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India as a Neutral Power

May 26, 2008




Monday, May 26, 2008



India as a Neutral Power



As this juncture of a virtual flux and realignment of different power sectors around the world in the dying days of Bush presidency, mainly caused by Bush acts of commission and omission, damaging his own country, its world power and grudging world acceptance of the US as the sole super power status, India is at the threshold of assuming a very crucial and positive role in world politics, especially when matters focus around ‘foreign interventions in the internal affairs’ of troubled nations. India’s credentials as a big country, when compared to US, UK, NATO, UN’s present low ratings in world acceptability as honest brokers in areas of world conflicts, opens for India an important window to dug deep into its own peace ethos and use the trust of smaller countries around the world, to help in maintaining world peace.




It is heartening, that even without Indian leadership’s any conscious overt or covert attempt to take up such a role of an honest broker or unbiased mediator, India’s name is cropping up at various junctures, as a country worthy of trust and goodwill.


Indian leadership should take this natural phenomenon with humility and dedication and built on it to carve for India a role that is the most anguished cry of the beleaguered world.





Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai