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Plassey 2009 – By Ghulam Muhammed

June 23, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Plassey 2009



It was on June 23, 1757, a full hundred years before 1857 that British treachery won the decisive battle of Plassey, not by force of arms, but through manipulation of Mir Jafar, one of Nawab Sirajudulah’s general, who was bribed by Robert Clive to abstain from joining the war while the Nawab was routed.


The British had won a historical battle and had used the turnaround in their fortune to take over India.


Events in India, post 1990, move faster. Within no time, US and Israel ingratiated the ruling elite and have completely usurped the main sinews of power in the country. They have India’s economy and its armed might under their thumb. All they did was to get a simpleton who had no grasp of history to come to power through manipulations.


If people are still not aware of the longer range consequences of the momentous moves made by both US and Israel in conjunction, India will be subjected once again to the kind of pauperization that it suffered during British Raj. Its economy will be gradually mortgaged to the foreigners. While people will suffer the Bengal famine like calamities, India’s economic planners will work for foreigners free market priorities. In the name of liberalisation and globalisation, India’s poor will suffer most sordid future of destitution and misery. While a few Ambanis, Mittals, Birlas and Jains, will amass huge fortunes, the nations’ deprived will suffer in direst poverty and destitution.


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s brilliance in economic management cannot vouch for the control of our economy not passing into the hands of foreign exploiters, who will dictate their terms on us, just as British collected 50% agriculture taxes, while Mughals did with only10%. The foreigners will bring capital and snatch opportunities from indigenous people and render them labourers with unsecured terms and conditions.

India’s leaders are not transparent in their commitment to an India, where all its people have equal opportunity to progress and prosper. It is time they take the people into confidence and respond to their grievances and their uncertainties. And ensure equitable distribution of opportunities.


Or history will record, the day when Manmohan Singh took over finance ministry of the nation and startedIndia’s second term of subjugation to foreign powers. That day will be remembered as equally infamous as June 23, 1757, when India lost its will to resist the British and was forced to mortgage its destiny, its wealth and its freedom with the rapacious colonist power.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai