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May 8, 2009

Friday, May 08, 2009




It is no secret that Taliban is the creation of the US and PAK-ISI. Still the US senator Richard Lugar, who is the co-author of the bill with Sen. John Kerry to extend a 15 billion dollar package for Pakistan, is either naïve or trying to fool American public by asking, the connection between ISI and Taliban. In the same press conference, attended by the visiting Presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan, a call was made for India to help out. If Indian authorities are alert and listening, they can easily make out that India is being dragged by both US and Pakistan in this never ending imbroglio to become a convenient scapegoat at later stage, on one pretext or other. Besides involving our forces into any such spurious exercise, India is bound to lose its global prestige with non-aligned people as well as Muslim world. With Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, a widely believed to be a US sympathiser, openly professing his love for Bush, there is an imminent danger, that he will bow to US pressure. There is only a 50/50 chance of Congress with Manmohan Singh coming to power after May 16 results. To take into account this phenomenon, the Congress government may rush in, as in the case of Quattrocchi, to give the US what it demands. Since Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi is supporting the UPA government from out side, it too will bear the responsibility of any hasty decision on entanglement in US-led AFPAK war that could have serious repercussion on India and its own integrity, security and social stability. People and political parties, therefore should be alert to see that no far-reaching irreversible commitment by this lame-duck administration is made, to the detriment of the coming generations.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


September 16, 2008



September 15, 2008

New Delhi


Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh,


The blasts in Delhi (September 12, 2008) are another in the series of tragic blasts in which scores of people have been killed. We strongly condemn the blasts and demand a proper, unbiased investigation into the same. We demand that the guilty be punished. At the same time it seems that our investigating agencies are ignoring some thing very crucial in the matters of investigating the acts of terror.


The acts of terror have been occurring and Home Ministry is watching helplessly. While the current investigation is totally focused around SIMI, many an alleged culprits have been put behind the bars, despite which now some unknown entity Indian Mujahideen seems to have been projected as being responsible for the current ones. At the same time another stark truth is being deliberately sidelined and undermined. And that relates to the blasts done by Bajrang Dal and Hindu Jagran Samiti. We fail to understand as to why the investigation authorities are turning a blind eye to some of the well established facts.


1. In a serious case of blasts in Nanded in April 2006 two Bajarang Dal workers died when making bombs. Similar incidents of bomb blasts were witnessed in many places around that time, Parabhani, Jalna and Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Most of these were in front of the mosques. The Nanded investigation ‘leads’ were not followed. On the contrary the investigation in that direction was not pursued at all. The attitude of police in this investigation has been totally lax. Social activists made the complaint about this to Human Rights commission. The commission summoned the Superintendent of police, Nanded, in its hearing held on 17thJune. The SP failed to turn up for hearing! There seems to be a deliberate cover up of this important finding of Maharashtra Anti terrorist Squad. ATS did investigate the links of the dead with Bajrang Dal, an RSS affiliate. At the same time the injured were visited in the hospital by the top brass of local BJP and associates. Local BJP MP told the police not to harass those related to the culprits in the wake of the Bajrang Dal involvement in the bomb making. In Nanded, ATS also found fake moustache and pajama kurta, the idea being that the culprits will dress like a Muslim while doing these black deeds.


2. A bomb blast took place at the RSS office at Tenkasi, in the Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu on January 24. After a thorough investigation, the Tamilnadu Police had arrested 7 persons belonging to Sangh Parivar outfits. They had confessed that they indulged in this terror act to instigate the local Hindu population against the Muslims.


On further investigation, the Tamilnadu Police arrested Siva Alias Sivanandam, who is the General Secretary of Hindu Munnani at Kadayanallur, a neighbouring town of Tenkasi. Formed in 1980, Hindu Munnani is a frontal organisation of Sangh Parivar operating in Tamilnadu.


Siva, who has earlier worked in quarries in the neighboring state of Kerala had supplied the ammonium nitrate and other raw materials for preparing the bombs.


3. The bombs which exploded in Gadkari Rangayatan on 4th June 2008 injured seven people. Again Maharashtra Anti Terrorist Squad succeeded in nabbing the culprits. The culprits were part of Hindu Janjagaran Samiti (HJS), an outfit of Sanatana Ashram in Panvel. These culprits were also involved in other blasts, in Vashi, Panvel and Ratnagiri. We have not heard anything about the further tracing of this very important lead.


4. On 24th August, in Kanpur two Bajrang Dal workers died while making bombs. Rajiv alias Piyush Mishra and Bhupinder Singh were killed while making crude bombs on Sunday afternoon.


On 25th August, Monday, police recovered some crude hand grenades, lead oxide, red lead, potassium nitrate, bomb pins, timers and batteries from the spot, inside a hostel in Kalyanpur area of Kanpur, about 80 km from Lucknow. No further investigation, why?


Every time there is a bomb blast immediately the agencies and the media declare that it is done by some Muslim organization without any proof. Hundreds of innocent young boys are picked up, what follows are illegal detentions, torture, arrests, harassment of families, forcing the families and victims to sign blank papers. For years these helpless victims are tortured in jails, denied legal aid, even lawyers who try and fight their cases are attacked openly in courts. Their images tarnished for life time. If they are lucky they get let off after years as neither the agencies or the police have any proof against them. The cacophony of stricter laws rises so that a police can extract a confession by third degree torture and present that as evidence.  Through this systematic vilification campaign the process of demonization of minorities continued unabated.


If we look at the timing of the terror attacks it is very clear that one and only one political outfit is gaining from it and that is Sangh. With their eyes on the central government their agenda of polarizing the voter is going ahead successfully.


On the other hand there are constant attacks on minorities on one pretext or another. Orissa thousands of Christians have been attacked, rendered homeless, their homes ransacked and looted and burnt down, churches attacked and even orphanages are not left alone.


Karnataka a similar picture is emerging. We have personally briefed very senior people in the government and the Congress party about the Karnataka situation and that it might explode but nothing was done and we have seen what has happened yesterday.


While we write to you now, the police are firing at Muslims in Yakutpura in Vadodara. Yesterday during the Ganpati procession a local dargah was broken down and shops of Muslims looted and ransacked. Already one boy has died and many are injured.

Last few days the only Muslim village Nandepeda in the Dangs, Gujarat has been attacked, ransacked. Villagers have been beaten up brutally including women and children. All men have fled to the jungles. The police not only took away all the goods but before going they poured kerosene into the eatable good so that they could not eat anything too. A proposed VHP rally today was stopped after spending 4 hours on the phone and pressuring various police departments. 


UPA had formed the National Integration Council under tremendous pressure. The first agenda papers which were prepared, if you remember, were highly communal and objectionable. A number of us had raised it during the meeting and the Home Minister had replied’ treat them as scrap’ in your presence. Probably the Home Minister realized that people like us were too uncomfortable to have in the NIC, who would raise these questions. The NIC was never convened again. It was supposed to meet every six months.


The country unfortunately has been given on a platter to the Sangh and the government looks helplessly in providing security to ordinary citizens whether they are victims of terror attacks or victims of the constant attacks by the Sangh Parivar’s various outfits.


We hope you will intervene and question why are such clear cases of involvement of RSS affiliates in terror attacks being ignored. It seems the investigating authorities deliberately want to cover up the role of RSS affiliates in these acts of terror. Can the real truth behind the dastardly acts come out without properly investigating these incidents, where the culprits’ involvement is very clear? We urge upon you to instruct the investigating authorities to pursue the investigation in an unbiased, honest and professional manner. The life of innocent citizens is at stake and such irresponsible cover will definitely prevent the real truth from coming out. For the sake of fairness, honesty and the values of our constitution, we need to pursue these cases in their logical direction.


Can we look forward to you, Mr. Prime Minister to make your Government to rise above partisan attitude and unravel the truth behind the blasts which are rocking the country in a painful way?





Shabnam Hashmi, Member, National Integration Council

Ram Puniyani, Social Activist, and writer

DON’T LET SIMI GO – By Ghulam Muhammed

August 21, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008




According to a front page report in Mumbai’s Inquilab Urdu daily, there is a definite connection between the Supreme Court case hearing and UPA Government’s counter affidavit against SIMI’s exoneration by the Unlawful Activities tribunal. People were bewildered less by the sweep of the arrests of so-called SIMI activists on the suspicions of being involved in the recent Ahmedabad and Surat explosions, but more by the timing of the depth and sweep of media coverage of the mass arrests, giving out so many details on each and every person supposedly involved in the crime. Pages on pages in The Times of India were blackened on the details written out by their own staff. The whole media preparation that has gone into the project is mind-boggling.


As in the case of the now infamous Arushi murder case, the jugalbandi between Police authorities, this time of various states remarkably cooperating with each other for the ‘national cause’ of demonizing Muslims and the very obliging media lapping up the extensive material supplied by the investigating agencies. None of the media editors bothered to check if the media sentencing of innocents and character assassination of whole community on the basis of a few ‘usual suspects’ arbitrarily picked up by police with big hoopla, without any proof and without any authority to denigrate them, is entirely legal. In fact, in strict judicial terms, with such an organised adverse publicity by the media, the whole case against SIMI in court can be thrown out as mistrial.


The time has come when trial by media should stop.


The other strange fact is that with so much information with the investigating agencies on the supposed culprits, how the alleged criminals were able, or allowed to go through with their nefarious plans, if any.


Now, the cat is out of the bag.


A strong feeling among the dissenting people, whose majorities are getting greater and greater by the hour, is that UPA government, under pressure from their own internal extremist Muslim-haters and for consolidation of their own Hindu Vote Bank, have organised this farce of a grand drama of using summary arrests of so-called SIMI terrorist, so that their case with the Supreme Court, could be successfully processed.


The simpletons are under the impression that the august Supreme Court will be as gullible as the Media, to accept all summary charges made by the investigating agencies and stay the lifting of the ban of SIMI as a student organisation working within Muslim community.


If Supreme Court has the recent Arushi case under observation, where both police and media had gone on a frenzy of spreading concocted stories about the whole murder scenarios, the recent hoopla organised through the medium of pliant media by the UPA government, will fall on its face.


The most glaring aspect of the whole UPA imbroglio is that their own coalition partners, all non-Brahmins, like Lalu Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav, and Ram Vilas Paswan are openly questioning the unjustified arrests and demonisation of SIMI. The stark division between Brahmins and non-Brahmins in the political circles over the subject has never been so public.


It is time Prime Minister should gather courage and stand by the truth.


You can fool some of the people some of the time. Not all of the people all of the time.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai



July 15, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008





In the run up to a confidence vote on the survival of UPA coalition government in India, the whole record of Prime Minister’s a decade old performance seem to be reaching a point of climax, when he gets to sign the final deal of civilian nuclear deal with the US administration, head by the lame duck US President, George W. Bush.


At this stage, it will be proper, nay incumbent on all who care for India, its freedom, integrity, its future prosperity, be they the politicians, media people or common well-wisher to read and absorb, the contents of the New York Times bestseller book: Confessions of an economic hit man, written by John Perkins and published in 2004. It is not a fiction novel. In fact, it is the true story of a flesh and blood individual who had a live conscience to expose the most heinous criminal policies widely practiced by his own country, the USA.


Like our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, John Perkins, too was an economic expert, though the career and mission of both seem to be overlapping, at least at first look. The standard pattern of US strategies to control and exploit victimized nation, may differ from country to country and given different parameters of American interest involved.


But the fact that India is a target nation and with due respect to our Prime Minister’s commitment to his nation and its people and the future of the whole subcontinent, he is probably unaware that he is a prime candidate for the epitaph of an American Hit Man in India, once the role of assessing his career goes to the current or future historians.


An account in WIKIPEDIA writes:



Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (ISBN 0-452-28708-1) is a book written by John Perkins and published in 2004. It tells the story of his career with consulting firm Chas. T. Main.

Before employment with the firm, he interviewed for a job with the National Security Agency (NSA). Perkins claims that this interview effectively constituted an independent screening which led to his subsequent hiring by Einar Greve, a member of the firm (and alleged NSA liaison) to become a self-described “Economic Hit Man.”


According to his book, Perkins’ function was to convince the political and financial leadership of underdeveloped countries to accept enormous development loans from institutions like the World Bank and USAID. Saddled with huge debts they could not hope to pay, these countries were forced to acquiesce to political pressure from the United States on a variety of issues. Perkins argues in his book that developing nations were effectively neutralized politically, had their wealth gaps driven wider and economies crippled in the long run. In this capacity Perkins recounts his meetings with some prominent individuals, including Graham Greene and Omar Torrijos. Perkins describes the role of an EHM as follows:


Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other foreign “aid” organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet’s natural resources. Their tools included fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization.


The epilogue to the 2006 edition provides a rebuttal to the current move by the G8 nations to forgive Third World debt. Perkins charges that the proposed conditions for this debt forgiveness require countries to sell their health, education, electric, water and other public services to corporations. Those countries would also have to discontinue subsidies and trade restrictions that support local business, but accept the continued subsidization of certain G8 businesses by the US and other G8 countries, and the erection of trade barriers on imports that threaten G8 industries.


Controversy and criticism


Perkins’s first boss at Chas. T. Main, Einar Greve, initially declared to journalists that “basically [Perkins’s] story is true” and that “what John’s book says is, there was a conspiracy to put all these countries on the hook, and that happened.” [1] Subsequently, he denied Perkins’s allegation that he ever worked as a liaison with the NSA and contradicted other claims made in Perkins’s book, stating that Perkins “has convinced himself that a lot of this stuff is true.”[1] Perkins comments on Greve’s change of heart in the “Epilogue” of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.” He points out that Greve initially supported the truth of the book, only to switch his opinion several months later. Perkins suggests that Greve was pressured by outside forces to denounce the book as false.


Some of the book’s critics have questioned whether Perkins makes a significant contribution to the debate on global finance and the development of the Third World. For instance, columnist Mark Engler of In These Times, has written that “the actual content of Perkins’ admissions proves distressingly thin.”[2]

According to the New York Times, “the book’s popularity seems driven more by the mix of cloak-and-dagger atmospherics and Mr. Perkins’s Damascene conversion” than by insight into “the larger issue of America’s role in emerging economies.”[3]


Columnist Sebastian Mallaby of the Washington Post reacted sharply to Perkins’ book [4]: “This man is a frothing conspiracy theorist, a vainglorious peddler of nonsense, and yet his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, is a runaway bestseller.” Mallaby, who spent 13 years writing for the London Economist and wrote a critically well-received biography of World Bank chief James Wolfensohn,[2] holds that Perkins’ conception of international finance is “largely a dream” and that his “basic contentions are flat wrong.”[4] For instance he points out that Indonesia reduced its infant mortality and illiteracy rates by two-thirds after economists persuaded its leaders to borrow money in 1970. He also disputes Perkins’ claim that 51 of the top 100 world economies belong to companies. A value-added comparison done by the UN, he says, shows the number to be 29.


Other sources, including articles in the New York Times and Boston Magazine, as well as a press release issued by the United States Department of State, have referred to a lack of documentary or testimonial evidence to corroborate the claim that the NSA was involved in his hiring to Chas T. Main. In addition, the author of the State Department release states that the NSA “is a cryptological (codemaking and codebreaking) organization, not an economic organization” and that its missions do not involve “anything remotely resembling placing economists at private companies in order to increase the debt of foreign countries.”[5]


Critics, including Sebastian Mallaby and the State Department, have also referred to public remarks Perkins has made, as well as previously published books. His published works include books about South American tribal culture that deal with shamanistic techniques for creating self-empowerment, techniques to enhance health and longevity, as well as first hand accounts of metaphysical “travelling” through visions & dream wanderings.[3] Mark Engler questions Perkins’s “New Age leanings,” and accuses him of “delving into a type of essentialism that, thankfully, has been long banished from university anthropology departments.”


The State Department release refers to a presentation at a bookstore, where Perkins allegedly asserted that the US Government was involved in the assassinations of John and Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon and several US senators who died in plane crashes, and expressed concern regarding alleged inconsistencies in the US investigation of the events surrounding the September 11 attacks of 2001. The State Department release therefore identifies Perkins as a conspiracy theorist. In the book, however, Perkins repeatedly emphasizes that the dynamics he describes are systemic and specifically not the result of conspiracy:


“Although unconscious, deceived, and—in many cases—self-deluded, these players were not members of any clandestine conspiracy; rather, they were the product of a system that promotes the most subtle and effective form of imperialism the world has ever witnessed.”



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—– —– —– —– —–


The game plan for the Economic Hit Man, is clear. He/She has to work for the US with an agenda, which can never be a win-win situation for both, the US and the victim country; in our case: India. India has to lose for the US to win. The whole façade of helping out India has to be looked into seriously by neutral observers in India, who do not hold brief for special interests.


The time is of essence and now that the signing of the strategic partnership agreement with the US has become the benchmark for the very survival of the ruling coalition government, the priority of saving of the government has become an automatic approval of the controversial deal with the US.


Such railroading of complicated issues must be stopped and politicians who are now more concerned about the sharing of power, should be made aware of the sinister nature of US economic hegemony over India, as a client state. And this is nothing to do with ideology, religion, region, ethnicity, caste and class. If the nation suffers, everybody suffers.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai





July 12, 2008


Saturday, July 12, 2008




The instant CPI (M)’s senior politburo member, M. K. Pandhe, came out with his warning to Samajwadi Party against joining the Man Mohan Singh bandwagon, lest they lose their ‘Muslim voters’ in the coming elections, both media and politicians of the pseudo-secular joined forces with the Hindutva parivar to treat the use of the very ‘word’ Muslim as communal, if not high treason.


The very next day both ‘The Times of India’ and ‘The Indian Express’ editorials were seething with anger over the gross indiscretion of Marxist leader to bring in Muslim factor in national discourse. It would appear as if the 150 million Muslims of India have no stake, no voice, no concern with their own country’s most vital interests and the selling of their countries freedom and independence to a bunch of notorious foreign powers, whose designs on weaker nations is too obvious to be so callously ignored, while ill-advised leaders of Sonia Congress are pushing the nation into a future of wars and strife.


It is regrettable that under the force of such adverse communal demonizing of potential Muslim role in Indian politics, some Ulema groups went defensive and declared that ‘we Muslims’ do not have anything to do with the government decision on Indo-US nuclear deal. That is the power of aggressive communal propaganda. However, saner minds started questioning the line of argument, as if being Muslim in India was some crime and to push any line of thinking by Muslims, even with best of interest of their nation at heart is communal and anti-national. Indian Muslims are full citizens of this beloved nation of India and have every right to hold and give their own independent opinion on national affairs, with whatever degree of clout they can muster to freely influence democratic political decision making.


As a matter of fact, Muslims do have a very important role to develop their own line of thinking, in as much as they find that the ‘Hindutva’ line of thinking developed over the time has been markedly tainted with communal and anti-Muslim content. The Hindutva Brahminical adopting of Israel and America, as their preferred partners, has been motivated primarily as a reaction to their animosity to Muslims. The choice of Israel as the new supplier of security and intelligence products to India was primarily made as a reaction to the internal anti-Muslim propaganda unleashed by the communal Hindutva forces. Israel as an enemy of Muslim Arab is the most suitable ally of the Hindutva and Brahminical worldview. There are no other merits needed as long as Israel remains a sworn enemy of the Muslim Arabs. India’s skewed foreign policy, keeping the Arab world at arms lengths at the cost of even India’s most vital economic interests, is directly motivated by ‘hate Muslim’ content of India’s internal politics.


Just this week, the most audacious suicide attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul is proof enough that the foreign affair policy makers are heavily under pressure from the US and its allies, to push India into a very dangerous area of civil war that India cannot hope to come out unscathed. The quagmire of Afghanistan and its border with Pakistan is sure to drag India into a future of constant upheaval. Indian administration cannot fool the people, by giving out all manner of concocted good face on its ‘constructive’ engagement in Afghanistan.


Indian people are not geared for any misadventure of the international kind on its borders, in which the Manmohan Singh Government is dragging it, under US and Israeli prodding. The very Idea of India is against such foreign misadventures and is certainly against the very ethos of Indian society.


In practical terms, India is not ready for another Kandahar like exchange of terrorists with its citizens in war zones of US operations, and sooner or later, most probably sooner than later, Indian government will realize the folly of succumbing to US pressures to increase its exposure in Afghanistan and will be forced by events to withdraw from the war torn area.


Regrettably, the hallmark of Manmohan Singh government is to make private deals that could mortgage India’s long term future, its freedom and independence to foreign imperialist forces whose historical record, immediate past and immediate present, leaves no doubt that India will be eventually mauled very severely by its association with the western warmongers.


Those who have even a rudimentary grasp of world affairs cannot ignore the stark fact that there is a serious fault line between US/Israel/UK with their reluctant NATO partners on the one side and the rest of world that includes Russia, China and India on the other side.


America and Israel’s relentless and unceasing efforts to subjugate rest of nations that happen to populate between the so-called East and West, and make an eventual move against China in particular, will certainly force a fence-sitting India to choose between West and East, through applying means fair and foul, and through carrot and stick strategies.


The present government and even the whole of political class, so deeply mired in political corruption of loot of national wealth, is hardly seized of the natural and most obvious consequences of any teaming up with the US/Israel/UK axis, much less interested in taking the people of India into any confidence.


The abuse of executive powers by both BJP and Sonia Congress to rush head over heels to conclude a strategic partnership with the warmongering imperial forces, is a clear sign that this government will not bother to debate the issues in public forums and seek the express approval of the people of India, to such monumental paradigm shift in independent India’s blind commitment to war games of the US/Israel/UK.


In fact, India is being hijacked by an oligarchy of Brahminical overlords that treat rest of people of India, including Muslims as their vassals.


It is this arrogance of power that had forced the media and various political groups to be incensed at the very mention of a ‘Muslim’ view on India’s dealings with the US.


There certainly seems to be a conspiracy to silence Muslims of India to raise any voice against the rape of their country. Muslims had fought the first wars of independence by shedding blood in all theaters of engagements and it is natural that they will be called upon to fight another war of independence to free the India of the future from the stranglehold of the neo-imperialists.


So those who treat Muslim role as communalizing India’s foreign policies are themselves playing communal games that are blinding them from consequences of sleeping with the enemy that is stalking our national sovereignty and integrity. Muslims should be proud to be part of the alliance that opposes the wholesale subjugation of our nation. Though the Left has its own political reasons to oppose selling of India to foreigners, in as much as they are boldly and courageously exposing the almost dictatorial and herd mentality of the opportunist political groups, they are saviors of the nation.


The move to offer strategic partnership to India is fraught with deception and fraud. India should not trust America, Israel and UK axis, as they are all out to strictly follow the neo-con blueprint of shaping a New World Order, that has no place for India except as a mercenary power base to offer the blood of its Jawans to fight proxy war on behalf of the Axis conspirators.


Some Urdu language commentators had tried to make out that Muslims are only wary of President Bush and not averse to America as a nation. These analysts are oblivious to the ground realities prevailing in the US, where the neo-con American Jews have fully laid down long term US foreign policy parameters and departure of Bush would not change the essence of imperialist nature of America’s relationship with other nations. There may be change of style with the new US administrations, but the content will remain as antagonist and exploitative as the Neo-Con laid out plans for New American Century. Its recommended use of American fire power, in conjunction with its allies will remain unchanged. It will be great folly for the victims to try to search for the some chink in the armor of their tormentors and lay back. Indian people should be made aware of the notorious nature of US and Israel designs on India and it will be the duty of Indian Muslims, that they should speak out, even at the cost of their being branded as communal, as long as their line of thinking saves the nation from a calamitous future.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai