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November 1, 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008






When it comes to Muslims, police has a very well-defined policy: arrest them first and ask questions later. After all they can be available for third degree torture only in jail. But for others they are for saving the culprits with all the loopholes in the books. The way police is trying to save the accused who battered the Bhaiyyas on the local train and got on killed, the whole police hierarchy right from home minister to the bear policeman, all vocally defend the criminals for not committing a ‘HATE CRIME’. They virus that has been spewed by Raj Thackeray in the recent days, has so swiftly spread throughout the Maharashtra state, that it can only be referred to as HATE VIRUS. Wherever a few Marathis gather, all they talk about is how to tackle the first Bhaiyya. Be that on train, on buses, on footpaths, on over- bridges. The mastermind of this HATE VIRUS is none other than Raj Thackeray. No same person can deny it. Even Raj will not deny it. On the contrary he will boast about it. So when the police repeat ad nauseam, that it is not a hate crime, for the first time, India will have to come to term with the real face the crime that had hitherto hidden, as that hate was only reserved for Muslims. Now the virus has spread on and it will know no boundaries, unless those at the helm of the affair will realise that they have a clear choice: Save the criminals or save the nation.  


Maharashtra’s Congress and NCP are playing with the future of the state and its people, when they think they can save the criminals from among their political class and protect their turf for themselves. Mumbai, in fact is a chromosome from the very Idea of India, that keeps this nation together, in one piece. Mumbai’s cosmopolitan ethos has developed to carry the nation with it. If we fail in Mumbai, we will fail in all four corners of our nation. The evolution of the commercial city of Mumbai had been a boon to the idea of India. If all the diversities of India can be so merrily and happily accommodated in a small city, the spirit of Mumbai, should rule the whole nation. Now if some vested interests are allowed to inject the poison of separatism in our lives, it is for us to first recognise the disease and then swiftly cauterize the cancer.


Sharad Pawar, R. R. Patel and Vilas Rao Deshmukh have compromised with the fascists for their own narrow interests. If they realise that what they have been doing by playing up with a dangerous brand of trickery to bolster their hold on the state electorate, is sheer unpatriotic, they would save India first and eventually save their own political future. If they destroy the nation, they cannot hope to survive to enjoy any future.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Beaten to death for being a ‘bhaiyya’ – Mumbai Mirror – TOI

October 29, 2008

Beaten to death for being a ‘bhaiyya’



The attackers were fellow commuters who got into fight with victim and his three friends over a window seat




Nilesh Nikade

Satya Prakash and Dheeraj are among the three survivors. The four friends were attacked on a Khopoli-CST local

A migrant from Uttar Pradesh died after being beaten up on a local train by fellow commuters who allegedly humiliated him and his three friends on Tuesday afternoon after learning that they were ‘bhaiyyas’.

The deceased is Dharam Dev, 25, a resident of Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh. Dev was working as a helper at a construction site and was residing at Vashi phata. On Tuesday, he was on his way to Faizabad, along with his friends Dheeraj Kumar Verma, Satya Prakash and Virendra Rai, when they were cornered by other commuters at Khopoli, about 60 km from Mumbai.

The four went by bus to Khopoli where they boarded the 1.57 pm local for CST. 

Dheeraj said, “We were occupying the window seat but a group of 8 to 10 commuters, who appeared to be local villagers, forced us to vacate it. Then they asked if we were ‘bhaiyyas’? When we said ‘yes’, they started abusing us.”

The four men refused to take the abuse lying down. By then, the train had started moving. When it crossed Lowjee station, the other commuters allegedly overpowered the four men and started beating them up. 

“We were slapped and kicked. They made us sit like a ‘murga’ and apologise. Even after that, they were not satisfied and one of them kicked Dharam Dev’s stomach rendering him unconscious,” Dheeraj alleged. The commuters got down at Karjat while Dev and his friends continued their journey on the same train. When Dev said he could not bear the pain, Dheeraj called up the Railway Protection Force (RPF) control number 22620800, which is displayed in trains, from his mobile phone at 2.49 pm. 

The RPF control room confirmed receiving a call from a passenger informing that his friend was unconscious and needed urgent medical assistance.

“The person informed us that the train was reaching Neral. We immediately informed the station manager. However, the train had crossed Neral by then. We then informed station officials of Shelu and Wangani, but no policemen are posted there to tackle such situations,” RPF officials said.

D N Adhikari, deputy station master at Badlapur railway station, acted on the information received from the RPF and rushed Government Railway Policemen (GRP) personnel to attend to Dev and his friends. Dev was rushed to Dubey Hospital near Badlapur station, but was declared dead on arrival.

Satya Prakash, his friend, said, “We were helpless and scared. We had not imagined something of this sort could happen on our way back home. We have informed Dharam Dev’s family. They are coming to Mumbai.” 

At the time of filing this report, GRP were recording statements of the victims at the hospital.

A K Sharma, commissioner, GRP, said, “As per our information, the person died at the hospital. The information we have so far suggests that there were no external injuries on the bodies of these men. We are awaiting the results of their medical examination.”