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Fighting corruption: Is BJP serious? By Rajinder Puri – The Free Press Journal

April 30, 2009

Rajinder Puri, a very senior journalist has exposed in the following article published by The Free Press Journal, Mumbai, a very sensitive and very far reaching arrangement of some nature between a Foreign institution and Nehru-Gandhi Parivar that is ruling Indian National Congress. 

On the face of it, if the facts are proved, this arrangement is a direct threat to India’s security, integrity and dignity as a nation, which elects its leaders democratically and permits them to rule the nation by taking oath to abide by its constitution.

It is strange that Mr. Puri has called on BJP to fight this very serious charge of corruption. 

Are there no other independent public institutions that can redeem the nations’ shame, if the charges are proved. 

Is there nobody else that can grasp the gravity of the charges and move appropriate authorities, including judiciary, to set the matter right, punish the guilty in an exemplary manner, so that no such scale of corruption may raise its head in future. That will be greatest service to the nation, which is being buffeted by foreign powers from all sides, that are bent to reduce it to a slave state through planting proxies to rule over them.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai