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December 7, 2008

Sunday, December 07, 2008


One word that got repeated in all reporting of the Mumbai’s terror attack was ‘audacity’. People of India, long sanitized by bombings and riots, nevertheless, could not easily grasp what has hit them. The stealth, the swiftness, the dare, the confidence, the complete lack of any fear of death, the absence of any sermonizing — all facets of the 60 hour ordeal were mind-boggling.

Then, started the blame game in the media and the exhortations from the highest office of the land. All trying to take Indian people into confidence as to the real nature of this nightmarish disaster.

However, there were so many lose ends in the whole operation, that even though a large majority of Indians, long brainwashed into believing that if it is terror, violence or bombings, it has to be from the Muslims, internal or external variety.

A new development was the arrival of western media and western political figures, apparently each arrival, pressing its own agenda. However, the kind of interest shown by the western media, in the minutest detail of the whole carnage was something; India has never been blessed by, in the past. Commentators and analysts were discussing each and every episode of the tragedy, as if it did not happen in an Indian city of Mumbai, but as if it all happened in New York or London. In other words, the world this time around, treated Mumbai terror attack, at the same footing as 9/11 or London train bombings.

Detractors, that have to come essentially and initially from Muslim quarters, openly blamed Mossad and CIA for carrying on the operation, to save their client, the Hindutva brigade that was being systematically exposed by Mumbai’s ATS Chief Hemant Karkare. As it was believed, that BJP has been very close to Israel and American Zionists, all the bombing incidents, especially those in which Hindutva members died while preparing bombs, the planning and organisation and the conspiracy to use bombing incidents to achieve hidden agenda, like making a wave before coming elections, could have the hand of Mossad operatives in the background.

One fact that could not be explained by the detractors was the death of 5 or 7 Jews in the Nariman House at the hands of the terrorists. The counter argument was: how Mossad can not have taken the precaution to save their own Jewish citizens, if they were involved. They could not have endangered the lives of their own people.

New analysis is being bombarded from the US on the internet. And they are as audacious, as the terror attack itself.

It is contended, that under the guise of Jewish religious strictures, not to disfigure the dead, there was no legal postmortem carried on the 5 Jewish dead.

In fact, it is argued, there was no need for any postmortem as there were ‘no dead bodies’.

A big fraud was staged and the Israeli citizens were taken away to Israel alive but posing as dead. Israel organised a fake funeral to fool the world that it had nothing to do with the hundreds of dead, including citizens of many nations, in Mumbai carnage.

The conspiracy theory is as mind-boggling as the terror attack itself. However, Indians will not have to wait for long, before some insider will come out with the full scoop, how Mossad had fooled the people and leaders of India and saved its clients.

This is what I call: AUDACITY COMPOUNDED.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai