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Misguided scholarship By Ghulam Muhammed

October 7, 2008

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Misguided scholarship


It is unclear who is primarily responsible for publishing the article: Making a mockery of Jihad by Asghar Ali Engineer in today’s Times of India; the TOI or the writer. But the timing of the publication of the article, when the whole of India is rocked by bombings and riots, cannot be missed as focusing the sin of violence on Muslims, in the pat theory that Islam and Jihad for Muslim go together. Why Asghar Ali Engineer should be targeting some imaginary misguided ‘Muslims’ for their misconception of Jihad, when there is no definite proof that Muslims enmass or in groups are behind the recent season of violence, that always traditionally precedes the season of ‘democratic’ elections in India.


Asghar Ali Engineer is led by the nose by his funders, throughout his career, to play the role of a paid piper; just as all think tank scholars invariably do.


However, at least, in such times of acute communal polarisation being on its most sensitive conflagration point, he could have better judgment than to send out his academic discussion on Jihad, to the TOI to bolster the media’s propaganda that all the violence in India is perpetrated by Muslims, as neatly supposed to be confirmed by ‘their’ favourite ‘Islamic Scholar’, Asghar Ali Engineer- taking such a robust stand in print now at this very juncture.


Without batting an eye, and with enormous volume of facts and analyses so readily available, Asghar Ali Engineer, glibly accepts that 9/11 was the work of Muslim or Islamic ‘terrorists’ or Al Qaeda and weaves an advice around that ‘crime of the millennium’.


He has no need to be skeptical about 9/11, as the Western propagandists have done a successful job of indoctrinating the gullible world.


Asghar Ali’s scholarship sticks to religious books with his own amalgam of logic from ‘Reform Bohra’ ijtehad and liberal Marxist clichés and to the guidelines that the propagandists want him to follow.


He has no independent intelligence to think as he has mortgaged his own thinking and judgment to the highest bidder that comes around at any given time.


He had been covering and writing on communal riots, but could never either figure out or could gather the courage to name Indian National Congress, as the chief organizers of so many riots, with the active help from RSS cadre. In a recent TV panel discussion, Congressman Salman Khursheed ended up responding to BJP’s Chari, that it was RSS cadre that helped Congress.


It is left to a foreigner, Professor Paul Brass, to expose the criminality of the political establishment, who used the massacre of Muslims, to achieve their twin game points; at the one end to convince their Hindu vote bank that they and their police are and will remain on their side; while on the other hand, demoralize the Muslim vote bank to the extant that they will be forced to seek security from their known tormentors.


Being in media, Asghar Ali Engineer was used to paper over their criminal conspiracies, by never ever hinting at the time that riots took place, to implicate the state agencies run by the Indian National Congress, while that has been the patent scenario all along.


He writes in the article: “One hopes that the misguided Muslim youth resorting to violent actions will realise the futility of terror attacks and renounce such sinful and criminal acts…”. This on the day, Times of India on its front pages reports about a police press conference, where Mumbai Police Commissioner Hasan Gafoor and Crime Branch Chief, Rakesh Maria, had come out with long list of names of Muslim accused of being the media wing of the supposedly Muslim terrorist organisation, “Indian Mujahideen”. Thus Times of India has taken full side with the police version, even though that has to be proved in court, if and if not all these arrests had be on fictitious grounds.


So it appears to be a grand conspiracy, for political mobilization to fight the coming elections, by demonising Muslims and unfortunately, the so-called Leftists with Muslim names, have no qualms in enrolling themselves in the noble cause.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai