by overall personality, I must say that in comparison to the US , India is much more democratic. At least in the US one can show ones family influence to get into the Ivy league universities. No such opportunity exists in the elite Indian institutions.

Too much time is spend finding scapegoats – whether its the “Muslims” or the “Brahmins”. Effort would be better spend to ensure that the classes who clamour for priviledges can perform as well as the so called “forward” caste students. Needless to mention – a frustrated soul more often than not seeks invisible enemies that introspects the flaws within.