Obama should win the war of ideas – By Ghulam Muhammed

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Obama should win the war of ideas


By Ghulam Muhammed


Newly elected US President’s first TV interview was to an Arabic channel, Al Arabia, apparently in his opening to Muslim world. The interview was re-telecast on CNN. Obama agreed with interviewer Hisham Melham, that in Muslim world, US was respected as it did not have a colonizing past. However, he said, it only within the span of last twenty to thirty years that US has been seen as antagonist to Arab and Muslim world.


It is at this point of argument that Obama should have further tried to analyse why this change came over. It is too early or too undiplomatic for him at his stage to pin-point the source of this estrangement, this disenchantment, but until and unless he realises and publicly frames his foreign politics initiatives countering the source of this estrangement, he will be belying the promise of change that brought him to world’s most powerful office. This singular source of America‘s estrangement with the world at large is Jewish neo-con’s exploitation of America‘s armed might to further Israel‘s convoluted ideas of security and expansion. Israel has been carved and supported by the US, partly as a military outpost in the heart of Muslim world; however, the way Israel has evolved and impacting US foreign policies, it is more like the case of tail wagging the dog.


Jews have found a weak spot in American people. They had cultivated brawn, but neglected brains. The vacuum is filled by a small minority of Jews, specializing in ideating the Americas, especially in the field of use of power.


Right from the days of the beginning of the Second World War, when the US was reluctant to break its isolated security existence, secured by world’s two great oceans, Atlantic to the East and Pacific to the West, Jews have been conspiring to drag the US into war for their own ‘noble’ cause of survival in the midst of anti-Semites of Europe. Nobody can deny, that US was blessed with peace while Europe was constantly embroiled in wars and human sufferings. In fact, US came into existence in its new avatar, mainly to escape the war torn history of European nations, bleeding each other at various legitimate and/or illegitimate pretext. It was the Jews, who were expert at propaganda and fear-mongering that changed the very ethos of the US. In the field of ideas and conspiracies, US people were laggards. They had stuck out to what their forefathers had sanctified in their constitution, the Bill of rights. Jews relentlessly worked to claim monopoly of supplying ideas and conspiracies to the brainless Americans. In fact, the Jewish thinkers and activists were so powerful and overwhelming in propounding their ideas and conspiracies, that US like President Bush, had nowhere to go other than following their dictats.


It is in this context, that US was singularly exploited by the Jews to form a prejudiced and biased opinion about the Muslim world, where an ongoing struggle was going on against the Israelis who were working day and night through endless initiatives of  confrontation with their neighbours in order to expand and secure their ‘greater Israel’ Zionist agenda.


The American Jews,  which can be identified at least partially as ‘Israeli lobby’, had forced US administration to put ‘clash of civilizations’ and ‘war against Islam’ —  neatly camouflaged as ‘war against terror’ as their first order of business. They proposed howAmerica‘s brute power can be profitably used to take over nations in the Middle East. The bait was the oil resources some of them possessed. They had chalked out a series of wars on their potential ‘enemies’ – Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan. This was to take upAmerica‘s half century in the service of Israeli interests, en-noblised as the greatest service to humanity by world’s lone super power.


9/11 was their masterstroke. The earliest American people come to terms with the glaring facts of the ghastly assault on their sense on invincibility, as the game-plan of Jewish-Israeli agents, infiltrating gullible disgruntled elements in Muslim world, the sooner they will be able to come to grip with their own destiny. Americans must realise that they are losing in a war of ideas to the Jewish/Zionist lobbyists. With the inauguration of Obama, there is an opening that a new beginning could be made to shake away the shackles of convoluted thinking imposed on American psyche by the Zionists and let them start thinking independently and freely, to bring in the change that Obama has so repeatedly promised.


That change should start with deliberate and conscious thwarting of all devilish moves that American Jewry and their compatriots in Israel make to subjugate America to their will. Obama is human, and if he cannot tackle Emanuel Rheum who can humiliate him in front of others in White House, by countering him in a weird show of camaraderie with the Chief, it is difficult to figure out, how he can break the stranglehold of the Jews around him. However, he must realise that the American people by giving him such a robust support across so many diving lines, have in fact revolted against the Jewish-Israeli lobby that had made the Bush administration the most hellish experience that American people and the world at large were forced to endure.


Obama wants to be friends with everybody. To an extant, that is a good public relations gambit. But he will have to have an enemy against which he can marshal his forces and unify his ranks. If he looks around and has courage of his conviction, he should legitimately make Israel and Jewish lobby his enemy number one. He may not get a second term, but even in his first term he should move fast to place ideas in motion, that would be difficult to dismantle in future. He should organise a think tank, that debars Jews and Israel from its thinking agenda and let it come out with alternatives, that go back to the earthy set of fundamentals and rule of law that founders of America had propounded and which had been thoroughly dismantled by the Jewish thinkers and conspirators. If America has to gain the goodwill and trust of the people within its boundaries and of the people around the world, he must junk Bush junkies who had chewed the world with their narrow parochial hidebound ideas of ruling the world, for the Jews and by the Jews to the exclusion of all ‘zombies’ that they are determined to make the rest of the world.


The Muslim world is now in disarray but has a king’s ransom of ideas as how to make the world a peaceful paradise through diplomacy rather than through brute force. All human lives are sacrosanct. If Obama as he has broadly hinted over and over again, succeeds in bridling his cronies and friends from the other side that are famously known for their hawkish arrogant ways, and boldly uses the office of his presidency for wider good of the nation and the world, he is sure to redeem his own dream of stepping in the shoes of US President Abraham Lincoln.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai



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