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The ‘Regime Change’ regime targets Iran – By Ghulam Muhammed

June 17, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The ‘Regime Change’ regime targets Iran

Long before Iran was to have its scheduled current election to elect or re-elect a new President, US had started its mission to sabotage the current Ahmadinejad regime, through massive instigation of opposition groups to prepare for an ‘Orange revolution’ type of ‘Green revolution’ in Iran. US Congress openly appropriated funds for this subversive mission. Obama came in with a new approach for speaking softly and engaging Iran in a dialog. The dialog was to try a new approach to substitute Israel’s obsessive demand to bomb away Iran’s nuclear facilities. Apparently after its disastrous war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, US and its NATO allies are not in a mood to ‘permit’ Israel to start another of its promoted war adventure. Obama had therefore acquiesced if not actively offered to sabotage the election and bring in a regime change in Iran, using the same strategies that US had so successfully used in regime change ‘revolutions’ in East European countries that had got their freedom from Soviet Union, though still under Russian affiliations. One after another, the coups were organised openly and world got the front row view of the staged revolution on 24 hour television coverage where crowds surged on government institutions while US and its allies, using their powerful media relentlessly bombarding the world with its cacophony of expression of outrage on brutalities heaped on the protestors, who were nothing put hired thugs of the US and its western allies.

The same strategy was adopted by the US in Iran. In the forefront of the subversive campaign is BBC, with its Persian radio and television services. BBC world service TV and radio programs relayed round the clock commentary and voices of disgruntled Iranians, from within as well as from outside Iran. The organised nature of BBC’s new coverage was fully exposed when BBC’s star senior journalist John Simpson majestically descended on the streets in Tehran to anoint the crowds and encourage mass revolt on the streets. Its street by street coverage through use of latest electronic gadgetry was a new trench war. Each and every snap and video clip was most dutifully displayed by BBC to the world audience and its commentaries in Persian were on a war footing. BBC’s website carries a hyper coverage of the events unfolding on the streets of Iran. The US stamp of organisation was so blatant, so typical and so arrogant, that no one in the world is convinced that the current street jamming is a home grown instantaneous protest movement. Though BBC again and again refered to the Khomeini’s revolution as to how the street demonstrations overthrew the regime, the stark difference between the spontaneity of the ‘Khomeini revolution’ and the entirely foreign backed and funded orchestrated subversion movement was not lost to the world at large.

It is not that Ahmadinejad’s government was not aware of the huge and widespread preparation by the so-called liberal forces, not only to participate in the free elections, but more than that to be prepared for a huge protest demonstration, to paralyze the entire nation after they have lost the elections, which was hundred percent certainty. Each and every town and city of Iran was activated. Still, President Ahmadinejad had chosen to be very cautious in his response to the expected street protests of the opposition demonstrations. In fact, it was a test of depth of Khomeini revolution to observe how after 3 decades, it can fight off another western challenge to its continuity with mass support from its people, not only from urban centres but from all over rural Iran, which is by far the much greater part of Iranian nation.

Like the Shah, Ahmadinejad could have unleashed terror on the street. But that would have been counterproductive and a blot on the face of Islamic revolution.

President Obama, who only days earlier in his Cairo speech to Muslim world, had mentioned with a tinge of regret, now very suspicious, about America’s interference in Iran through Mossadagh revolution and its overthrow. Even now, according to BBC, Obama was refusing to ‘meddle’ in Iran. In fact, Obama was trying to douse the inflamed country that would have been a major thrust point for his new beginning with the Muslim world. Obama held that there was not much difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi in terms of their actual policies and the world should not believe all the advertised expectation propaganda.

However, Mousavi has turned out to be a dumb witted leader, who is trying to ride two tigers in one go. If he thought the forces that are unleashed in his name are in fact, under his absolute command, he is only fooling himself. It is therefore, appropriate that Obama has publicly disassociated himself and his country from the turmoil in Iran. It is the kind of decisive turnaround that former US President Dwight Eisenhower used to force UK- France and Israel from their joint action in Egypt, fearing a world confrontation with the Soviets. This time the threat to US is not from their cold war rivals the Soviets but from the Muslim world. He can never achieve his goal to win the hearts and minds of Muslims around the world, if he had supported the liberals that were unleashed by a section of his own administration, together with Israeli planners.

In Iran now, time is of essence. As back in 2005, a similar protest move was made by the opposition of vote rigging and a recount was agreed by the Guardian Council. In similar vein the readily agreed recount by Guardian Council for a recount, seems to be a time honoured means to defuse the tension. However, this time, unless the western supporters are silenced, especially the subversive media like BBC, Obama will find it hard to fine-tune his new beginning with Iran. The ball is in Obama’s court.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai