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May 20, 2009


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Third Front could have been treated as a mistake as it was led by another Brahmin outfit. However, the 4th front could have been a natural second front to oppose all Brahmin formations. Since the terms Third Front and 4th Front have never come around to be institutionalized in any formal way, the idea behind the formation cannot be treated as dead on arrival. It has logic behind the regrouping of forces against the Brahmin formations, that have delivered a very skewed governance to the country during the last 6 decades, monopolizing all goodies to a select exclusive group while rest of the people were left out in limbo. Manmohan Singh in his speech to Congress Parliamentary Party meeting had promised the world to the deprived and underprivileged majority the people the nation. But as is understood and believed widely, his speech is written by Congress professionals and Congress can hardly change its stripes, especially now that it has won such heady victory. Manmohan Singh’s own economic contribution to the populist welfare measures that met the dire needs of the populace was niggardly; in as much as, all such measures were forced on his government by his coalition partner from the CPI(M) and CPI. Without them, to expect Congress culture to be magnanimous in victory and generous with the lesser children of God, will be a tall order. 

In such a situation, a political front with clear commitment to the majority people of India that are the scum of the earth even with the much touted economic development, is a must. It is left to the Left and the 4th Front to work on the fundamentals to offer Indian people an alternative to Congress, other than that of the extremist Right formation of the same upper-caste opportunists.


So the space for Third Front/Fourth Front/Alternative Front is still there and Left need not apologize for charting a new course.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


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CPM admits Third Front was a mistake

20 May 2009, 0000 hrs IST, TNN
NEW DELHI: In a significant post-poll confession, CPM on Tuesday admitted its Third Front foray was a mistake, “not seen by the people as a credible 

and viable alternative at the national level”

In its first reaction after the day long-introspection by the party’s politburo, CPM also admitted that Congress gained due to NREGA, Forest Rights Act, and other social welfare measures pushed through “Left pressure”. 

Further, the party said Congress got more support amongst the “minorities and sections of secular-minded people” who were keen to ensure that BJP does not come back, in what was seen as indicating the failure of its calculation that its strong opposition to the nuclear deal would endear it to Muslims. 

But the central leadership refused to take all the blame, disputing the growing suggestion in the party strongholds of West Bengal and Kerala that the central leadership’s hardline opposition to the Congress government resulting in its pull out caused the debacle. “Both national and state specific factors are responsible for the poor performance,” said the party in a diagnosis that can potentially create conflict between state units and the central leadership. 

The candour that the third front turned out to what is being derisively referred to as “thud front” post-poll was a fiasco is significant. For, it was CPM general secretary Prakash Karat who was seen behind the initiative to assemble disparate partners, including those like BSP which it had opposed in the past, in an ambitious bid to position the motley combine as a “secular challenger” to Congress. 

Some party leaders, however, refused to blame Karat alone for the blunder. “It was the unanimous decision of the party’s central committee. How can the blame be put on one leader?” The party statement also said the non-Congress, non-BJP alliance was required so that a “credible secular alternative emerged”. 

The inquest by the politburo did not extend to the state-specific factors that led to the party’s debacle. The exercise which is expected to generate considerable tension will be done after “self-critical” review by the state committees and the central committee “which should form the basis for corrective steps”. 

However, the staggering defeat seems to have already jolted the party into taking decisions it had avoided all this long and revisiting some of those it took. Heads are expected to start rolling, at least in Kerala, by next month-end. There are also indications that the party may have to relent on its stand defending Kerala state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan who is embroiled in the Lavlin payoff case. 

In its zeal to defend Vijayan, the party leadership brushed aside the findings of CAG — something it always held sacrosanct when it came to leaders of other parties — indicting the powerful state secretary. In fact, with his reputation as a great organisational man in tatters, the central leadership may show its favourite Marxist from Kerala the door. Vijayan had painted a rosy picture of the party’s prospects saying that Left would win 16 seats. 

Chief minister VS Achutanandan is also unlikely to be spared. His open defiance of the party sent a wrong signal. Even on the day of the result, he refused to admit it was a reflection on bad performance of the state government. A day later, the Kerala government even went to the extent of advertising the state government’s achievements. 

In West Bengal, heads might not roll but the party will stress on greater coordination among Left Front partners, a fresh look at key policy areas, strengthening of the party’s political arm and establishing supremacy of the party over the government.



April 14, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009






While LK Advani’s branding of Manmohan Singh as ‘weak’ Prime Minister was cheap device to denigrate the office of Prime Ministership, now that BJP is in a very desperate position; Indian Muslims have already realised that technocrat Manmohan Singh had been merely exploited by Sonia Gandhi as a caretaker regent, till her dynastic plans to plant Rahul Gandhi most undemocratically, taking undue advantage of loop-holes in Indian laws and that Manmohan Singh’s oft repeated assurance to Muslim community that they should have first right to claim redressal as they have been marginalized in share government patronage, as has been so generously showered on other favourites.


It is possible that though he had spoken about Muslim’s first right on the nation’s budget, he was shot down by the Congress High Command that is riddled with communalized soft-Hindutva protagonists. Even in Congress, nobody is ready to accept that the decades long Congress government has let down the same Muslims, whose vote bank had loyally supported Congress all along.


The key-word is scare. Congress is scared of BJP’s Hindutva propaganda; while the BJP is scared that Muslim appeasement will bring back the Mughal rule.


In the event, Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister had no guts to counter the Hindutva communalism and fight an internal war in the same manner or with the same misguided but dogged conviction when struggling to finalize 123 nuclear agreement with US.


If he was weak, he would not have travelled such a long distance with the Congress, while forcing even a break in the UPA and the risk of losing his government. Apparently, that strength and that power of conviction were not availed by him, when he was advocating affirmative action for Indian Muslims.


He failed to tackle:


  1. Sachar Commission implementation for the upliftment of Indian Muslims


  1. Babri Masjid cases for early settlement of the dispute and due punishment to the culprits. (Is he waiting for a Muslim to take up the new ritual of throwing the shoe at him and then resorting to chakka jam all over the country?).


  1. His Congress government has not lifted a finger on Sri Krishna Commission report in Maharashtra. If he is a real Prime Minister, he should have the gust to do justice to his people, be that from either Sikh community or from any community, whosoever from any part of India.


  1. He has done nothing to initiate legislation against hate crimes, so that India can be rid of the curse of communalism and casteism. If he was so endeared of the USA, why not borrow a leaf from US legislation and crackdown heavily on Hate Crime and heavy recompense for the wronged.


  1. Gross injustice inherent in his economic policies that impoverish the very chunk of people that were already impoverished. His trickle down policies only heaped misery on the people. Rising unemployment is built-in and grass-root inflation choking people has no interest to him. He cannot fool dishing out statistics that show wholesale price indices and camouflage out inflation that has bloated the family burden for even survival level existence.



Just as he has rightly stated that L. K. Advani will be known ONLY for demolition of Babri Masjid, Manmohan Singh should be rest assured that he would ONLY be known for paving the way for US and Israel to take over India, in any of the various ways, a nation loses its sovereignty and integrity.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai