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December 2, 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


1. Why Indian government did not follow up so many intelligence warnings and leads about the ‘planned’ terrorist attack on Mumbai? (Remember the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee had declared publicly at Sharad Pawar’s birthday bash at Mumbai race-course grounds, that he has intelligence information about a terrorist attack on Parliament; just a day or two before that Parliament attack. Why he did not stop the attack and instead let the terrorists run their course?)

2. Why Times of India did not publish a report carried in its own sister publication: Maharashtra Times that the terrorist who killed Hemant Karkare and attacked Cama hospital, were speaking in fluent Marathi.

3. Why Ratan Tata was so dismissive of advance anti-terrorist measures, when he told CNN Sunday that the enhanced measures were later eased and, in any case, “could not have stopped what took place.” Why such a vast difference between the public and the elites over the mass killings?

4. Do Ratan Tata and Gujarat’s Narendra Modi have joint plans to undermine Maharashtra’s economic status?

5. Why Shaheed ATS chief Hemant Karkare’s widow refused Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s posthumous reward of one crore rupees? Is it to highlight Sangh Parivar’s demonisation of Hemant Karkare’s role in his legitimate enquiries in Malegaon bomb blast? What the Sangh Parivar had to hide? Will Chidambaram take over from where Karkare left? Will Chidambaram show the same professional integrity or absolve the Sanghi terrorists one by one to cater to the political demands on the beleaguered Congress?

6. Why India has first spurned the offer of Israeli help and has now succumbed to accept the offer of US and Israeli covert agencies? What are Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s constraints? Why the West is crowding India?

7. Why the British nationalities of some of the Mumbai terrorists are not highlighted by Indian media. Why the Kashmiri origin of the British terrorists has been superimposed by their ‘Pakistani’ identity? Are British Kashmiris forcing their government to move on Kashmir settlement?

8. With so much intelligence information with the US, British and Israel, why their top leaders did not visit India to shake up Indian leadership? Why are they now trooping in with post-attack plans to sell India their expensive prescriptions? Is there any method to this madness?

9. Is a solution on Kashmir to be hammered out and forced on India?

10. With India’s parliamentary elections not far off, is a ‘regime change’ operation underway by outside powers?

11. When will the Indian establishment be confident enough to discard its anti-Muslim crutches that sustains it modus vivendi?

12. Will Indian democracy ever empower the vast disenfranchised majority and snatch power from the oligarchs of the minority of high caste Hindus? Has the Mumbai terror attack united the nation or merely strengthened the stranglehold of the oligarchs?

Arushi and SIMI – By Ghulam Muhammed

August 28, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Arushi and SIMI


Arushi and SIMI, thanks to media, have become household names in India. However, there is a strange link between the two, which will escape a cursory reader. Both became national issues, due to the peculiar state of affairs prevalent in India, giving unfettered liberty to both, police and media to impinge on the rights of the common people.


Arushi, was the unfortunate young girl, murdered in her own house. Police and media played havoc with the investigation of the murder case, filing public pronouncements by the hour. As they changed the fictitious scenarios about whodunit, they kept changing the culprits. The whole nation was glued to their TV screens, being fed with most outlandish crime stories spun on the bare facts of the case. Police even arrested Arushi’s father. Her whole family came under outrageous defamatory description of their supposedly lurid lifestyle, pairing male and female characters in so many mind-boggling permutation and combination, that ordinary people had nothing but abject hatred for the whole group of people picked up by the police.


Within days, there was a media backlash, both against the police and against erring media, when analysts wrote article after article, condemning their own fraternity, in organising a ‘trial by media’ frenzy, that had no relevance to the rule of law, by which our nations stands.


Thanks to the Arushi case, judges in courts did come out with generalized rulings against such travesty of laws. However, the government kept its silence, as if it all hardly concerned it.


A similar case can be made out about SIMI. The demonic avatar of SIMI was deliberately created by a conspiracy by two non-Congress Hindutva protagonists for political expediency. They were not satisfied with the ongoing demonisation of Muslims, on which their political stakes were based. By denigrating everything Muslim and Islamic, they tried to build up their Hindu vote bank.


To compound the misery, the Leftist too joined the bandwagon by scaring the Muslim community about the most terrifying backlash by ‘the Hindu extremists’. The Leftists/Communists posed as secular friends of the Muslims, but in fact, had chosen the scare-tactic as the best means to demoralize the Muslim vote bank and claim their allegiance and trust.


This strange jugalbandi between the so-called secular Left and the Hindutva Right, all concentrating on the biggest problem that the nation is supposed to face, has left the people most confused.


Instead of exposing the real culprits of these scare-mongering games, the politicians from both Right and Left seem to be hand in glove in demonizing of Muslims, by every means possible, every opportunity at their command. It is the politicians, who are the motivating factor in police, investigating agencies and media, all indulging in fictionalising the real life, in a heady abandon, without any fear whatsoever of any accountability.


They are hardly aware of the dire consequences of their speedy slide into a fascist society, where India will eventually be left gasping for air of freedom and sanity.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai