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May 3, 2009


                 Niloufer Bhagwat

       Afghanistan has been known over the years as the graveyard of empires” stated  General  David H. Petraeus, head of the US Central Command, in an attempt to explain away  continuous  and serious military  setbacks  to US-UK led NATO colonial  forces , emphasizing  “we cannot take that history lightly”. What is  overlooked, is that South Asia as a whole has been  the graveyard of Empires, which  collaborators of  a decaying financial empire, would  do well to remember, even as they  forge close political, military  and Intelligence alliances ,against their own people

The  anti-imperialist revolt in the undivided Indian sub-continent, one of the largest mass movements in world history, was undoubtedly  led  by  Mahatma Gandhi, however this freedom  struggle, had several other streams and inspirations, including   the  Naval uprising   with  centres at Mumbai and Karachi  and the  formation of   the “Azad Hind Fauj”, the Indian National Army  by Subhash Chandra Bose. Even before  the war of Indian  Independence of 1857, memories of which still reverberate in regions politically important  to South Asia, ( Even as Iraq was being destroyed ,memories of the millions killed in India , hung from village to village on trees in the plains of north India by British troops were being recalled ) the Indian subcontinent was consumed by one passion alone , freedom from British  Imperial rule which had ravaged the economy  and society of  the then   Indian subcontinent  , with several early revolutionaries fleeing from India  to  Afghanistan and beyond.

       It  would be useful to remember , that the contribution of  the united Indian Subcontinent  to world GDP was in the region of 22 % ,  while China ‘s was approximately  24% , when the British East India Company arrived in India , with both countries completely  above  trade rivalries, pursuing their  own commercial , political  and cultural interests ,without  mutual  suspicions  of the kind  seen in recent decades on both sides, to the delight of Washington and London ,  now  financial  supplicants of Beijing.

Significantly the  new   Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  by passed in her first diplomatic mission,  both India and Pakistan  ,conveying the   message  in full view of the diplomatic chanceries of the world  , that proxies  do not deserve  such  overt  courtesies. The corporate and  financial oligarchies of both countries are  nevertheless undeterred in their devotion to the US administration and to London City, reflected  in the  obsequious  homage paid in 2008  by  the Indian Prime Minister  of the UPA government   to the former President of the United States,  with  the words  –  “ India loves you ” , even as millions  were being killed and displaced from their homes by the Bush administration. Of an identical nature is the disclosure by Senator Diane Feinstein , that  citizens of  Pakistan, including  in the tribal regions such as  Waziristan and  the  North West Frontier Province, were  bombed by US military forces not only from Afghanistan but  from  bases in Pakistan itself , with a complicit government.

        Military  rule in Pakistan has been replaced by an  even more pliable government ,with both major parties and their alliances looking to  Washington, with the military  waiting in the wings , determining intra party  disputes  along with the US Secretary of State ,  with leaders of the two main parties in alliance, representing rival  corrupt commercial and business interests, both  indicted by the judiciary. All sections of the ruling elite in Pakistan are   closely allied to the triumvirate of Washington, London and Saudi Arabia, with a Prime Minister in the earlier political dispensation of General Musharraf an IMF / World Bank representative, like in India.

      It is therefore not surprising that the region is threatened with balkanization, with US-UK led NATO forces positioned in Pakistan. It is now conveniently forgotten , that Chief Justice Iftikhar Chowdhary was dismissed following  a  judgment against privatization  and  orders in habeaus corpus petitions, relating to scores of people missing in Pakistan, the direct consequence of decades of authoritarian  comprador  rule,  misuse of  religion and  training of  armed militias for intervention  against neighbouring countries under the direct influence of  Washington and London and its Intelligence Agencies closely interacting with the ISI ; with the  Pakistani military and bureaucracy  alternatively safeguarding the interests of  the   local  feudal , trading and  commercial oligarchy , whenever disillusionment set in with one set of rulers . The ‘Long March’ has now been suitably shortened to contain expectations, even as much harassed citizens explode against foreign troops in the region,   the economic crisis and all kinds of authoritarianism.

       The daily carnage by drones and manned aircraft  into  Afghanistan and Pakistan ,along with the  manner in which the  “ War On Terror”  has been waged in the entire  region , with the civilian population of South Asia the main target, conclusively establishes  that the governments of South Asia, including Sri Lanka, are not above manufacturing  enemies and attacking  their own people , using the religious, sectarian, ethnic or  minority card, despite the financial  collapse of their international backers and the serious erosion of  corporate balance sheets,  even as  profits plummet and bailouts are  being sought , with the exception of the governments of Nepal  and Bangladesh , recently elected , therefore still on probation. In Bangladesh  despite the election and massive mandate ,suspicious and serious incidents have taken place namely  the  killings of army officers by rogue elements of the Bangladesh Rifles, hired for the purpose by businessmen and  fascist Islamist  organizations with external linkages , to destabilize the government once again,  by  provoking  a  military  reaction .

       It is no secret that governments in South Asia have permitted Intelligence Agencies such as the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, the FBI and others, free run of their countries and the use/hire of their Intelligence agencies for external and internal surveillance, with consequent impact on the loyalty of these agencies to their own societies. Recently the Times of India ( far from hostile  to  British and  US interests ) reported, that government agencies in the United States desired to recruit Indian citizens, with proficiency in  several Indian languages, including  those not listed in the Schedule to the Constitution as official languages. This recalls  in a different way the  search for Arabic  interpreters  to restructure a “ New Middle East”.

It is in  this  very  war torn  region of South Asia , the North West Frontier Region and in  its vicinity , presently  the eye of the storm sweeping South Asia , that   Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan( Badshah Khan) ,  known in India as the ‘ Frontier Gandhi’, opposed  the ‘ Farangi’ , that is  the rule of the ‘ Foreigner’ ,leading  one of the most committed flanks of  Mahatma Gandhi’s freedom struggle based on  non–violent civil disobedience, on which even troops of the British Indian Army  hesitated to fire. Khan Wali Khan, son of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan after studying documents in the British archives   has written   : 

“I had never really believed in the allegations of my elders when they accused the British of using the most underhand tactics to promote their policies …..………. But never could I imagine that their allegations were a pale reflection of the truth; the truth was much uglier…………………they did not mince words in describing all the underhand tactics they assigned to their native lackeys ……..The Indian public would be aghast if they realized that these pious leaders and ‘patriots’ were trafficking in the integrity of their own country. And were the country’s enemy number one, besides being traitors and agents of the British Government.”*1 

The same could be said to-day of  some of  the leaders of political parties  and  key officials  in various institutions and agencies  in  South Asia,  including in India and Pakistan .

      The Afghan Church at Mumbai and  India Gate at New Delhi,  commemorate the  defeat  of the British Indian Army in  three Anglo-Afghan wars waged  in the 19th and 20th Century.

Few British soldiers survived to narrate the ignominy of overwhelming rout. The   repeated  abortive Afghan expeditions of the British, led to Shah Amanullah , then ruler of Afghanistan, being the first government to  recognize the Soviet Government  after  the 1917  revolution,  dispatching an emissary to negotiate a friendship treaty , declaring  support for  the Soviet  demand for the publication of all secret treaties by European and American governments including the Tsarist,  for the carving out of  regions for squeezing surpluses  by military means. A colonial strategy, being pursued even to–day in South Asia.

     The  corporate and political classes in  major political parties  in  India , as in some other countries of South Asia, with close  linkages to  the imploding  financial citadels in the United States and London are willing partners  to  the plans for occupation and further balkanization  of  the region,  having made investments by much publicized takeovers in the UK and investments in the  US, oblivious and indifferent  to  the fact that  India’s turn will come later, after  her  neighbourhood is systematically destroyed, if it has not already happened, with   engineered  bomb blasts and  pogroms targeting  innocent citizens, intended to create a serious  divide, along with  encounter deaths and  clandestine  arrests of thousands of innocent citizens, leading to  torture and  induced confessions  and now  even  elimination of police  and other  officials  exposing covert  criminal conspiracies against the country .

A state of siege  has been imposed on the people of India , in a grim political period, with complete reversal of the constitutional mandate prohibiting  free run for  monopoly houses Indian or foreign, constitutionally   as incompatible with democracy as absolute monarchies. Thousands  of acres of prime agricultural  land have been taken over   for Special Economic Zones by government  land acquisitions for  companies , where general statutory laws are exempt from operation ; less for manufacture and more for profiteering, in what is the “ New Zamindari” of companies Indian and foreign , similar to the political and economic operations of the East India Company, with unrestricted operations permitted in many  states of the Indian Union , where the rule of law  is fragile and often dispensed with  .

       The  so called ‘Vision ‘plan for  the Chhattisgarh  state in India ,  with a large tribal population of indigenous people, has been drawn up by  Price Waterhouse Cooper,  the  USA  Transnational giant , under scrutiny even in the USA, for creative  auditing. In Eastern and Central India  thousands of tribals , agricultural labour and poor farmers  are under arrest,  for alleged extremist political activity  and for opposing  the ‘Salwa Judum’, an armed vigilante organization unleashed  by the State, for and on behalf of vested  economic interests , against the tribal  and rural population, opposing the depredations of several Indian and foreign Companies, seizing land , water and  resources of the tribal and rural people, who are  without alternative livelihood .The  financial unraveling of the Satyam Company in Hyderabad , revealed that thousands of acres of agricultural  land ,  among other real estate were acquired by the former CEO  and his family,  in the state of Andhra Pradesh, for financial and personal aggrandizement , at the cost of the financial viability of the Company  whose accounts were audited  by the now  famous Price Waterhouse Cooper .

       This is the backdrop to the  appointment of Richard Holbrooke as special envoy to the region ,the diplomatic front for the break up of former Yugoslavia by US led NATO forces  , where gangs of every ethnic group were hired to attack every other group(not only in Bosnia as  selectively propagated ), with several regional leaders of Yugoslavia hired as mercenaries , to successfully  fragment  and  devour  the economic and political  space  of the  former  Republic of Yugoslavia . The ominous nature of the Holbrooke mission  has not yet had a sobering effect on the oligarchies of South Asia, blind and deaf to the consequence  of their own  machinations against their countries , with short term financial obsessions for personal  aggrandizement .

       There is a historical continuity in the   present march of   events in  the region , dating back to  the success of  the  US-UK led  conspiracy, in  collusion with the governments of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, in overthrowing the Saur Revolution and the Peoples Democratic Party government in Afghanistan( PDP) , for which purpose among others,  the ‘Mujahideen’ or ‘holy warriors’ were  created, for unholy acts  by  the   Intelligence Agencies intermeddling in the region .

      It is with a view to controlling the political trajectory of the entire  region of Central Asia , South Asia and West Asia , to draw in Soviet military presence into Afghanistan, with which the former USSR had close historical and political relations , that  the CIA along with a  network of  intelligence agencies , in close collaboration with  the ISI  of Pakistan, created  the ‘Mujahideen’ factions and the phantom organization, the  al Qaeda, with the late Saudi billionaire Osama Bin Laden as its formal head , the protégé of the world ‘s most powerful  Intelligence Agencies. Several offshoots of the al Qaeda, using Islamist names and phrases have been imaginatively created, from country to country, as agent provocateurs, to suit local political requirements, or  for immediate use in press conferences, to explain away bomb blasts the result of covert conspiracies against the people.

      Parallel  to these developments and almost simultaneously , different organisations and covert  fascist groups of the majority communities were established in South Asia, with linkages to earlier  fascist  organizations  representing  ‘Hindutva´, created  during British  colonial rule , to divide and rule  and finally fracture the Indian subcontinent , along with its minority counterparts  the  Muslim League , the  Jamiat –e- Islami  and the  Tabligi Jamat  among others .The fact that ‘Hindutva’ ideologues were as much responsible for the partition of the Indian  sub-continent ,the British objectives for continued manipulation of   the region, as   organizations on both sides  propagated the two nation theory  , is never referred to in India.

       The use of religion to create a political divide is not new. The  British historically were the first government  to establish their own Church , the Church of England , for political use  against  the Papacy which supported England’s rivals ,with religious inquisitions  always a political strategy  of the monarchs and governments of Europe , even against their own people  .It  is therefore  not  surprising that  religion and ethnicity  have been important elements in the  imperial tactics of  companies , boiling the political cauldron in South Asia .

       The  same networking Intelligence agencies  who  trained the “ Mujahideen” for attacks into Afghanistan, during General Zia-ul –Haq’s dictatorship ,  trained similar  organizations for attacks into  the Kashmir valley, as part of the destabilization operation  against the government of India, then led by  Indira Gandhi . The civilian population in Kashmir were   the main target, caught between the cross fire, to strengthen separatist forces. Subsequently when US-UK influence over Indian Intelligence Agencies increased, some Indian officials from more than one instrumentality  of the state  ,were used to widen the rift  in the valley ,  by    provocative acts.

The contemporary historical record conclusively establishes that the government of almost every country  with common boundaries with Afghanistan, with the exception of   India, with  Indira Gandhi as  Prime Minister and the former USSR, attempted to overthrow the government formed in  Afghanistan in 1978, which  had as its objective the transformation of a  feudal society by decrees outlawing usury , which though prohibited by Islam was considered a birth right by  feudal landlords and money-lenders  , the sale of women through forced marriages  and  the implementation of land reforms, as   thousands of acres of land  were concentrated in feudal family ownerships. Though the right of religious worship was ensured, these decrees were termed   as “ un-Islamic”, relayed  to the world from Peshawar   by  General Zia –ul – Haq’s government , closely allied to  the US , UK and Saudi Arabia. Earlier as Major General, Zia –ul-Haq had shot at Palestinians leading an uprising, while leading a Pakistani military contingent in Jordan.       

      These developments in Afghanistan after the Saur revolution saw unlikely alliances. The Organization of Islamic Countries supported the ‘Mujahideen’ in view of Soviet military presence provided on the request of the PDP government, even as the country was faced with three hostile frontiers. Trained   fighters  from Afghanistan ‘s Wakhan  border with China,  then  supporting  US strategic objectives in the region  , launched  attacks on  a  PDP government, considered a communist government allied to the former USSR. Ironically  some of the   same insurgents were later  used ,  to create discontent against the Central government in China, among China’s minorities in the North West .Similarly ,during this very period  the government of  Iran was  ideologically hostile to the PDP .

       There   are  parallels in the fate of many leaders of South Asia , including the members of the PDP government , following the  decision of the US President to reverse the dollar linkage  to  the gold standard  and the consequent  structural adjustments imposed by the IMF on developing countries, which gave an undue financial advantage to the  G7 , even as  the  growth rates of countries in North America and  Europe declined.

        After the  final declaration adopted by 85 countries at  the Colombo Non-aligned  meeting on August 20 1976 for  “ A Fair and Just Economic Development” ,  accepted  later as  a UN declaration , with the  initiative taken by  Mrs. Bandaranaike  and Mrs. Indira Gandhi, assisted by  Frederick Wills , Foreign Minister of Guyana, in the aftermath of an oil price  shock  imposed on the developing countries, with the objective of  recycling  petrodollars to  the  US economy in distress  and  to open up the offshore oil fields of the UK,  till then not profitable for exploitation ,with oil prices low ;

“ the key strategists of the bold Colombo non-aligned declaration were each forced out of office…. ……  case by case , to use Henry Kissinger ‘s phrase”,* 

even as conditions were created  for their removal , through political forces in their own countries. A worse fate awaited   those who could not be permanently defeated in elections.

        Prime Minister Bhutto of Pakistan was deposed, jailed and executed by General Zia-ul-Haq who manipulated a judicial decree, after Henry Kissinger threatened to make an example out of him on the nuclear among other issues. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated under different circumstances, after   militants on BBC called for her elimination. Rajiv Gandhi , one of the few leaders in the world to oppose  the  first Gulf War,  the  beginning of the occupation of the region , was killed  with  the LTTE suicide squad  the instrument of  attack, when he was no longer Prime Minister and the Indian Army had already  withdrawn from Sri Lanka  .A similar fate  awaited  Sheikh Mujibur Rehman in Bangladesh, with party leaders  killed inside the prison  , even while arbitrarily jailed. Chandrika Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka sought asylum after her husband was assassinated for forming a political party for unity between the Sinhalese and the Tamils. A former agent of Mossad has in a book published after he left Israel, given an account of an embarrassing moment when cadres of the LTTE and the Sinhalese army almost met, while both groups were training in Israel. It is now reported, even as the civilian Tamil population is at the receiving end from both sides, the Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE, that a so called humanitarian US military mission is being proposed, to establish a bridgehead. What lies behind US-UK led NATO humanitarian missions are well known.

        Against this  backdrop , the fate of President Najibullah of the PDP government  in Afghanistan was inevitable , after President Gorbachev and  President Reagan reached an agreement, to  cut off  the only  logistic supply route available to the PDP government from the North, in a situation when  Afghanistan already faced a blockade  on all its other frontiers, leading  to the  voluntary resignation of President Najibullah in 1992 , under a UN plan. The withdrawal of Soviet forces in 1989 did not adversely affect this government nor did it face any military defeat. President Najibullah  was  hung from a lamp post  while  under UN protection , by  covert elements, even as  the Taliban  entered Kabul .

         Ironically Mr. Richard Holbrooke , the US envoy to the region, the representative of the very government responsible  for  creating  a fascist religious Frankenstein, from one country to another, in collaboration with  powerful oligarchies  in these countries, now states  that the US, Pakistan and India have a common enemy in  ‘Terrorism’ and  the ‘ Taliban’ .

       The real issue to-day in the whole of South Asia is the end of foreign interference and withdrawal of occupation troops, including covert intelligence operations from the region. The withdrawal of the occupation is being supported   by a cross section of the Afghan and the people of Pakistan, including those sections being loosely termed as insurgents or the Taliban by the US led NATO forces. The   earlier  Taliban  militia,  was once  the  sole creature of   the government of Pakistan and  the ISI  supported by the  CIA , MI6 and  Saudi Arabian Intelligence agencies, replacing  the fractious  ‘Mujahideen’ groups, the creature of the same  Intelligence Agencies, who having no common program other than take over of power in Afghanistan from the PDP government, consequently  turned their guns on one another,  seeking different patrons  in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Iran, besides the CIA, MI6 and ISI, to  strengthen their positions as war lords and in some cases as  drug lords.

      When Afghanistan was reduced to absolute  political anarchy,  which made negotiations by UNOCAL, a  US based consortium of Oil Companies  for an oil pipeline through Afghanistan to Pakistan impossible, with the truck lobby of Pakistan restive, as their trade routes to Central Asia were being obstructed  by war lords; the ‘Mujahideen’ were replaced in their own turn by the erstwhile  Taliban militia trained by Pakistan special forces, supervised by the ISI in close co-operation with  US-UK  intelligence agencies, even as  the late Benazir Bhutto was the Prime Minister of Pakistan .

 The Taliban were recruited from the Pashtun people who constitute approximately 50 % of the people of Afghanistan and spill over into Pakistan. It was the failure of the Taliban government  to wrap up negotiations on oil pipelines with the UNOCAL  consortium and their policies on a war footing to eradicate the cultivation of poppy for heroin manufacture , for the drug trade, required to be laundered by Intelligence Agencies into Western Banks and Financial Institutions , facing a desperate financial  situation ; their failure to control the Northern regions and the  serious financial crisis of the US ,UK and European Banks ,requiring strategic repositioning  to overlook oil producing regions and  the emerging economies and resources of  Russia , China and India ( despite the corporate and financial alliance forged with dominant Indian Corporate CEOs )  seeing  the possibility of  a shift of the balance of economic forces hitherto dominated by the West to Asia ,that finally led to the invasion of Afghanistan and the  dispersal of the Taliban in their own turn , by an even more pliable government formed in Afghanistan after the US-UK led invasion  , though even as per official US reports there was no connection between 9/11 and any citizen of Afghanistan .

      The former Taliban is to-day   a useful bogey, in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. The strategy is  to project  one extremist  Islamist organization after another as a threat , to enable  the  US-UK led  economic and political  control  of  Afghanistan, Pakistan and India , through political proxies to continue  ;even as  fraudulent groups as agent provocateurs , are established from  time to time , with different names , with covert networking of  friendly Intelligence agencies  of the region ,creating fictitious organizations such the Indian Mujahideen  or a provocateur organization such as  SIMI  and collaborating in operations against the people .

      In  September 2001 it was reported by sources from Indian Intelligence, that Osama bin Laden was on dialysis for kidney failure and seriously ill . This was confirmed from French sources, that in the same period Osama was in Dubai for medical treatment. Some months later it was known that Osama bin Laden was no more. That political personalities at the highest level and the corporate media ,can put out from time to time videos and statements on this  late Saudi Arabian billionaire, with extensive properties and investments  in London and the USA  in his lifetime ,conclusively establishes that we are in an era of fascist propaganda no better than in the period of Hitler’s  Third Reich, who believed that the Anglo-American propaganda system was superior to his own .

      The recent  hysteria over Swat , has to be seen  as an excuse to continue the occupation and control of the region and  as  a  strategy for  political diversion , as no government,  certainly not the USA , UK , NATO alliance or India  have  opposed Sharia law as implemented in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, among other countries . Ironically in  India, in region after region  fascist parties and vigilante squads  have been operating  on the same lines as the  erstwhile Taliban ,  with impunity ,  using ‘Hindutva ‘ as a cloak , liberally funded by financiers  , given free run of  the political space , even in Metropolitan centres such as Mumbai , Bangalore , Ahmedabad and in the hinterland of these cities and in the region of  Gujarat , Maharashtra , Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka among other regions;  attacking religious and linguistic minorities, economically weaker sections of society and  women; prohibiting  intercommunity marriages , vandalizing  churches and educational institutions of the Christians , desecrating  public and private property , despite the constitutional mandate of freedom of religious worship , with hardly any arrests and few convictions , with most  of the fascist  leaders given high profile security at the cost of the national exchequer , whereas the citizens of every religious group are left without protection from criminal elements.

      In certain daily newspapers, attacks on minorities in unprintable  language, which would not be tolerated by any genuinely  democratic society are  almost a daily feature, with no reaction whatsoever from law enforcement agencies in India .  Conclusive  evidence of  the break down of the rule of law  and  what is now being referred to in one section of the media as ‘Talibanisation’ of Indian political space,  which is the other side of the mirror of the Indian Subcontinent ,aggravated in the period of neo-liberal reform post 1991 ,when pogroms and  riots and killings in encounters  of minority sections have taken place with regularity .

         Even as the  Pakistan oligarchy, the  earliest   close collaborator of  imperialism in  South Asia,  co-operated in the destruction of a whole country in Afghanistan, they  have successfully  destroyed their own, not by any policies of the government of India, which is to-day closely  allied with the same forces which destroyed Afghanistan, is destroying Pakistan and in turn has  begun the steady  destruction of   the fabric of the Indian State and society, if not halted.

As of to-day  the corporate and financial groups in South Asia, representatives of the existing dominant economic system  and the   fanatical fascist  movements  they have spawned ,  have  no answers to the serious  economic, political  and social crisis  in South Asia  .The  organized  bombings of civilians  , the  bomb blasts in Afghanistan , Pakistan ,India , Sri Lanka  and Bangladesh , the sectarian and religious violence, are evidence not of  strength , but of  panic and  fear, by those who have collaborated against the people of their own country  .

      What has emboldened the  imperial policy for South Asia, implemented through the use of proxy leaders in political formations in South Asia , which has now reached a critical stage , with the appointment of Richard Holbrooke, is not only the  availability of proxies in governments, political parties , movements and NGOs in South Asia and the  dual citizenship holders in companies  and financial institutions  based in London and  the United States , who have benefited from the Imperial connection, as against the  immediate and long term economic and political  interests of South Asian society as a whole; a far more serious aspect of this collaboration is the penetration of the instruments of state power in Afghanistan , Pakistan , Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and in India, in  the intelligence and security Agencies , the bureaucracy , the police , the para military and military formations , on which some light was cast by the investigations of Mr. Hemant Karkare head of the Anti-Terrorist Squad in Mumbai, investigating  bomb blasts  , for which he paid with his life , along with two colleagues and 13 policemen ,  with scores of innocent people killed.

      The  elections in the region reflect  all  the trappings and procedure  of democracy, but not its substance, as most policy decisions on vital issues are  backdoor decisions, adopted thereafter as a matter of form  by  pliant parliaments , with acquiescence  from  most, if not all political formations, barring on the issue of  financial reforms opposed by the Parliamentary Left Front ,  while supporting the UPA alliance in India,  prior to  withdrawal  of support just  before  the last stage of  the Indo-US nuclear deal , an offshoot of the earlier signed Indo –US Defense Co-operation  Agreement of 2005, which significantly was not opposed even by the  Left Front  ,despite provisions for joint military operations in the region ,in violation of the Non-Aligned policy which had earned India  esteem in the region and beyond. It is now reported  in the newspapers , that the shortage of fuel for civilian nuclear reactors , declared to be the sole motivating factor for the urgency of the  Indo-US nuclear accord , appears to have been  deliberately deceptive , as revealed in a recent report  by the Comptroller  and  Auditor General of India  , a constitutional authority.* 3 The political parties remain strangely  silent on the issue .

         The shock of the Mumbai attack has been  related to the  unexplained   attacks on  innocent citizens  and to the surfacing  of  little known facts revealed  before the killings,  relating to an  investigation about  organizations linked politically to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, receiving funds through covert sources , to destabilize the entire  country by bomb blasts through  mercenaries , and thereafter to  blame every blast  on to the  minorities, to give the blasts a religious complexion,  to create a serious political divide  . It is reported that those  at the higher levels of the conspiracy  received substantial  financial largesse.

 The nature of the threats, the then head of the Anti-Terrorist Squad Mr. Hemant Karkare received, as Jt. Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, and the pressure he was subjected to, even by front rank leaders of some political parties, was unprecedented in India‘s post independence history, considering the importance of the investigation, and bore a distinct resemblance to the attempts to defame Mahatma Gandhi prior to his political assassination. In the context of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, Winston Churchill  referring to the  Mahatma as the “ Naked Fakir”( Gandhi out of  conviction wore only what the poorest of the poor could afford in India) was to inquire  from General Smuts, even as India seethed with political revolt, as to why Mahatma Gandhi had not been finished off in South Africa. The answer of General Smuts was: “How could I do this to a man who made slippers for me in jail with his own hands, when I imprisoned him”.

       The events in Mumbai  have  unexpectedly  raised a storm of protest against the  political class in  India and their financiers, seen as failing to perform the most basic functions of a political system, namely the protection of the lives  of its citizens and  the  victimization of  those officials  performing their duties, without fear or favour . The toll of over 180 killed in the Mumbai attack were overwhelmingly citizens of India of every religious faith, though it was announced within the first 24 hours by all media channels  that   ten terrorists  had landed  by sea at Mumbai ,on the evening  of the 26th November 2008, on a fishing boat ,the ‘Kuber’ registered in  Gujarat at Porbander, which was allegedly forcibly seized and were carrying arms and  provisions among other items of Pakistani manufacture , with the intention of taking Israeli and United States citizens  hostages  in the two hotels  Taj and Oberoi –Trident and at Chabad House ( a Jewish centre for visitors to Mumbai  from Israel )  and  at  the   Madame Cama Women and Children’s Public Hospital  and  Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus also known as V.T., the alleged targets. With all sites situated in different directions except the latter two, namely Madame Cama hospital and V.T. station being in close proximity, where the head of the Anti-terrorist squad  was gunned down  along with two officers and several policemen.

      The subsequent disclosure, that the final toll  included scores of  poor  daily wage earners  including  approximately 25 members of the Muslim minority at  Chhatrapati Shivaji Station (V.T. Station), has added to the mystery of the entire incident, as against the statements being made on media channels and by  the spokesmen/spokeswomen  of the governments of Pakistan and India which are often conflicting and contradictory, yet  some from both sides are  remarkably  synchronized. With the government of Pakistan initially resisting acknowledging guilt and thereafter caving in under US pressure, as per the interviews of Indian  Defense Analysts and former Indian Foreign Service officials and Ministers of the Government of India. Incidentally Nawaz Sharif under whose Prime Ministership the Kargil war was fought was one of the first to confirm that the killer squad came from Pakistan.

       The resemblance of  26/11  to 9/11 is uncanny .Whereas the dire state of the finances of Pakistan are known ,  the precarious  financial state of  some  leading Indian  corporations and business houses gradually emerged after 26/11, with  auto companies among others working  only for a few days a week due to piling up inventories, Airlines facing losses and  the  disclosures relating to software company  Satyam, with its balance sheets and financial statements rigged. That  several  leading Companies ,including Indian Transnational Companies or Indian headed Transnational Companies based in London,  face  financial difficulties  with billions lost  and seek  a bailout both in  the UK and from  the  government in India , is  no longer a  secret . A situation similar  to the disclosures on Enron and other US Companies  immediately after 9/11.Though India’s Bank’s and Public financial institutions remain sound , due to the nationalization of Banks by Indira Gandhi  called  a “ communist” and generally abused along with her father, India’ first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who laid the foundations of India’s scientific , technology and industrial institutions and  India’s foreign policy of Non-Alignment ,by  media touts of  financiers and companies, who fund more than one party . The Congress party is now transformed like Tony Blair’s “New Labour” and several other parties also have corporate sponsors.

     What is being adopted as the pattern for South Asia is a strategy of tension and violence. Those who formulated these covert strategies have however miscalculated. This strategy may have worked, when the patrons and the models advanced, were representatives of the leading financial and political centres of the world. Even  Richard Holbrooke , no longer projects the financial and military power which  led to the vivisection of Yugoslavia and the take over of its State enterprises , Banks and political space. Alliance with declining powers  or even in  close relationship with Israel, in severe financial distress ,with so many Investment Banks with Zionist connections  having caved in , with Israel  internationally condemned for a criminilised war on Gaza, will lead to increasing isolation , if not pariah status for ruling elites in South Asia  .

       In India, cost cutting has led to closure of factories, with decline in industrial growth rates and the export oriented sector though much smaller than China, seriously affected by the economic downturn. Lakhs of workers are unemployed, with jobs at the high end and low end disappearing, presently estimated to be in the region of 10 lakhs (one million) unemployed, not including the huge  back log . The Export Council of India and FICCI have projected job losses from the export sector alone to be in the region of 10 million. The growth rate in India  continues, as the possibilities for capitalist development are not exhausted, however the growth rate will be far  lower in 2009-2010  than the announced expectation of  7 %, which  was a wholly exaggerated projection, with a growth rate of around  5 % and even less,  now being projected even officially,  as  a more realistic figure .

      Even as we in South Asia and globally  search for an alternative framework,  with the financial implosion of the dominant economic system impacting most societies,  it is worth recalling some of the political truths which Mahatma Gandhi, an objective  witness to the historical process of the 20th Century  propagated , even as he  de-classed  himself  from  his commercial class  origins, as some  of these truths  are still  relevant to human society at the cross roads.

  Gandhi  after  keenly  observing political societies  in England , in Europe and  the political system of South Africa , declined to advance the  model of   Western liberal democracy  and its  constitutional and political organization  as a  model for India; observing  that this democracy  was seriously  flawed ,with unacceptable  exploitation  within  these  societies, apart from the  brutal exploitation in  the colonies, concluding that  this system  was  little better than an  incipient fascist society .

      Gandhi went even further in pronouncing judgment on industrial capitalism, with its excessive over consumption on the one hand and rampant unemployment on the other. Though not opposed to industrialization per se  as is commonly misinterpreted, Gandhi highlighted that increasing  unemployment even as a fall out effect of advanced technology and  industrialization was  unacceptable  for any civilized society, that  peace within a society or between nations  was not possible without social and economic justice, posing  the political strategy of mobilization through  mass movements and civil disobedience  against  exploiting interests , as a possible bulwark against  general anarchy and  violence .

     The most important issue facing South Asia is not religion. Even philosophically, any discourse which divides or is sectarian is no religion at all. To  what effect is religion or religiosity in a  region once the  “ the Jewel in the Crown” of the British Empire, for the squeezing of surpluses, which made the first industrial revolution possible, now  the most affected region in the index of world hunger, where the largest population of malnourished children reside. The WHO official figures record that in India 42 % of children under five are malnourished and 220 million people suffer from severe hunger. Not referred to are those on the periphery. These    are not statistics compiled by any extreme left wing organization.

For the Diaspora of South Asia, these are   difficult times. In  the final analysis, dignity and well being  even for  a Non –Resident South Asian   cannot   be  built by  destroying or   disowning  the country or region   in which  they were once  rooted  and to which  at some stage they or their descendants may wish to return to. The time for escaping the task of building our own societies and leaving for greener pastures is over for many in South Asia, as everywhere societies are crumbling and will have to be reconstructed on different values, based on real, not on virtual economies.

       It is time that   South Asia, once a prosperous civilization, a region richly endowed with human and natural resources, moves forward. For centuries we traded with regions in our vicinity and beyond, with the Arab world, Central Asia, South East Asia, Africa, the Far East and Europe. Historically we neither despised these societies nor were we in awe of them, secure in our philosophy that other civilizations and economies complement our own, that the world is one whole, of which we are only one part.


1. Akhilesh Mittal, “The Darkest Area of British Rule” –COVERT Issue of 1 March -12 March 2009.

2. William Engdahl, “A Century of War – Anglo –American Oil Politics and the New World Order” – Pluto Press, 2004 edition.

3. Seema Mustafa, “Subterfuge Was Used To Sell A Nuclear Lie” – COVERT Issue of 1 March -12 March 2009.


( This article is a  tribute to   the late  Hemant Karkare, Jt. Commissioner of Police, head of the Anti-Terrorist  Squad of the Mumbai Police force  and those  of his colleagues and policemen for their  devotion to duty, for his  integrity  in the investigation into the covert fascist  conspiracy of   bomb blasts  aimed at the very heart of his society  ,which he investigated undeterred by threats to his life , who did his duty  by his country   till the very end, the 26th November 2008  and  to those with similar courage ).

Mumbai Carnage: The final Nail in Mumbai Police’s Coffin – By Amaresh Misra

December 24, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mumbai Carnage: The final Nail in Mumbai Police’s Coffin

By Amaresh Misra

It is 11.41 PM in India on 22nd December 2008 in India. Barely an hour ago, the Mumbai Police have come out with a statement, on the last day of the Indian Parliament, after AR Antulay, the Indian minority affairs minister was getting increasing support from all secular, Left and even BJP backed parties for his questioning of circumstances surrounding Hemant Karkare’s death and demand for a probe into the same.
The Police statement sounds like a Post Mortem report—but it not one, we are told—it is a statement on the kind of bullets Karkare received on his body. The statement says “four bullets were found on Hemant Karkare’s body; none of the four bullets found on Karkare’s body were from a Police weapon; Karkare was shot by terrorists and his death has nothing to do with the Malegaon blast investigations”.
I leave it to readers to draw their conclusions on the cruel joke which the Mumbai Police and the establishment behind it is playing with Indian, Muslim, Hindu and Marathi sentiments. Have you ever heard of a Police statement which explains that `none of the bullets found on Karkare’s body came from a Police weapon?’ And that his death had nothing to do with Malegaon investigations?
This is not a statement. It is a foolish defense—an epic slip of the official whip—of an indefensible truth—that Karkare was indeed killed by a Police weapon and that his death was a direct result of Malegaon Blast investigations.
The establishment—not just the RSS minded forces but also the pro-US, pro-Israel lobby in Congress and other `secular’ parties—seems frightened, especially by the stand taken by Muhammad Salim, the CPI-M MP, who along with Sandeep Dixit of the Congress, gave one of the best speeches in the Parliament when the debate on the Mumbai carnage began. Muhammad Salim is the young, modern face of the Indian Muslim and his coming out in Antulay’s favor was `dangerous’.
I am not drawing this conclusion—it is emerging from reading the Police version backwards, from the perspective of Edgar Allen Poe, Dashiell Hammett and Ibn-e-Safi. Common sense has deserted the Mumbai Police. This if any is God’s justice and nature’s revenge on killers and rapists like Rakesh Maria, the Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police, and surprisingly and shockingly the chief investigator in the Mumbai carnage.
By issuing this statement when only a day is left for Parliament’s winter session, when both Antulay and this author were getting increasing support from ordinary Hindus and Muslims for their `conspiracy theories’, the Mumbai Police has admitted its guilt. If the Indian judicial system fails to punish the Mumbai or whichever Police killed Karkare, then God’s and people’s justice will take over.
The Police statement fails to address the basic questions: who sent Karkare, Salaskar and Kaamte to Cama hospital to get killed? Where is Karkare’s mobile phone? Who is the person he was talking to when his last footage was shown on TV? Why have Karkare’s calls not been traced through the satellite system? Karkare was given Z security—where was the Z security when Karkare went into the field? How can an ATS chief enter into a battle with terrorists without at least a dozen members of his 400 strong ATS team, equipped with semi-automatic weapons? Where was the Mumbai ATS team? There are three versions of the chain of events leading to Karkare’s death—which version is true which false?
Karkare was unveiling the uncomfortable truth that terror has a different side to it; according to Karkare’s investigations into the Malegaon blasts, terrorists did not come merely in the shape of `Muslim’ skull caps or beards or Pathan suits. They could also don the tika and pseudo-Hindu, anti-national, anti-Sanatani, anti-secular saffron robes.
For the first time since Independence, Karkare was not just taking the ever alive RSS backed Hindutva terrorism head on; he was wittingly or unwittingly challenging American and Israeli backed Islamophobia. Karkare was challenging directly CIA and Mossad—people who do not take this seriously, whether or not they believe in any `theory’, are simply dumb.
Imagine the repercussions had Karkare been allowed to go ahead with the full probe on Malegaon investigations. Imagine Praveen Togadia behind bars; imagine Narendra Modi behind bars; imagine even Sudarshan and LK Advani behind bars—above all imagine the nightmare of New York Times, Washington Post, Time magazine, Newsweek, The Economist and all pseudo-liberal newspapers who have gone along and played the American-Israeli game of demonizing Islam and creating the image of the `Islamic terrorist’, only and only because, after the demise of the Soviet Union, Islam is the only ideology left in the world possessing a concept of jihad or dharmayuddhya, i.e. a fight against injustice, and the only barrier in the way of the American-Israeli loot of Asian resources.
Imagine the discomfiture of even the Guardian newspaper for which Arundhati Roy’s generalized, superficially anti-American but pro-western-liberal-Imperialist stance, of a pseudo-girlish `oh-my-God’ kind of horror at dirty Indian realities—realities created by the west, but which the West prefers to look condescendingly at, an attitude Arundhati Roy never questions—is the most comfortable kind of third world liberalism that they can live with.
As the Government of India prepares for war with Pakistan at American-Israeli behest, a small happening, Hemant Karkare’s Post Mortem non-report/report, Mumbai Police’s `forced confession’, is standing in its way.
The battle for India’s souls has just begun—tomorrow do not believe a word of what headlines of leading Indian newspapers will scream. They are dead serious about their lies and half-truths—and they know it.
Just 500 meters away from Nariman House, there is a station of the Grenadier Battalion; it was ready to go into action at 11 PM on 26th November; timely action by this force could have saved hundreds of lives—but this battalion and other army units were not pressed into action till 5or 6 AM after the NSG arrived. Why this deliberate callousness? Who is responsible for these orders? Shouldn’t he or she, or hees and shees, be publicly hanged?
Mumbai Police is one of the strongest bastion, of RSS-underworld-Mossad-US alliance, which uses the ISI and a part of RAW as tools. Sonia Gandhi must realize this before it is too late. These forces killed her husband and her mother-in-law. They will not spare anyone. The CPI-M should also realize that as the Congress fails the historic duty of saving India from disintegration, chaos and fascist/colonial takeover rests on its shoulders. Let all Left, secular and patriotic forces see in the Mumbai carnage the first direct assault Mossad-CIA backed ISI, underworld and Hindutva agents on India’s sovereignty.
For those who do not believe that RSS can use Dawood (now a CIA asset) or Vice versa or that ISI can use RSS or Vice versa, what about Indranesh, an accused in the Malegaon Blast investigations taking Rs 3 Crores from the ISI, something mentioned by Karkare in the Malegaon file?

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August 18, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008




RAW: An Instrument of Indian Imperialism


By Isha Khan   13 October, 2007


The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), created in 1968, has assumed a significant status in the formulation of India’s domestic and foreign policies, particularly the later. Working directly under the Prime Minister, it has over the years become an effective instrument of India’s national power. In consonance with Kautilya’s precepts, RAW’s espionage doctrine is based on the principle of waging a continuous series of battles of intrigues and secret wars.


RAW, ever since its creation, has always been a vital, though unobtrusive, actor in Indian policy-making apparatus. But it is the massive international dimensions of RAW operations that merit a closer examination. To the credit of this organization, it has in very short span of time mastered the art of spy warfare. Credit must go to Indira Gandhi who in the late 1970s gave it a changed and much more dynamic role. To suit her much publicized Indira Doctrine, (actually India Doctrine) Mrs. Gandhi specifically asked RAW to create a powerful organ within the organization which could undertake covert operations in neighboring countries. It is this capability that makes RAW a more fearsome agency than its superior KGB, CIA, MI-6, BND and the Mossad.


Its internal role is confined only in monitoring events having bearing on the external threat. RAW’s boss works directly under the Prime Minister. An Additional Secretary to the Government of India, under the Director RAW, is responsible for the Office of Special Operations (OSO), intelligence collected from different countries, internal security (under the Director General of Security), the electronic/technical section and general administration. The Additional Secretary as well as the Director General of Security is also under the Director of RAW. DG Security has two important sections: the Aviation Research Center (ARC) and the Special Services Bureau (SSB). The joint Director has specified desks with different regional divisions/areas (countries):


Area one. Pakistan: Area two, China and South East Asia: Area three, the Middle East and Africa: and Area four, other countries. Aviation Research Center (ARC) is responsible for interception, monitoring and jamming of target country’s communication systems. It has the most sophisticated electronic equipment and also a substantial number of aircraft equipped with state-of- the art eavesdropping devices. ARC was strengthened in mid-1987 by the addition of three new aircraft, the Gulf Stream-3. These aircraft can reportedly fly at an altitude of 52,000 ft and has an operating range of 5000 kms. ARC also controls a number of radar stations located close to India’s borders. Its aircraft also carry out oblique reconnaissance, along the border with Bangladesh, China, Nepal and Pakistan.


RAW having been given a virtual carte blanche to conduct destabilization operations in neighboring countries inimical to India had to seriously undertook restructuring of its organization accordingly. RAW was given a list of seven countries (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Pakistan and Maldives) whom India considered its principal regional protagonists. It very soon systematically and brilliantly crafted covert operations in all these countries to coerce, destabilize and subvert them in consonance with the foreign policy objectives of the Indian Government.


RAW’s operations against the regional countries were conducted with great professional skill and expertise. Central to the operations was the establishment of a huge network inside the target countries. It used and targeted political dissent, ethnic divisions, economic backwardness and criminal elements within these states to foment subversion, terrorism and sabotage. Having thus created the conducive environments, RAW stage-managed future events in these countries in such a way that military intervention appears a natural concomitant of the events. In most cases, RAW’s hand remained hidden, but more often that not target countries soon began unearthing those “hidden hand”. A brief expose of RAW’s operations in neighboring countries would reveal the full expanse of its regional ambitions to suit India Doctrine (Open Secrets. India’s Intelligence Unveiled by M K Dhar. Manas Publications, New Delhi, 2005).




Indian intelligence agencies were involved in erstwhile East Pakistan, now Bangladesh since early 1960s. Its operatives were in touch with Sheikh Mujib for quite some time. Sheikh Mujib went to Agartala in 1965. The famous Agartala case was unearthed in 1967. In fact, the main purpose of raising RAW in 1968 was to organise covert operations in Bangladesh. As early as in 1968, RAW was given a green signal to begin mobilising all its resources for the impending surgical intervention in erstwhile East Pakistan. When in July 1971 General Manekshaw told Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that the army would not be ready till December to intervene in Bangladesh, she quickly turned to RAW for help. RAW was ready. Its officers used Bengali refugees to set up Mukti Bahini. Using this outfit as a cover, Indian military has sneaked deep into Bangladesh. The story of Mukti Bahini and RAW’s role in its creation and training is now well-known. RAW never concealed its Bangladesh operations.


Interested readers may have details in Asoka Raina’s Inside RAW: the story of India’s secret service published by Vikas Publishing House of New Delhi. The creation of Bangladesh was masterminded by RAW in complicity with KGB under the covert clauses of Indo-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation (adopted as 25-year Indo-Bangladesh Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation in 1972).


RAW retained a keen interest in Bangladesh even after its independence. Mr. Subramaniam Swamy, Janata Dal MP, a close associate of Morarji Desai said that Rameswar Nath Kao, former Chief of RAW, and Shankaran Nair upset about Sheikh Mujib’s assassination chalked a plot to kill General Ziaur Rahman. However, when Morarji Desai came into power in 1977 he was indignant at RAW’s role in Bangladesh and ordered operations in Bangladesh to be called off; but by then RAW had already gone too far. General Zia continued to be in power for quite some time but he was assassinated after Indira Gandhi returned to power, though she denied her involvement in his assassination (Weekly Sunday, Calcutta, 18 September, 1988).


RAW was involved in training of Chakma tribals and Shanti Bahini who carry out subversive activities in Bangladesh. It has also unleashed a well-organized plan of psychological warfare, creation of polarisation among the armed forces, propaganda by false allegations of use of Bangladesh territory by ISI, creation of dissension’s among the political parties and religious sects, control of media, denial of river waters, and propping up a host of disputes in order to keep Bangladesh under a constant political and socio-economic pressure ( “ RAW and Bangladesh” by Mohammad Zainal Abedin, November 1995, RAW In Bangladesh: Portrait of an Aggressive Intelligence, written and published by Abu Rushd, Dhaka).



Sikkim and Bhutan


Sikkim was the easiest and most docile prey for RAW. Indira Gandhi annexed the Kingdom of Sikkim in mid-1970s, to be an integral part of India. The deposed King Chogyal Tenzig Wangehuck was closely followed by RAW’s agents until his death in 1992.


Bhutan, like Nepal and Sikkim, is a land-locked country, totally dependent on India. RAW has developed links with members of the royal family as well as top bureaucrats to implements its policies. It has cultivated its agents amongst Nepalese settlers and is in a position to create difficulties for the Government of Bhutan. In fact, the King of Bhutan has been reduced to the position of merely acquiescing into New Delhi’s decisions and go by its dictates in the international arena.


Sri Lanka


Post- independence Sri Lanka, inspite of having a multi-sectoral population was a peaceful country till 1971 and was following independent foreign policy. During 1971 Indo-Pakistan war despite of heavy pressure from India, Sri Lanka allowed Pakistan’s civil and military aircraft and ships to stage through its air and sea ports with unhindered re-fueling facilities. It also had permitted Israel to establish a nominal presence in its intelligence training set up. It permitted the installation of high powered transmitter by Voice of America (VOA) on its territory, which was resented by India.


It was because of these ‘irritants’ in the Indo-Sri Lanka relations that Mrs Indira Gandhi planned to bring Sri Lanka into the fold of the so-called Indira Doctrine (India Doctrine) Kao was told by Gandhi to repeat their Bangladesh success. RAW went looking for militants it could train to destabilize the regime. Camps were set up in Tamil Nadu and old RAW guerrillas’ trainers were dug out of retirement. RAW began arming the Tamil Tigers and training them at centers such as Gunda and Gorakhpur. As a sequel to this ploy, Sri Lanka was forced into Indian power-web when Indo-Sri Lanka Accord of 1987 was singed and Indian Peace-Keeping-Force (IPKF) landed in Sri Lanka.


The Ministry of External Affairs was also upset at RAW’s role in Sri Lanka as they felt that RAW was still continuing negotiations with the Tamil Tiger leader Parabhakran in contravention to the Indian government’s foreign policy. According to R Swaminathan, (former Special Secretary of RAW) it was this outfit which was used as the intermediary between Rajiv Gandhi and Tamil leader Parabhakaran. The former Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, J.N. Dixit even accused RAW of having given Rs. five Crore to the LTTE. At a later stage, RAW built up the EPRLF and ENDLF to fight against the LTTE which turned the situation in Sri Lanka highly volatile and uncertain later on.




Under a well-orchestrated RAW plan, on November 30 1988 a 300 to 400-strong well trained force of mercenaries, armed with automatic weapons, initially said to be of unknown origin, infiltrated in boats and stormed the capital of Maldives. They resorted to indiscriminate shooting and took high-level government officials as hostages. At the Presidential Palace, the small contingent of loyal national guards offered stiff resistance, which enabled President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom to shift to a safe place from where he issued urgent appeals for help from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Britain and the United States.


The Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi reacted promptly and about 1600 combat troops belonging to 50 Independent Para-Brigade in conjunction with Indian Naval units landed at Male under the code-name Operation Cactus. A number of IAF transport aircraft, escorted by fighters, were used for landing personnel, heavy equipment and supplies. Within hours of landing, the Indian troops flushed out the attackers form the streets and hideouts. Some of them surrendered to Indian troops, and many were captured by Indian Naval units while trying to escape along with their hostages in a Maldivian ship, Progress Light. Most of the 30 hostages including Ahmed Majtaba, Maldives Minister of Transport, were released. The Indian Government announced the success of the Operation Cactus and complimented the armed forces for a good job done.


The Indian Defense Minister while addressing IAF personnel at Bangalore claimed that the country’s prestige has gone high because of the peace-keeping role played by the Indian forces in Maldives. The International Community in general and the South Asian states in particular, however, viewed with suspicious the over-all concept and motives of the operation. The western media described it as a display of newly-acquired military muscle by India and its growing role as a regional police. Although the apparent identification of the two Maldivian nationals could be a sufficient reason, at its face value, to link it with the previous such attempts by the mercenaries, yet other converging factors, indicative of involvement of external hand, could hardly be ignored. Sailing of the mercenaries from Manar and Kankasanturai in Sri Lanka, which were in complete control of IPKF, and the timing and speed of the Indian intervention proved their involvement beyond any doubt.




Ever since the partition of the sub-continent India has been openly meddling in Nepal’s internal affairs by contriving internal strife and conflicts through RAW to destabilize the successive legitimate governments and prop up puppet regimes which would be more amenable Indian machinations. Armed insurrections were sponsored and abetted by RAW and later requests for military assistance to control these were managed through pro-India leaders. India has been aiding and inciting the Nepalese dissidents to collaborate with the Nepali Congress. For this they were supplied arms whenever the King or the Nepalese Government appeared to be drifting away from the Indian dictates and impinging on Indian hegemonic designs in the region. In fact, under the garb of the so-called democratization measures, the Maoists were actively encouraged to collect arms to resort to open rebellion against the legitimate Nepalese governments. The contrived rebellions provided India an opportunity to intervene militarily in Nepal, ostensibly to control the insurrections which were masterminded by the RAW itself. It was an active replay of the Indian performance in Sri Lanka and Maldives a few years earlier. RAW is particularly aiding the people of the Indian-origin and has been providing them with arms and ammunition. RAW has also infiltrated the ethnic Nepali refugees who have been extradited by Bhutan and have taken refuge in the eastern Nepal. RAW can exploit its links with these refugees in either that are against the Indian interest. Besides the Nepalese economy is totally controlled by the Indian money lenders, financiers and business mafia ( RAW’s Machination In South Asia by Shastra Dutta Pant, Kathmandu, 2003).




Since December 1979, throughout Afghan War, KGB, KHAD (WAD) (former Afghan intelligence outfit) and RAW stepped up their efforts to concentrate on influencing and covert exploitation of the tribes on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. There was intimate co-ordination between the three intelligence agencies not only in Afghanistan but in destabilization of Pakistan through subversion and sabotage plan related to Afghan refugees and mujahideen, the tribal belt and inside Pakistan. They jointly organized spotting and recruitment of hostile tribesmen and their training in guerrilla warfare, infiltration, subversion, sabotage and establishment of saboteur force/terrorist organizations in the pro-Afghan tribes of Pakistan in order to carry out bomb explosions in Afghan refugee camps in NWFP and Baluchistan to threaten and pressurize them to return to Afghanistan. They also carried out bomb blasts in populated areas deep inside Pakistan to create panic and hatred in the minds of locals against Afghan refugee mujahideen for pressurizing Pakistan to change its policies on Afghanistan.




Pakistan’s size, strength and potential have always overawed the Indians. It, therefore, always considers her main opponent in her expansionist doctrine. India’s animosity towards Pakistan is psychologically and ideologically deep-rooted and unassailable. India’s war with Pakistan in 1965 over Kashmir and in 1971 which resulted in the dismemberment of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh are just two examples.


Raw considers Sindh as Pakistan’s soft under-belly. It has, therefore, made it the prime target for sabotage and subversion. RAW has enrolled and extensive network of agents and anti-government elements, and is convinced that with a little push restless Sindh will revolt. Taking fullest advantage of the agitation in Sindh in 1983 and the ethnic riots, which have continued till today, RAW has deeply penetrated and cultivated dissidents and secessionists, thereby creating hard-liners unlikely to allow peace to return to Sindh. Raw is also involved similarly in Balochistan.


RAW is also being blamed for confusing the ground situation is Kashmir so as to keep the world attention away from the gross human rights violations by India in India occupied Kashmir. ISI being almost 20 years older than RAW and having acquired much higher standard of efficiency in its functioning , has become the prime target of RAW’s designs, ISI is considered to be a stumbling block in RAW’s operations, and has, therefore, been made a target of all kinds of massive misinformation and propaganda campaign. The tirade against ISI continues unabated. The idea is to keep ISI on the defensive by fictionalising and alleging its hand is supporting Kashmiri Mujahideen and Sikhs in Punjab. RAW’S fixation against ISI has taken the shape of ISI-phobia, as in India everyone traces down the origin of all happenings and shortcomings to the ISI . Be it an abduction at Bangalore or a student’s kidnapping at Cochin, be it a bank robbery at Calcutta or a financial scandal in Bombay, be it a bomb blast at Bombay or Bangladesh, they find an ISI hand in it ( “RAW :GLOBAL AND REGIONAL AMBITIONS” Edited by Rashid Ahmad Khan and Muhammad Saleem, Published by Islamabad Policy Research Institute, Asia Printers, Islamabad, 2005).


RAW over the years has admirably fulfilled its tasks of destabilising target states through unbridled export of terrorism. The India Doctrine spelt out a difficult and onerous role for RAW. It goes to its credit that it has accomplished its assigned objectives due to the endemic weakness in the state apparatus of those nations and failure of their leaders.