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Mumbai Carnage: The final Nail in Mumbai Police’s Coffin – By Amaresh Misra

December 24, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mumbai Carnage: The final Nail in Mumbai Police’s Coffin

By Amaresh Misra

It is 11.41 PM in India on 22nd December 2008 in India. Barely an hour ago, the Mumbai Police have come out with a statement, on the last day of the Indian Parliament, after AR Antulay, the Indian minority affairs minister was getting increasing support from all secular, Left and even BJP backed parties for his questioning of circumstances surrounding Hemant Karkare’s death and demand for a probe into the same.
The Police statement sounds like a Post Mortem report—but it not one, we are told—it is a statement on the kind of bullets Karkare received on his body. The statement says “four bullets were found on Hemant Karkare’s body; none of the four bullets found on Karkare’s body were from a Police weapon; Karkare was shot by terrorists and his death has nothing to do with the Malegaon blast investigations”.
I leave it to readers to draw their conclusions on the cruel joke which the Mumbai Police and the establishment behind it is playing with Indian, Muslim, Hindu and Marathi sentiments. Have you ever heard of a Police statement which explains that `none of the bullets found on Karkare’s body came from a Police weapon?’ And that his death had nothing to do with Malegaon investigations?
This is not a statement. It is a foolish defense—an epic slip of the official whip—of an indefensible truth—that Karkare was indeed killed by a Police weapon and that his death was a direct result of Malegaon Blast investigations.
The establishment—not just the RSS minded forces but also the pro-US, pro-Israel lobby in Congress and other `secular’ parties—seems frightened, especially by the stand taken by Muhammad Salim, the CPI-M MP, who along with Sandeep Dixit of the Congress, gave one of the best speeches in the Parliament when the debate on the Mumbai carnage began. Muhammad Salim is the young, modern face of the Indian Muslim and his coming out in Antulay’s favor was `dangerous’.
I am not drawing this conclusion—it is emerging from reading the Police version backwards, from the perspective of Edgar Allen Poe, Dashiell Hammett and Ibn-e-Safi. Common sense has deserted the Mumbai Police. This if any is God’s justice and nature’s revenge on killers and rapists like Rakesh Maria, the Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police, and surprisingly and shockingly the chief investigator in the Mumbai carnage.
By issuing this statement when only a day is left for Parliament’s winter session, when both Antulay and this author were getting increasing support from ordinary Hindus and Muslims for their `conspiracy theories’, the Mumbai Police has admitted its guilt. If the Indian judicial system fails to punish the Mumbai or whichever Police killed Karkare, then God’s and people’s justice will take over.
The Police statement fails to address the basic questions: who sent Karkare, Salaskar and Kaamte to Cama hospital to get killed? Where is Karkare’s mobile phone? Who is the person he was talking to when his last footage was shown on TV? Why have Karkare’s calls not been traced through the satellite system? Karkare was given Z security—where was the Z security when Karkare went into the field? How can an ATS chief enter into a battle with terrorists without at least a dozen members of his 400 strong ATS team, equipped with semi-automatic weapons? Where was the Mumbai ATS team? There are three versions of the chain of events leading to Karkare’s death—which version is true which false?
Karkare was unveiling the uncomfortable truth that terror has a different side to it; according to Karkare’s investigations into the Malegaon blasts, terrorists did not come merely in the shape of `Muslim’ skull caps or beards or Pathan suits. They could also don the tika and pseudo-Hindu, anti-national, anti-Sanatani, anti-secular saffron robes.
For the first time since Independence, Karkare was not just taking the ever alive RSS backed Hindutva terrorism head on; he was wittingly or unwittingly challenging American and Israeli backed Islamophobia. Karkare was challenging directly CIA and Mossad—people who do not take this seriously, whether or not they believe in any `theory’, are simply dumb.
Imagine the repercussions had Karkare been allowed to go ahead with the full probe on Malegaon investigations. Imagine Praveen Togadia behind bars; imagine Narendra Modi behind bars; imagine even Sudarshan and LK Advani behind bars—above all imagine the nightmare of New York Times, Washington Post, Time magazine, Newsweek, The Economist and all pseudo-liberal newspapers who have gone along and played the American-Israeli game of demonizing Islam and creating the image of the `Islamic terrorist’, only and only because, after the demise of the Soviet Union, Islam is the only ideology left in the world possessing a concept of jihad or dharmayuddhya, i.e. a fight against injustice, and the only barrier in the way of the American-Israeli loot of Asian resources.
Imagine the discomfiture of even the Guardian newspaper for which Arundhati Roy’s generalized, superficially anti-American but pro-western-liberal-Imperialist stance, of a pseudo-girlish `oh-my-God’ kind of horror at dirty Indian realities—realities created by the west, but which the West prefers to look condescendingly at, an attitude Arundhati Roy never questions—is the most comfortable kind of third world liberalism that they can live with.
As the Government of India prepares for war with Pakistan at American-Israeli behest, a small happening, Hemant Karkare’s Post Mortem non-report/report, Mumbai Police’s `forced confession’, is standing in its way.
The battle for India’s souls has just begun—tomorrow do not believe a word of what headlines of leading Indian newspapers will scream. They are dead serious about their lies and half-truths—and they know it.
Just 500 meters away from Nariman House, there is a station of the Grenadier Battalion; it was ready to go into action at 11 PM on 26th November; timely action by this force could have saved hundreds of lives—but this battalion and other army units were not pressed into action till 5or 6 AM after the NSG arrived. Why this deliberate callousness? Who is responsible for these orders? Shouldn’t he or she, or hees and shees, be publicly hanged?
Mumbai Police is one of the strongest bastion, of RSS-underworld-Mossad-US alliance, which uses the ISI and a part of RAW as tools. Sonia Gandhi must realize this before it is too late. These forces killed her husband and her mother-in-law. They will not spare anyone. The CPI-M should also realize that as the Congress fails the historic duty of saving India from disintegration, chaos and fascist/colonial takeover rests on its shoulders. Let all Left, secular and patriotic forces see in the Mumbai carnage the first direct assault Mossad-CIA backed ISI, underworld and Hindutva agents on India’s sovereignty.
For those who do not believe that RSS can use Dawood (now a CIA asset) or Vice versa or that ISI can use RSS or Vice versa, what about Indranesh, an accused in the Malegaon Blast investigations taking Rs 3 Crores from the ISI, something mentioned by Karkare in the Malegaon file?

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December 19, 2008

Indian Express > Front Page >

His words find echo in Muslim fears

Seema Chishti
Posted: Dec 19, 2008 at 0327 hrs IST

New Delhi: • Ex-IFS officer and MP Syed Shahabuddin called Minister for Minority Affairs A R Antulay this morning to congratulate him for “saying the unspeakable.”
• Do you think Antulay was right in his remarks over Karkare’s death? 90% say yes in an online poll by Siasat, the English-language website of India’s second largest Urdu newspaper.

• Mujatba Farooque, political secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami-e-Hind: “Is Karkare Osama that he cannot be praised? He was on the verge of investigating some very powerful people. He got death threats, what’s wrong if one asks for this to be probed?”

As with most other issues, Muslim opinion on Antulay’s remarks isn’t a monolith. Lyricist Javed Akhtar’s Mumbai-based Muslims for Secular Democracy, for example, has urged Antulay to resign immediately calling his remarks “reckless,” giving credence to “ridiculous nonsense.”

But clearly, Antulay’s questioning of Karkare’s death finds an echo in large sections of the Muslim community — from opinion leaders to Urdu press, including Munsif, the largest Urdu newspaper, Siasat, Inquilab and Urdu Times — all raising similar questions.

The reasons aren’t hard to find.

While few in the Muslim community dispute the fact that terrorists from Pakistan carried out the Mumbai attacks, their question mark over Karkare’s death seems to have more to do with what the former ATS chief had come to symbolise for Muslims than the events of the night of November 26.

Central Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah best explains this apparent contradiction. He says that as Karkare died in full public view, it’s wrong to think of his perpetrators being different from those who attacked Mumbai that day.

So why do Antulay’s remarks find a resonance in many Muslims?

“Generally, Muslims have very little faith in police investigations and their claims. So they feel that anybody who stands up for them is susceptible,” says Habibullah.

And then adds: “It’s not as if Karkare’s name had just come up. Even in the aftermath of the 1993 communal riots in Mumbai, his role in trying to restore communal amity was noted by people working there then. His going away appears to snuff out hope that might have been held out for those who saw his investigations into Malegaon and other such cases as fair and off the beaten track.”

This is clearly evident in Shahabuddin’s reaction. “Antulay may not have acted courageously even once in four years,” Shahabuddin told The Indian Express, “but now he has finally found his moment. What’s wrong if a Minister has said something which several people feel may be a possibility? Hemant Karkare ne police ke taur tareeqon ka naqaab ulat diya with his Maelgaon investigation. He was getting threats from the Hindutva brigade till the last day of his life. So should that not be factored into investigations? It is likely that a group of killers was chasing him, and killed him, or ensured that he got shot at the first opportunity. Or should all possibilities that don’t fit in with a predetermined answer be ruled out?”

Karkare’s investigations into Malegaon and other related cases, say Muslim opinion leaders, were seen as a “breath of fresh air” and unusual “even-handedness” by a community which sees the Indian police as still prejudiced and predictable in who it implicates. Karkare’s death, therefore, emerged as a focus to express this.

Shahabuddin, who recently quit the Congress to join the Janata Dal (U), says he is drafting a “brief” letter to the Prime Minister urging him to ensure that the cases Karkare was looking at, get the same attention now that he’s gone.

Says Mujatba Farooque, political secretary of the Jamaat-e-Islami-e-Hind: “Karkare was a great man, what Muslims feel is that if anybody dares to think out of the box and work like a professional investigator, his life is not safe, that’s the message to the police.” Farooque says BJP’s Narendra Modi jumped in with the offer of Rs 1 crore for the police officers when he died but when “Karkare was alive, they were saying all kinds of things about him.”

For Zafar-ul-Islam Khan, of the Majlis-e-Mushawarat, criticism of Antulay is misplaced. “Why does our democracy seem so fragile? If Shabana Azmi (who recently spoke about prejudice while renting homes for Muslims) or now Antulay give voice to something which sizeable sections experience in their daily lives, what’s wrong? If we are criminals and violent, punish us but why are these boundaries drawn of what is the acceptable view and what cannot be said? What’s wrong if we wonder about the circumstances around how Karkare, the man who dared touch the hot potato, suddenly loses his life?”