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Once was Mumbai – By Kumar Ketkar

November 28, 2008

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Once was Mumbai

Posted: Nov 28, 2008 at 0115 hrs IST

By Kumar Ketkar

: Even otherwise, the city of Mumbai is explosive. But every time there is a terrorist attack, the metropolis is gripped by a kind of fear psychosis. The attack on “A Wednesday” (what a morbid coincidence!), proved yet again that the so-called “courageous” and “resilient” Mumbaikar is rapidly getting used to mayhem and murder. That is not a reflection of courage or of collective sanity, but of the desensitisation of the mass mind.

That the terrorist attack took place just when the media was full of stories of “saffron terrorism” may be a coincidence, but the killing of Hemant Karkare, the chief of the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS), gives the event an anti-climactic turn. The Sangh Parivar and the Shiv Sena had gone to town for almost a month, aggressively campaigning against the ATS and virtually running a propaganda drive to condemn Karkare as an anti-Hindu and anti-national officer. Karkare was known for his upright character and courage, as well as for his patriotism. With his long experience in RAW, he strongly believed that terrorism has no colour and creed. He worked tirelessly, and arrested those who were engaged in terrorist acts, irrespective of faith. As long as the suspects arrested were Muslims, he received applause. But the moment he caught extremist Hindus, and collected evidence against them, he became a villain in the eyes of the Sangh Parivar and the Sena.

Now that he has lost his life fighting the terrorists — who are believed to be part of the global Taliban-ISI-Al Qaeda network — the sinister campaign against him has turned on its head.

Karkare had monitored international terrorist operations and splits, as well as “splits within splits” in the ISI, and was following the threads of the groups who were also working against the Pakistani state. The tragedy is that along with him, two other brave very senior police officers, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar, have also been killed by the terrorists. Intellectuals, talking heads and the media will now routinely condemn the state and central governments for failure in gathering intelligence and not having a “disaster management plan”. But the fact is the city of Mumbai has gone beyond any disaster management plan. This is because disaster is a way of life in this vast, totally disconnected and uncontrollably grown metropolis, where there are a crore and a half people, but no social and community life. That is why…

Beaten to death for being a ‘bhaiyya’ – Mumbai Mirror – TOI

October 29, 2008

Beaten to death for being a ‘bhaiyya’



The attackers were fellow commuters who got into fight with victim and his three friends over a window seat




Nilesh Nikade

Satya Prakash and Dheeraj are among the three survivors. The four friends were attacked on a Khopoli-CST local

A migrant from Uttar Pradesh died after being beaten up on a local train by fellow commuters who allegedly humiliated him and his three friends on Tuesday afternoon after learning that they were ‘bhaiyyas’.

The deceased is Dharam Dev, 25, a resident of Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh. Dev was working as a helper at a construction site and was residing at Vashi phata. On Tuesday, he was on his way to Faizabad, along with his friends Dheeraj Kumar Verma, Satya Prakash and Virendra Rai, when they were cornered by other commuters at Khopoli, about 60 km from Mumbai.

The four went by bus to Khopoli where they boarded the 1.57 pm local for CST. 

Dheeraj said, “We were occupying the window seat but a group of 8 to 10 commuters, who appeared to be local villagers, forced us to vacate it. Then they asked if we were ‘bhaiyyas’? When we said ‘yes’, they started abusing us.”

The four men refused to take the abuse lying down. By then, the train had started moving. When it crossed Lowjee station, the other commuters allegedly overpowered the four men and started beating them up. 

“We were slapped and kicked. They made us sit like a ‘murga’ and apologise. Even after that, they were not satisfied and one of them kicked Dharam Dev’s stomach rendering him unconscious,” Dheeraj alleged. The commuters got down at Karjat while Dev and his friends continued their journey on the same train. When Dev said he could not bear the pain, Dheeraj called up the Railway Protection Force (RPF) control number 22620800, which is displayed in trains, from his mobile phone at 2.49 pm. 

The RPF control room confirmed receiving a call from a passenger informing that his friend was unconscious and needed urgent medical assistance.

“The person informed us that the train was reaching Neral. We immediately informed the station manager. However, the train had crossed Neral by then. We then informed station officials of Shelu and Wangani, but no policemen are posted there to tackle such situations,” RPF officials said.

D N Adhikari, deputy station master at Badlapur railway station, acted on the information received from the RPF and rushed Government Railway Policemen (GRP) personnel to attend to Dev and his friends. Dev was rushed to Dubey Hospital near Badlapur station, but was declared dead on arrival.

Satya Prakash, his friend, said, “We were helpless and scared. We had not imagined something of this sort could happen on our way back home. We have informed Dharam Dev’s family. They are coming to Mumbai.” 

At the time of filing this report, GRP were recording statements of the victims at the hospital.

A K Sharma, commissioner, GRP, said, “As per our information, the person died at the hospital. The information we have so far suggests that there were no external injuries on the bodies of these men. We are awaiting the results of their medical examination.”

An Open letter to the National Integration Committee By Amaresh Misra

October 11, 2008

An Open letter to the National Integration Committee


Subject: The continuing Muslim and minority persecution in India                                               



                                                       By Amaresh Misra




          I, along with my fellow citizens of India, am addressing this letter to the meeting of the National Integration Council (NIC) on 13th October. This Government of India body has the premier task of fighting communal forces and facilitating Indian national Integration  


Dear senior members of the NIC,        


You all know me as a historian and the author of `War of Civilizations: India 1857 AD’, the two volume authoritative work on 1857, India’s first war of Independence. I have been instrumental in making the world aware that India fought a great anti-colonial battle in the 19th century and that 10 million Indians were killed by rampaging British troops during the 1857 wars.

          1857 offers a shining example of national integration. There is no place from Gilgit to Tamil Nadu and Manipur to Maharashtra which was not affected by the great war of the Indian people. Hindus and Muslims fought as brothers. Kattar Hindu Sepoys or peasant soldiers went to Delhi to install, Bahadur Shah Zafar as India’s Emperor. When Rani Lakshmi Bai died she had only 250 Pathan-Muslim soldiers with her—all of whom perished in the fatal battle with the British. In Ayodhya, right near the spot where the Babari Masjid was demolished, Maulavis and Pundits were hanged together side by side. There was no distinction—Hindus and Muslims were one.

          Who can deny this history? I am a firm believer in policies and programs of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. But some elements in our society, represented by the RSS are hell bent upon in negating the Nehruvian legacy, secular-Sanatani Hindu ethos and the Muslim contribution to Indian history. Sadly, present-day secular forces seemed to have surrendered before them—how else you all, esteemed members of the NIC, can define the Batla House encounter? During this encounter, the Home Minister of a secular government was sitting in the control room of the Delhi Police supervising the suspect encounter of two Muslim boys in the Jamia Nagar area. Is this democracy? Even if we accept the police version that the boys were masterminds or something of the blasts that rocked Delhi on 12th September who has the right to kill them in full public view? Isn’t this unconstitutional?

   During my travels to the US I unearthed a widespread plot to destabilize India. This plot is being hatched by American and Indian Right Wing elements—but is being resisted by American Democrats. Shivraj Patil and Narendra Modi are part of this plot; what do you make of Tata shifting his Nano car to Gujarat? It means that even the corporate lobby has thrown in its lot with fascists.

What is the long-term design of the American-Israeli plot? It is to butcher Indian Muslims, sound a death knell to Indian nationalism, and erode India’s sovereignty. Let this letter serve as a warning to people like Shivraj Patil and Narendra Modi, who are not even a speck of dust as compared to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. A thousand Shivraj Patil, Narendra Modi and toady figures like Ratan Tata, will die a thousand deaths before their American masters can destroy India—a country built by the sacrifice of millions of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians.

 The bomb blasts that have rocked India since July 2008 have all been planned by the Home Ministry to effect Muslim persecution and communal polarization and destroy Indian nationalism. The reason: for Shivraj Patil, Narendra Modi and Ratan Tata, and the Indian corporate lobby, the current world economic crisis presents a dilemma. These forces want to rule the world through neo-liberal economic policies, which are failing even in America. In India, the current, neo-liberal economic policies have caused untold damage: while the corporate lobby stands strengthened, the peasantry and the Adivasis, the OBCs and the Dalits are all seeing a decline in their income. Unemployment and inflation is rampant. In the name of privatization, India’s Independent Industrial base has been eroded.

It is clear that that impoverished masses of India, the vast majority of minorities, Dalits, Adivasis and OBCs are restless. India wants a more pro-people, anti-corporate house economic policy. People want more empowerment, progress and prosperity. They are dissatisfied not only with the Modi-Tata economic policies, which have  made even the rich amongst OBCs, Dalits and minorities poor, but also with the entire ideology of fake Brahminism, which has been used since the British era to suppress minorities and Dalits.

RSS type Hindutva forces, created primarily by the British, are afraid of Sanatan Dharma, the true religion of Hindus. The reason is that Sanatan Dharma and Islam have worked in an historical alliance to create the great Indian composite culture which made India a superpower during the Mughal era.

Shivraj Patil and Narendra Modi hate the Indian composite culture. They also hate Hindus and Sanatan Dharma—like the British, Shivraj Patil and Narendra Modi know that as long as Sanatan Dharma and Islam exist in India, no harm can come to India’s sovereignty.

The American establishment—not the American people—are uncomfortable with Indian sovereignty; because Indian sovereignty implies anti-Imperialism and national dignity. America wants to turn India into a client-state, with limited sovereignty. What is best way to do this? From the American right wing perspective, a fascist Indian government which can curb nationalist and democratic elements is the best government.

It is clear that this fascist government can never come to power through votes. So the American game-plan is to organize bomb blasts, destabilize India, divert the attention of people from their real issues and then have a communal-fascist government assume power through largely undemocratic means in the name of `national security’. This fascist government will dismantle Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar’s constitution, thus disenfranchising the Dalits and minorities and all patriotic, peace loving and democratic people of India.    

What national security can Modi or Shivraj Patil provide India—they are already sold out to American interests. Who is India’s Home Secretary—he is the same anti-national figure who was the District Magistrate of Faizabad when the Babari Masjid was demolished.

Just pause and think for a moment—the Home Ministry since the time of LK Advani had enrolled unemployed Hindus and Muslims—these boys were exploited and used to plant bomb blasts. Then some organization like SIMI or the Indian Mujahideen (IM) was created and Muslims persecuted!

This has been the game-plan and Modi and Shivraj Patil think Indians are not aware of this? 

                 The recent Bomb Blast phenomenon stinks, from top to bottom. In March 2008 the Madhya Pradesh Police arrests Safdar Nagori, an alleged SIMI activist—then the Police of various states make a data bank of SIMI based on his confession. In India give any one, even Shivraj Patil, the home Minister to the police and in 24 hours the police will have even his confession as a the most dreaded terrorist of the country!

          What kind of a mockery is the Indian Mujahideen (IM)? We, the common people of India, know that the IM is a creation of the Home Ministry—Muslim boys being picked up from Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, UP and several other areas are all innocent victims of a foreign plot to destabilize India. The current Home Secretary is the same person who was the DM of Faizabad during the demolition of the Babari Masjid. How could the UPA government allow this to happen? How could a secular government allow a communal bureaucrat to become the Home Secretary in the first place?

          There is something clearly something very wrong here—Muslim boys are being picked up, while Ken Haywood, the American citizen form whose computer in Navi Mumbai the email sent by IM was traced is let off! There is not even a police investigation! And no one makes it an issue!

          Suddenly beginning from July 2008 we see pattern in which bomb blasts rock India with regularity, the media starts demonizing Muslims with impunity, and then the RSS-BJP-VHP-Bajrang Dal, the entire saffron brigade goes on a rampage in Orissa, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra killing Christians and Muslims? In Orissa women are raped—a similar thing happens in Dhulia where a pregnant women were raped—all this shows that Gujarat 2002 is repeating itself. Only this time, the communal elements have the protection of the Indian state.

          In Assam, the VHP is spreading false stories that Muslims are attacking Hindus. It is being openly said by the VHP in Assam that   

          The worst fears of secular forces have come out to be true—communal elements have taken over parts of the Indian State—this much is clear. The RSS is openly challenging the Indian State—everyone knows that the BJP is politically isolated and does not stand a chance in the 2009 elections. The entire Sangh Parivar has put in all its might now to unleash a reign of terror and sabotage the very fundamentals of Indian democracy and constitution.

          I ask the Dalit leaders attending the NIC meet—in front of your very eyes, the constitution of Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar is being trampled upon—what are you doing about it? Everyone knows that the RSS has always hated the Indian constitution and the very idea of India as a secular state—why then is there no talk of banning the RSS?   The RSS has openly challenged the Indian State. RSS chief Sudarshan has openly exhorted his cadres to attack minorities—I am attaching this statement: “Dear Hindus, In the rule of Congress Hindus, Hindu Saints and Hindu leaders are attacked. Hindus sentiments are hurt on the issues like Amarnath Pilgrim, Ram Setu etc. For these we should start praying and chanting for 10 minutes not only for the defeat of Congress in the coming election but also to destroy anti-Hindu and anti-nation Congress, Communist, anti-Hindus and pseudo Hindus”.

          What kind of poison is this—what is the Government of India doing about this? This is the same language Hitler used against Jews and Communists in the 1930s—is it part of the anti-national plan of Modi, Patil and the RSS to turn India into another Germany of the 1930s?


          Members of the NIC, please act before it is too late. Ban the Bajrang Dal, VHP and the RSS. Constitute a judicial enquiry into the Batla House encounter. Request the UPA Government to put a stop to acts of Muslim persecution and arrests. Publish a white paper on terrorism, which shows the real face of the culprits. Enact a new law which prevents atrocities against minorities and Adivasis.

Please do not be scared of a Hindu backlash or some such nonsense—I assure you, these people have killed Sharma, their own man during the Batla House encounter. Hindus have no sympathy for them. Talk to ordinary Hindus—they are nationalists and they want a revival of composite culture. They know that Indian Muslims have a long history of nationalism—if Muslims had really wanted to take revenge, they would have attacked Modi or Advani. They would not have attacked ordinary, innocent Hindus and Muslims in cowardly bomb blasts.

          It is known the world over that blasts which kill ordinary people are the handiwork of International, anti-national, evil and fascist forces. These forces can never become popular. So they execute blasts in order to create terror and ensure that people do not protest, or come out to vote against them.


Any Indian supporting RSS is anti-national—and he or she will be given an appropriate response.    



June 19, 2008





URDU TIMES Urdu Daily Mumbai


30th May 2008


Friday Edition


A Lesson from History


By Irshad Haqqani 


In 1973 the war between Arabs and Israel was about to start. Meanwhile an American Senator visited Israel on a special mission. He was chief of the Senate Arms Committee. A meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir was arranged immediately. Golda Meir welcomed him into her home, like any common housewife welcoming a family guest. She took him to the kitchen. While seating him at the kitchen dining table, she went over to prepare tea for the guest. As the water was kept for boiling, she came over and sat on a chair near the dining table. She opened the discussion regarding planes, missiles, and guns. In the course of negotiations, she got the aroma of the brew. She prepared two cups of tea, and offered one cup to the Senator, and another to an American guard who was standing at the gate. On returning, she came back, continued talking with the Senator. After a discussion they settled the arms deal. In the meantime, she stood up, collected all the cups, and turned to senator and said “I agree to this deal. You can send your secretary to my secretary for written deal”.


It may be remembered that Israel at that time was facing a serious economic crisis, but the huge arms deal was settled by Meir with the greatest of ease in the history of Israel. It was quite astonishing that earlier, the Israeli cabinet had rejected the same deal, because they thought it would be so costly, that the whole nation would have to make do with a single meal a day, for years to come.


Meir knew about their stand, and said, “Your doubt are well founded, but if we win this war, and defeat the Arabs, history will remember us as the victors, and in history, once a community is know as the victor, it forgets how many eggs they ate and how many times they had food. Whether there was jam, honey, butter on the table, and how many holes they had in their shoes. Or whether the sheaths of their swords were new or old! A conqueror is a conqueror.” 


Based on Meir’s solid logic, the Israeli cabinet approved the deal. Later it was proved that the decision taken by Meir was right, and the whole world witnessed the Jews knocking on the doors of the Arabs with this artillery. A war took place, and the Arabs faced a shameful defeat at the hands of an old lady. 


After a gap of one decade after the war, a reporter of the Washington Post interviewed Meir, asking “Was the logic you had in your mind for the arms was spur of the moment decision or you had had an advance strategy?”


Meir’s reply was very surprising.


She answered, “I got this logic from the prophet (of the Muslims) Mohammed (peace be upon him). When I was a student, my favorite topic was comparative study of religions. Those days I studied the life of Mohammed (PBUH). One author stated that when Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) died, there was not enough money to buy oil for a lamp, his wife (Ayesha Siddiqua) mortgaged his battle shield to buy oil, yet there were nine swords hung on the wall of his house. When I read this account, it occurred to me- how many people in the world would have known about the worst economic condition of Islamic state? But everyone recognizes them as conquerors of half the world. So I decided that I would buy arms at any cost; even if we would have to starve or to live in camps instead of buildings, but we would prove ourselves as the victor”.

Meir revealed this secret, but requested the interviewer to keep it “off the record”, and refrain from publishing it, because if she referred to Prophet Mohammed, the Jews would have revolted against her and the Muslim position would have strengthened.


Over the time, world situation changed. Golda Meir died. By this time the interviewer had given up the profession of journalism. Meanwhile another correspondent was busy interviewing 20 famous American journalists. In connection with this, he met the journalist who had interviewed Meir as a representative of the Washington Post.


In this interview, he recounted the story of Meir that drew on the life of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).


He said he was not ashamed to tell the story. Further, he said, “After this incident I studied the history of Islam, and was astonished to know about the savoir-faire of Arabs. Because I learnt that Tariq bin Ziyad conquered Spain through Gibraltar, while more than half his army did not have complete suit of clothes. They subsisted for 72 hours at time on water and dried bread.


It was then that the interviewer agreed with Meir’s view that history counts victory; it does not count the eggs, jams and butter on the table.”


When the interview with Meir was published, the whole world learned of this entire story.


This astonishing incident is history’s wake-up call to the Muslims of the world. It teaches them a lesson; it reveals how 14 centuries ago, a shepherd, clad in a cloak and worn-out shoes became the leader of the world, and conquered four continents.


 Could enormous castles, grand palaces, magnificent gardens, splendid clothes, adorned rest places of silk and sleepless, gold silver, boxes, gems and jewels, spread of savory dishes and the jingle of coins save them? The locust-swarm of Tartar forces did not reach the palace of Musta’sim Billah by trampling over Baghdad. What a terrible and astonishing scene it was in the history of Islam, when Musta’sim Billah was bound in chains, standing like a prisoner before Halaku Khan (grandson of Changiz Khan). And at mealtime, Halaku Khan ate in simple plates, but offered plates of gems and precious metals to Caliph Musta’sim Billah, mocking “Eat from these diamonds, gems, gold and precious metals you have collected!” There stood the Sovereign of Baghdad, helplessness, powerless, lonely, destitute, saying, “How can I eat gold?”  Halaku Khan replied, “Then why you have collected all this silver and gold?”


The Muslim, whose religion calls on him to make arms and rear horses, had no reply. Halaku Khan glanced at the palace doors and windows, asking, “Why did you not make iron arrows by melting these iron nets? Why did you collect these diamonds instead of paying money to your soldiers, so they could fight bravely against my forces?”


“It was the will of Allah”, replied the grieved Caliph.


The arrogant Halaku shot back, “Whatever is now going to happen with you is also God’s wish”.


Then Halaku covered Musta’sim Billah in a cloak and crushed him under the hooves of horses, and proceeded to make a graveyard of Baghdad.




April 13, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008









The story of Taxi Driver is more poignant as his life has been conditioned by a Government that is on one hand insensitive to his existence as a common citizen, while on the other hand devises various legal measures to make his life more miserable. And all this in the name of the welfare of the people! An unalloyed Kafkaesque situation!!!


As a member of the Muslim minority, who are doomed to suffer for the sin of supposedly ‘dividing the nation’, he is completely cut off from any welfare measure that Government introduces to provide for the ‘below poverty line’ of its citizenry, be that for food or shelter. He is out, as he is a Muslim. He is out as he is Uttar Bharati. He is out as he does not have a home address, so no voter or ration card. He is not eligible for any of the various Government Housing scheme, again as he does not have a house in his name. Leave it to the wily bureaucrats to devise ways and means to see the unwanted are marginalised. A new danger that looms over his head of the serious risk of his taxi and himself being attacked by ‘MNS’ or “Shiv Sena’ hooligans, who themselves are not the original inhabitants of Mumbai/Bombay, but are now claiming the city as their own.


Moinuddin Shaikh travelled to a Gulf country to earn a better living, leaving back a dismal disjointed family to survive in a rat-race stricken city. He is among millions who are still in the Gulf countries and who had remitted and are still remitting, billions back home. Indian Government has no organised scheme to offer them social support, if and when their lives are disrupted due to various breaks in life cycle of a Mumbai resident. Government has never come around to organise some Gulf Returnee scheme to rehabilitate the returnees to a full life of local opportunities; even though they had at one time helped the country when it was heavily dependant of their foreign remittance.


A very interesting fact disclosed in the life story of Moinuddin Shaikh and his son, is the appearance of a ‘Madarsa’ as the relief centre for the uprooted. His son will not only be accommodated, fed, clothed but also will be educated; thus taking the entire burden off the head of the father, who could barely survive on some footpath of Mumbai. Here the Madarsa is not the matter of choice. It is the means of survival of his son and millions like him. The Madarsa is a fully community supported welfare measure. This same Madarsa has been demonized by the US and Israel as the hotbed of conspiracies against the West. 


The worst part is that those in authority are fully aware of the whole set of handicaps imposed on an Indian Muslim by the communalized ruling class, and in fact are rejoicing sadistically in their devilish schemes to impoverish and disenfranchise 200 million Muslims of India. And they want to die and disappear without even raising a sigh. However, this slow working genocide is not being noticed by the rest of the ‘international community’. Hope is still high that the opening to the world of India as a new power on the block, will expose India’s dreary pockets of hateful crimes inflicted on its own citizenry and the very international friends who are goading the ruling class to target Muslim in line with the current anti-Muslim hate wave, may turn their tables against their partners in no times; the tide is bound to turn.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai



April 2, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008




S. Balakrishnan is a senior reporter of TOI-Mumbai’s print edition. His career at the Times has been long and very opportunistic. He is not the one to carry any story on the basis of his considerable grounding in journalistic fundamentals. He is in effect, his master’s voice. Time and again over the last 20 years, especially after the Bombay Blasts, he completely identifies with some elements in Mumbai police circles that have some personal equations with the supposed masterminds of the Bombay Bomb blasts. The jugalbandi of criminals and police in any urban center, with ever increasing stakes in new developmental progress, is nothing surprising. Long before the 1993 Bombay Bomb Blasts, the very sinister nature of the nexus between the police and the underworld in the city of Bombay was virtually the talk of the town. With the bomb blasts, communal elements in the Police force had made the issue as the test of patriotism. As if the criminal infamy tied to Mumbai police’s reputation can be whitewashed with some kind of a badge of patriotism under cover of which they could sow the seeds of their criminal demonisation of a section of Indian citizenry while continue their nefarious activities. This was to gain power to thwart all attempts to bring the culprits in police force to book and to reform the whole system of policing that had the stamp of colonial ‘gora sahib’ mentality running into police interaction with the rest of civil society.


It is apparent that the Times of India has become a very convenient and potent tool in the hands of rank communalists to demonize Muslim citizens of India in its collective identity and to divide them into sects by sowing dissensions and divisions.


Besides, Balakrishnan’s short but very dangerous exercise in bringing Ahle Hadith school of thought into the mainstream of Muslim identities in India as something sinister appears to have direct links with the international demonisation of Salafi school of thought by proactive Jewish/Zionist movements in world media owned and directed by Jewish Media barons. Jews are formidable foes of Muslims and they are now bringing their fight onward into India and introduce a new element of division and strife that can only undermine India’s peace, security and social stability.


The Times of India has thus become an open tool to propagate a foreign agenda into India, without considering the implications of this exercise in media management and disinformation to the fragile peace and communal amity of the Indian society.


Not many people are aware that Salafi school of thought that is locally known as Ahle-Hadis have been at the forefront of India’s freedom struggle right from early nineteenth century. Their efforts can be dated to 1802, when Haji Shariatullah started a movement for reforms in Muslim polity and combined it with the opposition to the British colonial incursions that he wisely foresaw as the precursor to the disintegration of India’s native fabric of religious, cultural and social tapestry. His movement started first in Bengal which was the hub of British colonial conspiracies.


Mohsinuddin Ahmed Doodoo Miyan (1819-1860), son of Haji Shariatullah, carried forward the movement of social reform in conjunction with struggle for freedom from foreign rule. Their struggle coincided with the two famous Shaheeds, Syed Ahmed Shaheed and Shah Ismail Shaheed, who raised an army to fight the British. From 1827 to 1831 they had many clashes with the enemy. At Balacoat, 300 were martyred. Maulana Wilayat Ali and Maulana Inayat Ali headed the Imarat to counter the British. However, the British used the same ‘divide and rule’ strategies that are now being initiated through the likes of S. Balakrishnan, and got Sikhs to join the fight with them to defeat the freedom fighters. Even a cursory glance over the history of India will convince the skeptics that western imperialist powers have always conspired by promoting divisions within India, by separating in the name of religion, castes, sub-castes, regions, languages and vested interest groups and getting their upper hand over the land and its people. India divided is India enslaved.


It is time the Jains and the Krishnans rise up from their stupor of power and pelf and reflect as to what is in the best interest of the nation and not fight the wars of the West on their own soil by creating strife within their own people. This is the most convoluted notion of patriotism.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai