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October 15, 2008


Wednesday, October 15, 2008





Muslim Penchant for spinning state-sponsored conspiracies: Will it turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy?


But do we ever come across a word of gratitude, even gratitude expressed to God, for what “in practice already had become a Brahmin-dominated state” to have not gone the Pakistan way or the Islamic way?


There is any number of voices during the last 60 years that have lauded the fact that thanks of leaders like Nehru, India has not gone over the barrel. If Mr. Sultan Shahin just wants to raise a hue and cry, he is certainly exaggerating. However, all such praise for the ‘secularism’ which in the hands of a communalised polity infiltrating and virtually ruling the country, Muslim have every right to raise their voices to project their ‘grievances’ and in that if they exaggerate, which they do not, then they have every right to even exaggerate, so long as they are not being responded to in a constructive and positive manner by the ruling oligarchs..



Do those Muslims fighting for their cause, no matter how legitimate even remember and remind the common Muslims of the larger perspective? Do we even hear our intellectuals, barring a few, of course, even restrain themselves in the language they use for their perpetual grievance-mongering?


The larger perspective is that if the British and Indian National Congress has not come to terms on partition, the total Muslim population of undivided India would have been to the tune of 500 million or about 30% of the total population or even more. That larger  picture had to be projected to point out the perfidy behind dividing the Muslim population in three parts while merely 3% Brahmins/Suvarnas/ Aryans, have managed to fool the rest of the non-Muslims and ruling the country with a concocted majority. While that majority, like the force of gravity, is gradually and certainly disintegrating, Muslims have yet to get the larger perspective of how their presence in the nation and in the subcontinent, should regain their weightage.



Do we ever wonder what would be our situation if we were living as a religious minority in an Islamic state?


Since the oil boom of 70’s millions of Indians, in the same ratios of Muslims to non-Muslims, namely 10% Muslims and 90% non-Muslims have been living in the Islamic states the Arabian Gulf. They have not been given citizenship rights, as they are guest workers; but even now after a second generation has taken over, none of those immigrant Indians would like to come back to India. In some areas, Indians are more than the Arab Muslim natives. As Arab Gulf countries are not bothered about their image outside, they do not respond to the false propaganda, spread by Islamophobes that Indians are being discriminated in Islamic countries.


Islamic countries have a millennium long history of coexisting and thriving with other communities in their midst. That cannot be denied by motivated propaganda by vested interest during the current phase of demonisation of Muslims and Islam, by the hired hands of US/UK/Israel.



Do we ever move our lips or lift our little finger in support of the religious minorities living in Islamic states next door? Well, what to support them, we have hounded out the one Muslim lady who dared to speak for them in Bangladesh? There are so many Hindus and even Hindu ladies who fight for our causes in this country: would we like the Indian system to hound them out of the country and of course, not get any refuge anywhere else, certainly not in a Muslim country? …


We have tens of thousands of mosques and madrasas running throughout the length and breadth of this country,


The constitution of India grants us freedom of religion, while local governments are illegally preventing Muslims to built Masjids to accommodate their burgeoning populations, especially in urbanised areas. Instead, the communal forces are systematically targeting older mosques and Idgahs to deprive Muslims of not only their religious places, but  in fact, targeting their religious places for the real estate that is now become a sin quo non of the neo riche conditions of  some communities. All our awkaf properties are being eaten up by state agencies and their proxies, to deprive Muslims of their legitimate heritage and right to property.  Will Mr. Shahin consider voicing against this anti-Muslim state policy as exaggerating the grievances and not thanking the state? What kind of slave existence he wants us to adopt to pander to the corrupted rule of the so-called secular liberators of India.


but one of our mosques, a dilapidated and disused one, was demolished by people who were characterised by the Supreme Court as miscreants, and we blew that into an issue of our religious freedom in the country.


It is surprising that Mr. Shahin has not a single word for ‘the miscreants’ who virtually unleashed a fascist revolution in India, by demolition of Babri Masjid. He keeps harping on Muslim thanklessness, Muslim exaggerations, Muslim obduracy, without contrasting it with the Hindutva aggression. Can there be any greater proof of his bias and prejudice against his own Muslim community. Is he on some contract to target his own community in the hope some personal reward. Is he a well wisher of Muslims or a well wisher of the Fascist Hindutva?



We have still not solved that problem and allowed it to fester, to our nation’s detriment.


The onus of solving the problem is in the hands of the same government that had helped the Fascists in demolition of Babri Masjid. We want justice from our own state, our own judiciary, and our own people. Why cant Mr. Shahin instead of addressing the victims to forgive and forget, not condemning and asks for justice for Muslims. Or is that the way of the secularists to prove their secularism by appeasing the fascists.


Do our intellectuals take time off fighting the system and tell us it is not in our interest to allow a cancer to grow.


It is easy for Mr. Shahin to call the Muslim factor, as cancer, while having no guts to call a spade a spade by calling for the destroying the cancer of Hindutva fascism. His own credibility is on the line.


The mosque is gone.


The Mosque will never go. Take this from just one humble member of the 15 Crore of Indian Muslims. Babri Masjid has become the symbol of their freedom in India. Until they rebuild Babri Masjid at its own place, Muslims will not rest.


We apparently don’t worship bricks and soil. Bricks too are gone in any case. Why can’t we initiate an amicable solution, as it would be in our own interest too? We need a plot of land to pray, we can pray anywhere in the area. Why do we need to blow it out of all proportion, make it such a big issue, when the country – the system – is allowing us to have as many mosques and madrasas as we wish?


There can be no barter of our  right to reclaim what is due to us. Shahin Saheb has every right to pursue his one-sided effort to denigrate and demonise Muslims and exhort them to accept what is on the table. But Sultan Shahin does not represent the consensus of the overwhelming majority of Indian Muslims.


An analysis by Sultan Shahin, editor,




You write:


What crime has the Indian state committed to be reviled so? Or, the Indian system (Nizam), which would presumably include the constitution? Well, it did not declare itself a Hindu state as Maulana Abul Ala Maudoodi, the founder-ideologue of Jamaat-e-Islami and the mentor of SIMI, advised it to do and treat Muslims and other religious minorities as second class citizens. Had it done so, it would not be accused today of hatching conspiracies against the rights of the minorities.”



 If India was not declared a Hindu State, by no stretch of mind, on can say that was to appease or humor or secure the Muslims.


Pandit Nehru is on record saying Majority communalism is worst than Minority communalism. Nehruji was fending off competition from Hindu Mahasabha as well as Hindu extremists within his own Congress fold. His distaste for Hindu fundamentalists is well-known. (Compare and contrast this with Nehruji’s warm associations with the ‘fundamentalist’ Muslim Ulema of Deoband who were against partitioning of India.)



Besides as a student of history, Nehruji was aware that India cannot be ruled in peace unless all its various diversities are accommodated. The unrest that we see making havoc is the land is the result of not fully adhering to Nehruji’s visionary Idea of India.



Those who are still for Hindu Raj as the Ideal for India’ should have taken appropriate lessons, when Nepal, the only Hindu state in the world, turned republic and the Hindu King was sent packing abroad, after a democratic election.



So Mr. Shahin’s strenuous efforts to convince Indian Muslims that they should thank their stars for at least being allowed to live in their own land, even if as the neo-shudars, is bound to go over the head of an overwhelming majority of Muslims. And if this is self-fulfilling prophecy; then let it be.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai










An Open letter to the National Integration Committee By Amaresh Misra

October 11, 2008

An Open letter to the National Integration Committee


Subject: The continuing Muslim and minority persecution in India                                               



                                                       By Amaresh Misra




          I, along with my fellow citizens of India, am addressing this letter to the meeting of the National Integration Council (NIC) on 13th October. This Government of India body has the premier task of fighting communal forces and facilitating Indian national Integration  


Dear senior members of the NIC,        


You all know me as a historian and the author of `War of Civilizations: India 1857 AD’, the two volume authoritative work on 1857, India’s first war of Independence. I have been instrumental in making the world aware that India fought a great anti-colonial battle in the 19th century and that 10 million Indians were killed by rampaging British troops during the 1857 wars.

          1857 offers a shining example of national integration. There is no place from Gilgit to Tamil Nadu and Manipur to Maharashtra which was not affected by the great war of the Indian people. Hindus and Muslims fought as brothers. Kattar Hindu Sepoys or peasant soldiers went to Delhi to install, Bahadur Shah Zafar as India’s Emperor. When Rani Lakshmi Bai died she had only 250 Pathan-Muslim soldiers with her—all of whom perished in the fatal battle with the British. In Ayodhya, right near the spot where the Babari Masjid was demolished, Maulavis and Pundits were hanged together side by side. There was no distinction—Hindus and Muslims were one.

          Who can deny this history? I am a firm believer in policies and programs of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. But some elements in our society, represented by the RSS are hell bent upon in negating the Nehruvian legacy, secular-Sanatani Hindu ethos and the Muslim contribution to Indian history. Sadly, present-day secular forces seemed to have surrendered before them—how else you all, esteemed members of the NIC, can define the Batla House encounter? During this encounter, the Home Minister of a secular government was sitting in the control room of the Delhi Police supervising the suspect encounter of two Muslim boys in the Jamia Nagar area. Is this democracy? Even if we accept the police version that the boys were masterminds or something of the blasts that rocked Delhi on 12th September who has the right to kill them in full public view? Isn’t this unconstitutional?

   During my travels to the US I unearthed a widespread plot to destabilize India. This plot is being hatched by American and Indian Right Wing elements—but is being resisted by American Democrats. Shivraj Patil and Narendra Modi are part of this plot; what do you make of Tata shifting his Nano car to Gujarat? It means that even the corporate lobby has thrown in its lot with fascists.

What is the long-term design of the American-Israeli plot? It is to butcher Indian Muslims, sound a death knell to Indian nationalism, and erode India’s sovereignty. Let this letter serve as a warning to people like Shivraj Patil and Narendra Modi, who are not even a speck of dust as compared to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. A thousand Shivraj Patil, Narendra Modi and toady figures like Ratan Tata, will die a thousand deaths before their American masters can destroy India—a country built by the sacrifice of millions of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians.

 The bomb blasts that have rocked India since July 2008 have all been planned by the Home Ministry to effect Muslim persecution and communal polarization and destroy Indian nationalism. The reason: for Shivraj Patil, Narendra Modi and Ratan Tata, and the Indian corporate lobby, the current world economic crisis presents a dilemma. These forces want to rule the world through neo-liberal economic policies, which are failing even in America. In India, the current, neo-liberal economic policies have caused untold damage: while the corporate lobby stands strengthened, the peasantry and the Adivasis, the OBCs and the Dalits are all seeing a decline in their income. Unemployment and inflation is rampant. In the name of privatization, India’s Independent Industrial base has been eroded.

It is clear that that impoverished masses of India, the vast majority of minorities, Dalits, Adivasis and OBCs are restless. India wants a more pro-people, anti-corporate house economic policy. People want more empowerment, progress and prosperity. They are dissatisfied not only with the Modi-Tata economic policies, which have  made even the rich amongst OBCs, Dalits and minorities poor, but also with the entire ideology of fake Brahminism, which has been used since the British era to suppress minorities and Dalits.

RSS type Hindutva forces, created primarily by the British, are afraid of Sanatan Dharma, the true religion of Hindus. The reason is that Sanatan Dharma and Islam have worked in an historical alliance to create the great Indian composite culture which made India a superpower during the Mughal era.

Shivraj Patil and Narendra Modi hate the Indian composite culture. They also hate Hindus and Sanatan Dharma—like the British, Shivraj Patil and Narendra Modi know that as long as Sanatan Dharma and Islam exist in India, no harm can come to India’s sovereignty.

The American establishment—not the American people—are uncomfortable with Indian sovereignty; because Indian sovereignty implies anti-Imperialism and national dignity. America wants to turn India into a client-state, with limited sovereignty. What is best way to do this? From the American right wing perspective, a fascist Indian government which can curb nationalist and democratic elements is the best government.

It is clear that this fascist government can never come to power through votes. So the American game-plan is to organize bomb blasts, destabilize India, divert the attention of people from their real issues and then have a communal-fascist government assume power through largely undemocratic means in the name of `national security’. This fascist government will dismantle Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar’s constitution, thus disenfranchising the Dalits and minorities and all patriotic, peace loving and democratic people of India.    

What national security can Modi or Shivraj Patil provide India—they are already sold out to American interests. Who is India’s Home Secretary—he is the same anti-national figure who was the District Magistrate of Faizabad when the Babari Masjid was demolished.

Just pause and think for a moment—the Home Ministry since the time of LK Advani had enrolled unemployed Hindus and Muslims—these boys were exploited and used to plant bomb blasts. Then some organization like SIMI or the Indian Mujahideen (IM) was created and Muslims persecuted!

This has been the game-plan and Modi and Shivraj Patil think Indians are not aware of this? 

                 The recent Bomb Blast phenomenon stinks, from top to bottom. In March 2008 the Madhya Pradesh Police arrests Safdar Nagori, an alleged SIMI activist—then the Police of various states make a data bank of SIMI based on his confession. In India give any one, even Shivraj Patil, the home Minister to the police and in 24 hours the police will have even his confession as a the most dreaded terrorist of the country!

          What kind of a mockery is the Indian Mujahideen (IM)? We, the common people of India, know that the IM is a creation of the Home Ministry—Muslim boys being picked up from Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, UP and several other areas are all innocent victims of a foreign plot to destabilize India. The current Home Secretary is the same person who was the DM of Faizabad during the demolition of the Babari Masjid. How could the UPA government allow this to happen? How could a secular government allow a communal bureaucrat to become the Home Secretary in the first place?

          There is something clearly something very wrong here—Muslim boys are being picked up, while Ken Haywood, the American citizen form whose computer in Navi Mumbai the email sent by IM was traced is let off! There is not even a police investigation! And no one makes it an issue!

          Suddenly beginning from July 2008 we see pattern in which bomb blasts rock India with regularity, the media starts demonizing Muslims with impunity, and then the RSS-BJP-VHP-Bajrang Dal, the entire saffron brigade goes on a rampage in Orissa, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra killing Christians and Muslims? In Orissa women are raped—a similar thing happens in Dhulia where a pregnant women were raped—all this shows that Gujarat 2002 is repeating itself. Only this time, the communal elements have the protection of the Indian state.

          In Assam, the VHP is spreading false stories that Muslims are attacking Hindus. It is being openly said by the VHP in Assam that   

          The worst fears of secular forces have come out to be true—communal elements have taken over parts of the Indian State—this much is clear. The RSS is openly challenging the Indian State—everyone knows that the BJP is politically isolated and does not stand a chance in the 2009 elections. The entire Sangh Parivar has put in all its might now to unleash a reign of terror and sabotage the very fundamentals of Indian democracy and constitution.

          I ask the Dalit leaders attending the NIC meet—in front of your very eyes, the constitution of Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar is being trampled upon—what are you doing about it? Everyone knows that the RSS has always hated the Indian constitution and the very idea of India as a secular state—why then is there no talk of banning the RSS?   The RSS has openly challenged the Indian State. RSS chief Sudarshan has openly exhorted his cadres to attack minorities—I am attaching this statement: “Dear Hindus, In the rule of Congress Hindus, Hindu Saints and Hindu leaders are attacked. Hindus sentiments are hurt on the issues like Amarnath Pilgrim, Ram Setu etc. For these we should start praying and chanting for 10 minutes not only for the defeat of Congress in the coming election but also to destroy anti-Hindu and anti-nation Congress, Communist, anti-Hindus and pseudo Hindus”.

          What kind of poison is this—what is the Government of India doing about this? This is the same language Hitler used against Jews and Communists in the 1930s—is it part of the anti-national plan of Modi, Patil and the RSS to turn India into another Germany of the 1930s?


          Members of the NIC, please act before it is too late. Ban the Bajrang Dal, VHP and the RSS. Constitute a judicial enquiry into the Batla House encounter. Request the UPA Government to put a stop to acts of Muslim persecution and arrests. Publish a white paper on terrorism, which shows the real face of the culprits. Enact a new law which prevents atrocities against minorities and Adivasis.

Please do not be scared of a Hindu backlash or some such nonsense—I assure you, these people have killed Sharma, their own man during the Batla House encounter. Hindus have no sympathy for them. Talk to ordinary Hindus—they are nationalists and they want a revival of composite culture. They know that Indian Muslims have a long history of nationalism—if Muslims had really wanted to take revenge, they would have attacked Modi or Advani. They would not have attacked ordinary, innocent Hindus and Muslims in cowardly bomb blasts.

          It is known the world over that blasts which kill ordinary people are the handiwork of International, anti-national, evil and fascist forces. These forces can never become popular. So they execute blasts in order to create terror and ensure that people do not protest, or come out to vote against them.


Any Indian supporting RSS is anti-national—and he or she will be given an appropriate response.