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Arushi and SIMI – By Ghulam Muhammed

August 28, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Arushi and SIMI


Arushi and SIMI, thanks to media, have become household names in India. However, there is a strange link between the two, which will escape a cursory reader. Both became national issues, due to the peculiar state of affairs prevalent in India, giving unfettered liberty to both, police and media to impinge on the rights of the common people.


Arushi, was the unfortunate young girl, murdered in her own house. Police and media played havoc with the investigation of the murder case, filing public pronouncements by the hour. As they changed the fictitious scenarios about whodunit, they kept changing the culprits. The whole nation was glued to their TV screens, being fed with most outlandish crime stories spun on the bare facts of the case. Police even arrested Arushi’s father. Her whole family came under outrageous defamatory description of their supposedly lurid lifestyle, pairing male and female characters in so many mind-boggling permutation and combination, that ordinary people had nothing but abject hatred for the whole group of people picked up by the police.


Within days, there was a media backlash, both against the police and against erring media, when analysts wrote article after article, condemning their own fraternity, in organising a ‘trial by media’ frenzy, that had no relevance to the rule of law, by which our nations stands.


Thanks to the Arushi case, judges in courts did come out with generalized rulings against such travesty of laws. However, the government kept its silence, as if it all hardly concerned it.


A similar case can be made out about SIMI. The demonic avatar of SIMI was deliberately created by a conspiracy by two non-Congress Hindutva protagonists for political expediency. They were not satisfied with the ongoing demonisation of Muslims, on which their political stakes were based. By denigrating everything Muslim and Islamic, they tried to build up their Hindu vote bank.


To compound the misery, the Leftist too joined the bandwagon by scaring the Muslim community about the most terrifying backlash by ‘the Hindu extremists’. The Leftists/Communists posed as secular friends of the Muslims, but in fact, had chosen the scare-tactic as the best means to demoralize the Muslim vote bank and claim their allegiance and trust.


This strange jugalbandi between the so-called secular Left and the Hindutva Right, all concentrating on the biggest problem that the nation is supposed to face, has left the people most confused.


Instead of exposing the real culprits of these scare-mongering games, the politicians from both Right and Left seem to be hand in glove in demonizing of Muslims, by every means possible, every opportunity at their command. It is the politicians, who are the motivating factor in police, investigating agencies and media, all indulging in fictionalising the real life, in a heady abandon, without any fear whatsoever of any accountability.


They are hardly aware of the dire consequences of their speedy slide into a fascist society, where India will eventually be left gasping for air of freedom and sanity.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai



Javed Anand’s ideologically driven diatribe against SIMI

August 17, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Javed Anand’s ideologically driven diatribe against SIMI



Of course! It is a question of law



By Ghulam Muhammed



It is one thing to be factually correct. It’s altogether another thing to be ideologically driven. Javed Anand’s diatribe titled: ‘Suspect SIMI? Of course’ — published by The Indian Express, on Saturday, August 16, 2008 seeks life beyond law.


At that level, what is a difference between a religiously driven SIMI and a Leftist fighting a war in the name of Karl Marx, denigrating everything that goes under the umbrella of religion, the supposed ‘opium of the masses’.


If religion is the opium of the masses, anti-religious Marxism too is a heady brew that saps the intellectual faculties of even the most sensible people.


The key sentence that gives out Javed Anand’s subterranean insecurity goes like this: “But is it merely a question of law?”


Of course! It is a question of law.


India as a nation is a legal construct. It is based on law. If you have to find life beyond law, you are on a very shaky territory.


In fact, Javed Anand’s frustration over his gross inability to interpret the law of land by sanctifying the terms ‘secularism and democracy’, in the mould of Marxist logic, while neatly bypassing and ignoring the constitutional fundamental rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech in drawing up a charge-sheet against SIMI, is so apparent, that it is surprising, he is so unaware that his slip is showing.


Secularism in Indian context does not stand for the denial of religion. India is not a replica of the erstwhile Soviet Russia, where the communist dictators had destroyed and/or closed down all churches and mosques. For over seventy years, people of faith had to undergo endless pogroms, purges, banishments, not to mention the ghastly gulag existence. India’s secularism has to be defined by its deeply ingrained religious ethos.


Javed Anand is ready to accommodate Mulayam Singh and Lalu Prasad, for their support of SIMI, when he writes that ‘Mulayam Singh and Lalu Prasad’s welcoming of the lifting of the ban on SIMI can be explained away in terms of vote bank politics. Why should he begrudge if mainstream Muslims too have welcomed lifting of the ban on SIMI. Are Muslims not entitled to be part of vote bank politics, just because they are Muslims?


Banning of SIMI, was a motivated political exercise, by the Hindutva extremists/opportunist of the ilk of the then Home Minister, L. K. Advani and the then Maharashtra State home minister, Chhagan Bhujbal, an old Shiv Sena protagonist. It was a grand conspiracy to consolidate Hindu vote bank, around demonizing of Muslims, by choosing a suitable candidate to focus on and by implication demonise the entire 150 million Muslims of India. Evidently, this too would be generously treated by Javed Anand, as merely vote bank politics!


Of course, there were hotheads in SIMI, as there are in every grouping, including the Marxists and the Hindutvadis. But the law cannot be so applied that it cannot stand judicial scrutiny. If on presentation of facts, the court is not convinced that SIMI is guilty as charged, why should Muslims not rejoice in being liberated from the conspiracy of the Hindu extremists?


The real problem for Javed Anand stems from his pretentious posturing of becoming the voice of the Muslims. His frustration at witnessing crowds of 20,000 to 200,000 gathering at public meetings called by religious figures is quite understandable. He fails to understand the real pain of the Muslims. Given proper interaction, even a maverick like Mamta Bannerjee could gather a mind-boggling crowd of 400,000 Muslims in the heart of a cosmopolitan city like Kolkata. But you cannot strip the Muslim of his religious identity and hope to achieve leadership of a neutered crowd.


The very fact, that Indian Express has published Javed Anand’s article denouncing SIMI, is proof enough that he is sleeping with the enemy. Let him write a similar diatribe against RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and get it published in Indian Express, or Times of India, or even in the new avatar of ‘The Hindu’, if he is rooting for non-discriminatory justice. That will show him the limits of his journalistic prowess, if any. His ability to get published by a mainstream English broadsheet on Muslim-bashing shows how far he is treated by the media, as not with the mainstream Muslims. The mainstream media is merely using his mixed Muslim name (Javed Akhtar + Anand) to carry on their commercial commitment to demonizing of Muslims. Muslims would rather be vicitmised than become beholden to dubious benefactors with ulterior motives.  



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai




July 18, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008








The political turmoil rocking India around the debate on Indo-US civilian nuclear deal, 123 and Hyde Act and the very survival of current coalition government, has suddenly brought out the actual or presumed role of Indian Muslims in general and Muslim voters in particular, in view of the imminent Parliamentary elections, as the main bone of contention between secular and supposedly non-secular forces.




Reviews after reviews, lining up of Muslim voices, editorials and daily bytes on TV channels, does through up a dilemma for Indian Muslims, if this is for the real. However, the national debate around the participation of Muslims as tilting the balance on one side or other, is the result of changing times and the acute polarization within the non-Muslim majority that had publicly marginalized and thrown the 150 million Muslims of India to the dust bin of Indian history and is now forced to court the Muslims as it is apparent they do have a major role to play both, by their verdict on any extension of relations with the US and Israel and by their mass voting potential, as and when the next Parliamentary Elections are held, on their appointed time or even at an earlier date, if Congress and its motley allies, purchased through horse trading, loses its majority in the trust vote in Lok Sabha.




US and Israeli aggression against ‘Muslims’ supported by widely propaganda in Jewish controlled western media and American leadership, demonizing as the very incarnation of the devil, had ensured that Indian Muslims like all fair-minded world communities, have developed a hatred for the US foreign policies in general and the Bush regime in particular.




In Indian context, Indian Muslims have to decide if they respond with that deep ingrained hatred of the US and Israel, or be lured by the goodies promised by the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal. It is a common human trait that hatred works more intensely than love or greed. For those, who are hell bent wasting their time and energy in convincing Indian Muslims, that Indo-US deal is in the interest of the country, are oblivious of the fact that for the community to even consider any interaction with the US and Israel, that hatred had to first be addressed. As it is, Muslims who have been reduced to the bottom of the economic barrel, and go with the poorest of the poor in the country, are convinced that all the so-called progress of the new liberalization and investment driven economic boom, will hardly benefit them. On the contrary they all, the Muslims and others from the poor level of economy, have been hit tremendously hard by the ever increasing inflation, most disproportionately affecting their survival existence.




Muslims have observed how their lowly properties in Nandigram had been expropriated by the CPIM government of West Bengal, without any fair returns to them in any successful venture on their expropriated properties, now being handed over in SEZ to foreign and local industrialists. While real estate prices are skyrocketing, Muslims in Nandigram and Singhur SEZ had been unceremoniously deprived in the share of windfall profits accruing to their expropriated holdings.




Though it must be said, that it was a Marxist politburo member, MK Pandhe, who was the first to warn Samajwadi Party, about the risk of SP losing Muslim vote, if its opportunistically joins Congress in a Muslim hated strategic relationship with the US, that will perpetually bind the nation to a colonized existence. However, other realists soon caught up to the potential of Muslim votes deserting the much celebrated ‘secular’ coalition of political parties that is so disdainful of their most deeply felt hatred against the Muslim demonisers in the US and Israel.




Congress has now hit back on the ganging up of CPIM, the supposedly secular and BJP, the communal Hindutva extremists in one opposition group, apparently joining hands to pull down Congress led UPA coalition government. Muslims should not be hoodwinked by this Congress ploy. As Prakash Karat of CPIM has amply clarified how Congress has been in cahoots with the BJP in pulling down various ‘secular’ governments in the past — that of Charan Singh, V.P. Singh, Dev Gowda and  I. K. Gujral, why should it cry wolf, when the shoe is now on the other foot. In fact, non-Hindutva group is voting not in favour of Hindutva, but against the pseudo-secularist Congress, that had always sold Muslims short.




A new role for Muslims as citizens and as voters is being thrust upon them, and it is an opportunity for them to divide their tormentors and assume a leadership role, at least in giving true nationalist direction to India’s future where the Brahminical conspiracies will be exposed, where all victimized communities will get justice, where the robber barons are forced to abide by the laws of the land and shun corruption and pay back to the nation their ill-gotten wealth, where foreign forces are never allowed to subjugate India once again to be able to suck the blood of the poor and shed the blood of our Jawans.






Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai