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April 13, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008









The story of Taxi Driver is more poignant as his life has been conditioned by a Government that is on one hand insensitive to his existence as a common citizen, while on the other hand devises various legal measures to make his life more miserable. And all this in the name of the welfare of the people! An unalloyed Kafkaesque situation!!!


As a member of the Muslim minority, who are doomed to suffer for the sin of supposedly ‘dividing the nation’, he is completely cut off from any welfare measure that Government introduces to provide for the ‘below poverty line’ of its citizenry, be that for food or shelter. He is out, as he is a Muslim. He is out as he is Uttar Bharati. He is out as he does not have a home address, so no voter or ration card. He is not eligible for any of the various Government Housing scheme, again as he does not have a house in his name. Leave it to the wily bureaucrats to devise ways and means to see the unwanted are marginalised. A new danger that looms over his head of the serious risk of his taxi and himself being attacked by ‘MNS’ or “Shiv Sena’ hooligans, who themselves are not the original inhabitants of Mumbai/Bombay, but are now claiming the city as their own.


Moinuddin Shaikh travelled to a Gulf country to earn a better living, leaving back a dismal disjointed family to survive in a rat-race stricken city. He is among millions who are still in the Gulf countries and who had remitted and are still remitting, billions back home. Indian Government has no organised scheme to offer them social support, if and when their lives are disrupted due to various breaks in life cycle of a Mumbai resident. Government has never come around to organise some Gulf Returnee scheme to rehabilitate the returnees to a full life of local opportunities; even though they had at one time helped the country when it was heavily dependant of their foreign remittance.


A very interesting fact disclosed in the life story of Moinuddin Shaikh and his son, is the appearance of a ‘Madarsa’ as the relief centre for the uprooted. His son will not only be accommodated, fed, clothed but also will be educated; thus taking the entire burden off the head of the father, who could barely survive on some footpath of Mumbai. Here the Madarsa is not the matter of choice. It is the means of survival of his son and millions like him. The Madarsa is a fully community supported welfare measure. This same Madarsa has been demonized by the US and Israel as the hotbed of conspiracies against the West. 


The worst part is that those in authority are fully aware of the whole set of handicaps imposed on an Indian Muslim by the communalized ruling class, and in fact are rejoicing sadistically in their devilish schemes to impoverish and disenfranchise 200 million Muslims of India. And they want to die and disappear without even raising a sigh. However, this slow working genocide is not being noticed by the rest of the ‘international community’. Hope is still high that the opening to the world of India as a new power on the block, will expose India’s dreary pockets of hateful crimes inflicted on its own citizenry and the very international friends who are goading the ruling class to target Muslim in line with the current anti-Muslim hate wave, may turn their tables against their partners in no times; the tide is bound to turn.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai



April 2, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008




S. Balakrishnan is a senior reporter of TOI-Mumbai’s print edition. His career at the Times has been long and very opportunistic. He is not the one to carry any story on the basis of his considerable grounding in journalistic fundamentals. He is in effect, his master’s voice. Time and again over the last 20 years, especially after the Bombay Blasts, he completely identifies with some elements in Mumbai police circles that have some personal equations with the supposed masterminds of the Bombay Bomb blasts. The jugalbandi of criminals and police in any urban center, with ever increasing stakes in new developmental progress, is nothing surprising. Long before the 1993 Bombay Bomb Blasts, the very sinister nature of the nexus between the police and the underworld in the city of Bombay was virtually the talk of the town. With the bomb blasts, communal elements in the Police force had made the issue as the test of patriotism. As if the criminal infamy tied to Mumbai police’s reputation can be whitewashed with some kind of a badge of patriotism under cover of which they could sow the seeds of their criminal demonisation of a section of Indian citizenry while continue their nefarious activities. This was to gain power to thwart all attempts to bring the culprits in police force to book and to reform the whole system of policing that had the stamp of colonial ‘gora sahib’ mentality running into police interaction with the rest of civil society.


It is apparent that the Times of India has become a very convenient and potent tool in the hands of rank communalists to demonize Muslim citizens of India in its collective identity and to divide them into sects by sowing dissensions and divisions.


Besides, Balakrishnan’s short but very dangerous exercise in bringing Ahle Hadith school of thought into the mainstream of Muslim identities in India as something sinister appears to have direct links with the international demonisation of Salafi school of thought by proactive Jewish/Zionist movements in world media owned and directed by Jewish Media barons. Jews are formidable foes of Muslims and they are now bringing their fight onward into India and introduce a new element of division and strife that can only undermine India’s peace, security and social stability.


The Times of India has thus become an open tool to propagate a foreign agenda into India, without considering the implications of this exercise in media management and disinformation to the fragile peace and communal amity of the Indian society.


Not many people are aware that Salafi school of thought that is locally known as Ahle-Hadis have been at the forefront of India’s freedom struggle right from early nineteenth century. Their efforts can be dated to 1802, when Haji Shariatullah started a movement for reforms in Muslim polity and combined it with the opposition to the British colonial incursions that he wisely foresaw as the precursor to the disintegration of India’s native fabric of religious, cultural and social tapestry. His movement started first in Bengal which was the hub of British colonial conspiracies.


Mohsinuddin Ahmed Doodoo Miyan (1819-1860), son of Haji Shariatullah, carried forward the movement of social reform in conjunction with struggle for freedom from foreign rule. Their struggle coincided with the two famous Shaheeds, Syed Ahmed Shaheed and Shah Ismail Shaheed, who raised an army to fight the British. From 1827 to 1831 they had many clashes with the enemy. At Balacoat, 300 were martyred. Maulana Wilayat Ali and Maulana Inayat Ali headed the Imarat to counter the British. However, the British used the same ‘divide and rule’ strategies that are now being initiated through the likes of S. Balakrishnan, and got Sikhs to join the fight with them to defeat the freedom fighters. Even a cursory glance over the history of India will convince the skeptics that western imperialist powers have always conspired by promoting divisions within India, by separating in the name of religion, castes, sub-castes, regions, languages and vested interest groups and getting their upper hand over the land and its people. India divided is India enslaved.


It is time the Jains and the Krishnans rise up from their stupor of power and pelf and reflect as to what is in the best interest of the nation and not fight the wars of the West on their own soil by creating strife within their own people. This is the most convoluted notion of patriotism.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai





March 12, 2008

Sunday, March 09, 2008 


Once again BBC is on its very subtle and very sophisticated exercise of continuing Muslim baiting by choosing a very offensive motion to be debated at the Doha Debate telecast last evening: ‘This House believes that Muslims are failing to combat extremism.’ Why should Muslim be answering to this question, and why not the US and Israel are openly and publicly brought into the picture by the BBC to complete the picture of the world of extremism.’ (  By restricting the definition of extremism to only the so-called Muslim extremism, is it not an utterly motivated exercise to put Muslims in the dock, while letting free BBC’s main clients, the US and Israel on whose behalf, the state funded BBC is organizing these pet projects, to bring out their own concerns, without giving the other side of the story, the full impact of monstrosity of the terrorism of the both sides.  Why it is Kosher for US to bomb Iraq and Afghanistan, on concocted pretext, put out on lies and propaganda, while the entire world Muslim community of over a billion strong, is being painted with a single brush of the high crime of ‘extremism, terrorism, fundamentalism’ while US goes scot free with its daily bombings and killings of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. The debate was heavily doctored from the very beginning, by placing complaint participants within the group of about 350 participants, who overwhelmingly voted, naturally, in favour of the motion.  Qatar is a small country. Its old emir was deposed through US intervention and the new emir was placed at the helm of a defenseless tiny emirate, as the new entrant into oil boom. The first act of the new emir was to recognize the state of Israel. Nobody can fool the whole world that the clock and dagger drama of ‘regime change’ was under extreme duress from the US. Now US has major military establishment in the country. The small Qatari population had been lifted from the old desert life of scrapping their hard living, through fishing, diving and other trades that was the hallmark of all Gulf States in the old century. The Qataris are now living a life of luxury, thanks to oil income and their new found friendship with the US and Israel. Can BBC find any majority in any panel discussion in the vulnerable state of Qatar who will dare to go against the chosen line of the US and Israel. If the US is spending millions of dollars to propagate its demonizing of terrorists as well as the whole Ummah and even the religion of Islam, why one of the panelists should be so worked up about the budget of Saudi charities. After all it’s the same devalued dollars that both sides are using. And nobody can be fooled that the US is not playing a double game of running with both the hounds and the hare, when it can make easily life difficult for Saudis, if they want to. After all they are the super power and they can dictate their writ on the Saudis. Even in Qatar, the continuance of Shaikh Qardawi is to give the false impression that Qatar is an independent country and if Qataris want Shaikh Qardawi to remain in Qatar, the US cannot do anything.  This is a false picture and it cannot fool the world. The world is fully aware that Qatar is the same way an ‘occupied country’ as any other Arab and Muslim country, where the US dominates through proxies — be that Egypt or Pakistan. So to celebrate the outcome of the current session of Doha Debate, where under the expert management of the artful manager from the BBC stable, the formidable Tim Sebastian is to insult the intelligence of both the East and the West. Credit should be given for the few courageous souls, mainly womenfolk in Hijab, who brought out the barest minimum of true mainstream Muslims concern over massacres of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, till Tim cut them out in the nick of time at each instant.  It is shameful for BBC to be still behaving like the poodle, even though the most infamous of them, Tony Blair, has left the scene in total disgrace. Lessons should have been learned.  

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai



March 12, 2008

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

 THE TIMES OF INDIA DOES IT AGAIN!  Press Release The Times of India carried an extremely defamatory report on 28-02-2008 under the caption “New network of terror techies comes to light” and with a front page intro of similar caption. This was the worst example of how a reputed newspaper like Times of India has resorted to yellow journalism, wherein the reporter has reported an absolutely false and baseless information to increase its readership.  By defaming a respectable professional like Mr. K.M Sherif whose contribution to the development of the software industry is well known both as a pioneering software professional who helped establish Wipro’s Global R&D presence in the USA and as former Chief Technology Officer of Sun Micro System in India. He is currently a founding Director and CEO of iCalibrator Training Pvt. Ltd. whose mission is to improve the skills of Indian IT professionals. The Times Of India has invited upon itself criminal proceedings which have been filed in the 11th ACMM court for defamation under section 499, 500, 501 and 502 of the Indian Penal Code. A Legal notice has also been issued for damages in a sum of Rs 5,00,00,000/- ( Five Crore ) against the owners of Times of India i.e. Bennet and Colman India Ltd and the reporter, publisher and editor of the Times of India. The civil suit will be filed in due course. We will also be moving other forums like the Press Council of India for appropriate action. The Times of India falsely reported that the police is looking out for Mr. K.M. Sherif imputing that he is absconding. The report further falsely imputes that MITA is a terror organization. MITA is an informal group of IT professionals who want to help and give back to the society from what they have achieved and earned. MITA has sponsored the education of many poor children, held career counseling sessions on an annual basis and conducted career improvement sessions for those in the IT industry. This group has never been used for either logistic or financial support for any banned organizations or known members of any such organization. The only time mails have ever gone out in the mailing lists (or any announcement made in any gathering) for financial contributions, is in the case of masjids coming up in areas where IT professionals work/live or for sponsoring education of poor children or for well known NGOs working in the health/educational fields. The group has also never operated in a stealth mode. No IT professional who has requested to be associated (by just sending an e-mail or calling up) has ever been refused, as membership is nothing more than adding one’s name to the mailing list. Two or three times every year, large gatherings are organized which have been addressed by eminent IT professionals like Mr. Subroto Bagchi, COO of MindTree consulting and Dr. Sridhar Mitta MD and CTO of e4e. Such gatherings have also been addressed by public servants and IAS officers. Smaller gatherings (once in 1 or 2 months) address issues like preparing for IIM entrance, choosing between technical and management career paths, entrepreneurship which are all topics of interest to any IT professional.Mr. K.M. Sherif has worked in the IT industry for more than 25 years, including 10 years at Wipro, 8 years at Sun Microsystems, USA and 5 years in India as C.T.O of Sun’s India Engineering Center. He is the Chief Executive officer of a reputed IT firm whose clients include Infosys, Wipro, MindTree Consulting among others. All of his friends and acquaintances, which include top leaders of Indian IT industry, can vouch for his integrity and patriotism. It is unfortunate that Times of India did not bother to check any of the claims or contact any member of the organization for clarification. Instead it chose to slander and defame Mr. K.M. Sherif and the organization.This report and similar reports have done irreparable damage to the careers of all Muslim students aspiring to get into the IT industry and also to those who are already working in IT firms by planting suspicion and mistrust in the minds of people.Times of India should take punitive action against the reporter and publish a prominent, front page apology while publishing the details given above.I am Kalyan Banerjee; I work in the IT industry for last 22 years, and feel proud being an Indian. I have worked closely with Sherif in my early professional career for many years, and I must admit a lot of my early success, I attribute to him. Sherif was (and is) an outstanding professional and anybody who has worked with him will vouch for his high integrity. To people like me, he was a role model, and we grew up in our professions admiring him, hoping one day we can be like him. I continue to know him and remain connected with him, and with time, the respect has only deepened. I have very high regard for his integrity, patriotism and peaceful nature. I know him as a very religious Muslim and as someone who is very helpful to any one in need (whether Muslim or non Muslim). Accusing Sherif of violent or anti-national acts is preposterous. We continue to interact personally and professionally, and I feel proud to be associated with a person as deeply peaceful, patriotic, and humble as Sherif. I believe people like Sherif who create lives and dreams must be celebrated as the true icons of modern India, irrespective of their religion, language, or social status. Instead we have stories like these that are obviously false (like Sherif being wanted by the police, or providing logistics and financial support to anti national elements); such acts only expose motives not aligned with ethics, truth, or fair play. Also reflects the communal biases running deep in sections of our media, doing immeasurable harm to the social fabric of our nation. I am certain an overwhelming majority of my countrymen condemn such divisive motives, and will not allow such forces to succeed. Sherif’s attempts at helping the not so privileged sections of our society (whether Muslims or non-Muslims) are in tune with his patriotic and religious moorings and serve as an example for all of us to emulate. Kalyan Kumar BanerjeeSenior Vice President, MindTree Consulting


K. M. Sherif’s brief: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.Let me start by affirming my faith in free speech and freedom of press. These are the values that help keep a society in check and prevent it from sliding into tyranny and fascism. But, unbridled freedom, deliberate maligning and rumour mongering if done in the name of freedom of press will have the opposite effect. It leads to breeding of suspicion, unrest and civil strife. India started its life burdened with social and economic inequalities. Many years of effort did not help erase it. Though there was a slow reduction in inequalities in some cases, there was increase in others. These have been recorded in various studies conducted over the last 60 years. Even in private industry, where we have been claiming that merit is the only criterion for hiring, clear biases on the basis of caste and religion has been documented by a recent study. The dramatic growth of IT industry created an opportunity where such biases where non-existent, except due to historic educational backwardness of certain sections. These sections of society have all started working on removing this historic inequality. The IT industry also created a microcosm of the society where language, caste and religious differences were irrelevant and true feelings of secularism and pride of India as a nation were developed. Highly exaggerated and speculative reporting in the last few weeks have started destroying even this microcosm of equal opportunity and true Indian pride. Many reports have been carried with no checking of facts, and sometimes flying in the face against what the police themselves are saying. These were carried with no thought on the impact on lives of innocent individuals or the well being of the nation itself. One of the worst examples of this kind of reporting was a report carried in Times of India, written by Mr. N.D. Shiva Kumar on the 28th of February. Titled “New network of terror techies comes to light”, this article falsely imputed that a group called MITA is a terror network providing logistic and financial support to anti national groups. It further implied that I am absconding and the police is looking out for me. An environment has been created where the press can imply any random person to be a terror suspect, and the so called terror suspects are immediately judged by the press and fascist sections of the society to be terrorists with no due process available to them. In most cases, the people who are thus implicated have no backing or support and are isolated by the society and thus are doomed even when they are innocent. By defaming me using baseless allegations and innuendos, Times of India has created irreparable damage to me and to my company. I am a highly respected IT professional who has helped create the market for Indian IT services abroad. You can see from the various testimonials as to how very senior captains of Indian IT industry regard me, professionally and personally. My company is in the process of bidding for and negotiating many multi-crore contracts with Indian Software companies and the damage this report has done to my company is immense. I have requested the person in Bangalore who has known me for the longest time, from before my marriage, to speak about what he knows and how this report has impacted him. Mr Rajendra Khare had a room next to mine during our Engineering College times and we have worked together and been in touch with each other ever since. He was the Managing Director of Broadcom, India, one of the very respected semiconductor companies. He was the founding chairperson of Indian Semiconductor Association. I would request Mr. Khare to now speak. 

K M Sherif  

 I the undersigned have known Mr. K.M. Sherif for approximately 28 years, and have interacted with him professionally and personally. I have known him since my college days at Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani. He has been a very dedicated student and an excellent individual in all aspects – studies, at work. We had recently met during our Silver Jubilee reunion at Pilani where he gave a talk on Integrity, career planning, etc. He was admired at the Institute for being in the top 2-5% of our batch. I have very high regard for his integrity, patriotism and peaceful nature. I know him as a pious Muslim and as someone who is very helpful to any one in need (whether Muslim or non Muslim). Many of us have benefited from his academic and technical assistance. It is impossible for him to associate himself with any violent or anti-national act. It is also difficult to conceive his association with any person whom he knows to be inciting violence and anti-national activities. I have heard of MITA and I think that the kind of initiatives that MITA takes is essential and it is important in order to better integrate Muslims into the national main stream. I do get to see the young engineers (IT professionals & those working in high tech industries) taking initiatives to bring up the education of the under privileged. Many of the MNCs and other organizations contribute to the society as a way of doing our mite. In this context, it is very painful for me to note that one single individual or an organization with a good motive to be singled out based on the secular/ minority basis.    (D R Seetharaman)Director – R&D, Synopsys India Pvt LimitedBangaloreDate 1 March, 2008


  I the undersigned have known Mr. K.M. Sherif for 30 long years since my days in engineering education and ever since he has been one amongst my closest friends. I also had an opportunity to work together for several years with him and then later interact with him often on professional, personal and family front. He is clearly one of the most brilliant and patriotic persons I have come across and not only me, but everyone in our circle have had the deepest regard for his sheer brilliance, integrity, professionalism and above all loving nature. He returned from a lucrative career in US only to add his might in serving the cause of nation building.  I have known Sheriff as someone who is a deeply spiritual and a truly pious Muslim believing in tenets of Islam. It is his love for people and the deep urge to help others around him that he has been taking up initiatives in community education for long and further the cause of homogenous integration within the Society rising above sects or religions. It is impossible to even think that Sherif can be associated with any person or organization that does not have the good of the country and the society at large. MITA, the association that he helped form, is a thoroughly professional and respectable body that is aiming to do what a number of successful professionals ought to do to help the under-privileged within their communities to gain education and benefit from association with other professionals. Thanks to his stature and well meaning objectives, MITA has been able to involve luminaries from the IT industry irrespective of their religious origins. I believe we need more organizations like MITA to connect with the lower strata of the society and serve the cause of nation building from the roots.  Any disrespectful reference to organizations like MITA and people of Sherif’s integrity in the press can not only cause an irreparable damage to their reputation but also kill the initiatives people like him take to do their duty to human kind and to our country. On the contrary steps should be taken to celebrate the cause that people like Sherif and MITA have undertaken and show case the positive benefits of what they are aiming to do in order to encourage more people to engage in acts of giving and building the society from roots and bring about economic liberation through sharing education and professional experiences.   Sd/- Name : Rajendra Kumar KhareDesignation : Chairman and Managing Director, IndusEdge InnovationsDate 1 March, 2008


   I the undersigned have known Mr. K.M. Sherif for 30 years, and have interacted with him professionally and personally. We studied in BITS, Pilani together. He was one of the top rankers in the Institute. He was very studious, soft spoken and very helpful to all his fellow batchmates. Subsequently I had the fortune of working with him in Wipro Infotech, R&D in mid-’80s. He was one of the key members of the Operating Systems team and his colleagues and the senior management of Wipro had high regard for his contributions.  I personally learnt a lot from him professionally and he has been my role model all my life.  He participates with me, my friends and my family during Hindu festivals – Holi, Diwali etc. This indicates his respect for all religions. We have also visited his home and met his family on couple of occasions during Id, our get-together with batchmates when they come to India from US and during the launch of his company.  I have very high regard for his integrity, patriotism and peaceful nature. I know him as a pious Muslim and as someone who is very helpful to any one in need (whether Muslim or non Muslim). Many of us have benefited from his academic and technical assistance during college days and subsequently as a colleague. It is impossible for him to associate himself with any violent or anti-national act. It is also difficult to conceive his association with any person whom he knows to be inciting violence and anti-national activities. I have heard of the activities of MITA. We think that the kind of initiatives that MITA takes is essential and it is important in order to better integrate Muslims into the national main stream. Other disadvantaged, marginalized and ostracized sections of the society should also take up such activities. Such organizations should be encouraged, rather than being subject to witch hunting.    Sd/- Anant KansalDesignation: Chief Operating Officer, Indusedge Innovations Pvt. Ltd.Bangalore



I am on travel to USA. Heard about a news article linking you in some anti-national activities. I am highly disturbed on such unauthenticated news appearing that too linking a fine gentleman like you.

I know you for more than 20 years and have seen many youngsters looking upon you as role model for your knowledge, sincerity, righteousness and helping nature. If freedom of press leads to all being painted by same brush, that will lead to loss of confidence in the media than a fine person like you.

I pray this event leaves you unhurt and look forward to seeing the same zeal and energy in you to lead the younger generation in the right path of national pride and peace and prosperity.


Jani, President & CEO,R&D Services, MindTree Consulting


  I know Mr. Sherif since 1988. I have worked with him as a colleague, as a customer when he was with SUN and now as consumer of his services in iCalibrator. Sherif is one of the best Technologist in Operating Systems space that our country has produced. Today he has embarked on the key challenge of Indian IT industry i.e; improving the skill level of aspiring IT professionals. He is the finest gentleman with highest standards of integrity, with a large heart to help deserving students and an excellent friend. 
Rajesh Ram Mishra
CTO, Telecom and Product Engineering, Wipro Technologies


  I was pained to see the name of my friend K M Sherif reported in a wrong context in  the Times of India News paper dated 28th Feb. I have known Sherif  for the last 26 years very intimately –  from early 1980s when we started our career at Wipro. He left Wipro after 10 years of bright career. In US he worked for a very reputed organization for several years.  After he came back from US , we have been meeting regularly . I have known Sherif as a highly intelligent and helpful person. He is  very active in his professional life providing us with very valuable  technical consultancy  when ever required. He is a simple and  pious Muslim who is engaged in doing only good things for the society. I have very high regard for his integrity, patriotism and peaceful nature.  I can vouch that Sherif will not get  associated with or indulge in activities that are mentioned in the  news paper. I strongly  believe  that people like Sherif can lead us to  create a better society. I am sure he is helping to  integrate Muslims into the national main stream. We must encourage  people like him and support him.  Divakaran MChief technology Officer

Wipro Technologies

 I the undersigned have known Mr. Sherif Kottapurath and his family since 2000. I have had the privilege of staying in his home on several occasions and his children are like my own. During this time I have developed the highest regard for his sense of public service and the love he bears for this land. He returned from the US where he held a very lucrative job in order to be of service to his country. I know him as a pious Muslim and as someone who is very helpful to any one in need. I  have known him to go out of his way to help poor people and to spend his time and energy especially in the field of education, helping young people learn computer skills so that they can get jobs. I simply cannot believe that he has any association with any person whom he knows to be inciting violence and anti-national activities.  I have heard of the activities of MITA, and have been invited to speak at MITA meetings. I believe that the kind of initiatives that MITA takes are essential in order to better integrate Muslims into the national main stream. Every meeting of MITA that I participated in focused on issues of social development, national integration, education and presenting Islam to society in its real form as a religion of peace and harmony. Mr. Sherif as its President exemplifies these issues and is a living model of what I believe a good practicing Muslim should be in our society. I wish there were more organizations like this, working to help young Muslims integrate better with our society and more people like Sherif Kottapurath. I was very sad and surprised to read the report in the Times of India. It was written in language that was insinuating and insulting and cast aspersions on a man who is honorable and worthy of respect. Is this what reporting has been reduced to? Can’t we sell papers without assassinating someone’s character? It is a matter of great regret and something that I wish all good, sensible, thinking people will get together and dialogue and resolve. Let us report facts. Let us not attempt to use innuendo and veiled references to steer thought in directions that may serve some vested interest but which do no good to our already troubled and divided society. Mirza Yawar Baig


  To whomsoever it may concern Feb 29, 2008 I, the undersigned have known Mr. K.M. Sherif for the last 27 years. He was my senior in college and was my first professional mentor. I have interacted with him professionally and personally. I have very high regard for his intelligence, commitment to build a strong technological community, integrity, patriotism and peaceful nature.  I know him as a pious Muslim and as someone who is very helpful to any one in need (whether Muslim or non Muslim). Many of us have benefited from his academic and technical assistance. It is impossible for him to associate himself with any violent or anti-national act. It is also difficult to conceive his association with any person whom he knows to be inciting violence and anti-national activities. I am fairly certain that his name is being pulled into unnecessary controversy by people with vested interests. N S ParthasarathyExec VP – Global Delivery and OperationsMindTree Consulting


 I the undersigned have known Mr. K.M. Sherif since 2002, and have interacted with him professionally and personally. Sherif reported to me as Chief Technical Officer for Sun Microsystems’ India Engineering Centre during my tenure as Vice President of Sun Microsystems India Engineering Centre from 2002 through 2005 and have been in touch with him ever since then in a personal capacity.  I have very high regard for his integrity, patriotism and peaceful nature. He is also someone that is highly respected in the Indian software community for his significant contributions to both industry as well as the technical community in Bangalore.  I know him as a pious Muslim and as someone who is very helpful to any one in need (whether Muslim or non Muslim). It is impossible for him to associate himself with any violent or anti-national act. It is also difficult to conceive his association with any person whom he knows to be inciting violence and anti-national activities. 
Vijay Anand  Mr. K.M. Sherif is my batchmate. In college I admired him for his great intellect and enthusiasm to bring about positive changes. I have a lot of respect for him as I consider him to be a person with high integrity. As I understand him, he is someone who is very helpful to any one in need. Many of us have benefited from his academic and technical assistance. I feel that it is impossible for him to associate himself with any violent or anti-national act. It is also difficult to conceive his association with any person whom he knows to be inciting violence and anti-national activities.  Ritu SharmaSoftware Quality Consultant

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