FROM TERRORISM TO FASCISM : The bloody trail of Malegaon Blasts and the Israel-US-RSS nexus – Proved: RSS took Money from ISI! By Amaresh Misra

From Terrorism to Fascism: The bloody trail of Malegaon Blasts and the Israel-US-RSS nexus

Proved: RSS took Money from ISI!

By Amaresh Misra

Hindutva elements of India—there is still time—do not shirk your responsibility—Muslims have condemned terrorism and have even said that they will deny burial space for any terrorist—now it is your turn—condemn RSS-Hindutva type terrorism or perish in hell! Come back to the fold of Sanatan Dharma—there is no such thing as Hinduism or Hindu—there is only Sanatan Dharma and Sanatanis—and Sanatan Dharma has a historical pact with Islam to fight Israel and western Imperialism.

Seek forgiveness from Shankaracharya of Dwarika and Badrinath—and enroll your Muslim brothers in the cause of nationalism. Otherwise NATO forces are knocking at your doors—they will destabilize both Pakistan and you—they will not see who is a Muslim and who a Hindu.



The Mumbai Police has failed miserably to put the lid on the can of worms opened by Hemant Karkare during the Malegaon Blast Investigations. There was widespread fear that the appointment of Raghuvanshi, a known RSS man, as the Mumbai ATS chief will lead to the emasculation of the Malegaon probe—but in the charge-sheet filed against Sadhvi Pragya Singh, Raj Kumar Purohit, Dayanand Pandey and others in the Malegaon Blast investigations by the Mumbai ATS, the fact that there indeed was a plot for a fascist takeover in India has been confirmed officially.
The 4,000 page long charge-sheet reveals that Purohit and his accomplices had planned to “suspend the Indian Constitution, and write a new Constitution” and force a regime change by a coup or some other armed method by the year 2024. Furthermore, they had received assurances and concrete help from Israel and the ex-Nepalese King Gyanendra for their project of a `Hindu Rashtra’.
In fact, in their reports on the charge-sheet the Times of India and Asian Age conveniently omitted the Israel angle. Both these papers also included the `Maoist’ angle—saying that Hindutva terrorists also sought and received help from Maoists, when even a political science rookie knows that Nepalese Maoists are not only against `Hindu Rashtra’, they have been instrumental in ending `Hindu Rashtra’ in Nepal.
Both the Hindustan Times and the Mumbai Mirror carried the Israeli angle in detail. In fact the Mumbai Mirror published a telephone conversation between the accused; a conversation which is a landmark in the history of criminal investigation in India, as it exposes, for the first time, that Mossad and Israel were not only supporting Hindutva terrorism, they were also keen on backing the project for a regime change and suspension of democracy in India.
The conversation given out in the charge-sheet is reproduced below. It tells of a harrowing anti-national conspiracy. The Mumbai Mirror report is as follows:

`Prasad Purohit in 2007 floated Abhinav Bharat with an intention to propagate a separate Hindu Rashtra with their own constitution, aims and objects as Bharat Swarajya, Surajya and Suraksha in its preamble,’ says the charge-sheet.

It further says that Purohit wanted to adopt a National Flag i.e. a solo themed saffron flag having golden ancient torch in the middle.

The charge-sheet also includes certain transcripts of conversations between Purohit, Dayanand Pandey and Ramesh Upadhyay, which has details about their men visiting Israel and also been in touch with Nepal based Maoists; excerpts from the transcripts of a conversation that the police claim was retrieved from Swami Dayanand Pande’s laptop.

The conversation reveals India dirtiest secret:

Purohit: I have contacted Israel. One of our captains has been to Israel…very positive response from their side. They have asked us to show them something on the ground.

Our website had not been launched yet. We just gave them on paper…they asked us to wait and watch for six months.

We had asked for four things…continuous and uninterrupted supply of equipment and training. Second thing allow us to start our office with saffron flag in Tel Aviv.

Number three…political asylum. Number four support our cause in UN that Hindu nation is born.

They have accepted two things. They don’t want to fly our national flag in Tel Aviv saying they don’t want to spoil their relations with India. Also they are saying that they cannot support us on international forum for two years.

Purohit: Let me also tell you our meeting had been fixed with King Gyanendra (of Nepal) on June 24, 2006 and then in 2007…the King had accepted the proposal…20 people from my side will train as officers there every six months…I’ll get 40 persons every year and 200 persons will train as jawans…I’ll get 400 soldiers. You being an independent nation, ask for Aks from Czekoslovakia, we will pay the money and the ammunition. The king has accepted…

The Mumbai Mirror continues:

Purohit again talks of a meeting in which relatives of King Gyanendra participated. There is also a reference of Queen Aishwarya, King Gyanendra’s wife.

Purohit clearly mentions that Israel agreed to two things—namely training and supply of equipment. And that they did not agree to the flying of a `Hindu Rashtra’ flag in Tel Aviv or recognizing a rebel `Hindu Rashtra’ Government in the UN.

The charge-sheet while attempting to take into account Karkare’s findings steers a course clear form blaming Israel directly. Then it states that no other leader was involved in the plot!

Did I hear this correctly—no other leader involved…why is the ATS trying to say `no other leader’? This is like the Mumbai Police’s statement during the Antulay controversy that `Karkare was hit by four bullets and they were not Police bullets’!

So the ATS is obviously trying to clear Narendra Modi, Praveen Togadia and who knows Lal Krishna Advani and maybe some Congress leaders.

But even this `compromise’—of naming Israel but clearing big leaders of involvement in the Malegaon blasts, and of not defining Israel’s role to the fullest, and of actually saying that Purohit’s group was not involved in other blasts in India, says a lot—it makes the buck stop but only tentatively. Because once you take Israel’s name, and once an accused in a bomb blast is quoted as saying that Israel has agreed to training and supply of equipment, the worms in the can get nastier. And though apolitical and opportunist civil libertarians and NGO type politicians and pseudo-leftists can still appear mum on the revelations, the end of their era of liberal-left double speak has begun.

This is the time for all patriotic forces in India to take stock—even communal elements in the establishment cannot hide Karkare’s findings. The charge-sheet also mentions that Mohan Bhagwat and Indranesh, two top RSS functionaries, took 20 Crores from the ISI and the Purohit gang was planning to kill them!

So two things are obvious—that the Hindutva camp, including the RSS are linked to the ISI—and that there are deep divisions within the Hindutva forces—to the extent that a part of them have broken loose and could have turned upon their ideological teachers.

What do we make of this? Why is there is no hue and cry over the RSS-ISI link? The RSS should not only be banned. Its leaders ought to be boycotted by their supporters for misleading their supporters by their tirade against Pakistan, when all the while they were taking money from the ISI!

There are also revelations about funding—it is written in the charge-sheet that Purohit collected Rs. 21 Lakhs—but it is not said whether those 21 lakhs went into the organization of Malegaon blasts. Again it is a rookie’s guess that a blast would require much more—and then what about the sources of funding?

Here, it is clear that the ATS is not carrying Karkare’s findings forward—Karkare, perhaps unwittingly had stumbled upon the source of funding of nearly all major terror attacks in India. Was the Israeli mafia involved? Was Mossad involved? Was the International diamond trade, which is controlled largely by the Jewish Mafia, involved?

It is well known that a conference of diamond traders was going on in the Taj when the attack took place on 26th November—some diamond traders were killed. But quite a few managed to escape. I will just leave the reader with a poser for now—remember that initial reports on the terror attack spoke of a gang-warfare; it is obvious that there were several groups, some working at cross purposes during the November 26th attack; was there one group belonging to one mafia force/security agency-secret service which carried out Karkare’s assassination and another which executed the Taj/Oberoi operation? The interesting thing is that the Israeli mafia currently controls much of the International diamond trade; and in that trade, a major Jewish diamond cartel, linked to Condelltza Rice, Bush’s Secretary of State, is locked in a fierce competition with a Dutch diamond cartel.

So the political alliance of Jewish fascists, called Zionists, and American fascists, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASP) is linked also to the diamond trade; I leave you with the poser posted on a blog:

“Is it a coincidence that blasts in Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Akshardham all targetted diamond traders and workers? In Mumbai train blasts all bombs were placed in the first class compartment which is mostly occupied by diamond traders of Panchratna building at the time of explosion. In 26/11, the CST random firing was started to divert the entire police action away from Leopold, Taj, Oberoi, Chabad house so that maximum diamond traders could be killed at these places. Is it a coincidence that Taj and Oberoi were hosting diamond trade conferences and meetings and had large number of diamond related guests put up? Is it a coincidence that the Chabad house founder is an ex- Israeli army-man who later started his own diamond polishing plant in Israel? Is it a coincidence that a few diamond traders got shot at Leopold cafe in the random firing? There is a lot sinister here and a lot more than meets the eye. Who could be the people who want to destroy the diamond trade and for what reasons? It could be a few top politicians from Maharashtra or Gujarat with whom the diamond industry may have touched a raw nerve on political matters? It could be Lev Leviev cartel, a Lubavitcher Jew, who is in cut throat competition with De Beers diamond firm? Are the De Beers polished diamond suppliers being systematically targeted by the Lev Leviev cartel? Are Qasab and company the ‘contractual killers’ hired from Pakistan to do the dirty job for politicians and diamond cartels? Did Hemant Karkare during his Malegaon probe bump into the ‘diamond terror’ network?”

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116 Responses to “FROM TERRORISM TO FASCISM : The bloody trail of Malegaon Blasts and the Israel-US-RSS nexus – Proved: RSS took Money from ISI! By Amaresh Misra”

  1. roland Says:

    maurice templesman and lev leviev , both jews , run a diamond mafia network from antwerp to west africa to india . even the recent attacks in chandrapur are linked to the control of diamond mines from gadchiroli to raipur ,which has immense diamond mines . there is a dangerous international mafia funding the naxals in these regions along with a few corrupt local officials .nearly 1400 armed policemen and paramilitary men have lost their lives fighting naxals in the last few years ,and a lot of it has never been extensively reported .

  2. roland Says:

    it would be very interesting to observe that hemant karkare served in anti naxal operations in chandrapur and gadchiroli .one more important aspect of hemant karkare’s posting is in austria for a long period as a RAW officer . austria is notorious for its diamond ,arms, drugs mafia and karkare would have been fully aware of it . the ‘arges’ hand grenades used by the mumbai attackers were austrian made and nearly 5 SIM cards of austrian origin were found with the terrorists . all these challenging postings helped hemant karkare crack the ‘diamond terrorism ‘ network and he paid the price for it with his life .

  3. roland Says:

    bharat shah owns diamond mines in a few west african countries and deobhog district in raipur , chattisgadh . recently rio tinto , who own ‘argyle diamonds acquired the mining rights of gold and diamonds in madhya pradesh. the delhi blasts in sadar bazar and karol bagh are linked to the acquisition of these mines . i hope some enlightened soul can do an honest investigation on this for the sake of unity and integrity of our nation .

  4. roland Says:

    1500 african natives are murdered everyday in congo ,sierra leone and angola for ‘blood diamonds’ . the US embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania were linked to diamond mines of africa .the MOSSAD and CIA death squads control the african native killings ,and it goes largely unreported .the 9/11 commisson report suggests ”there is no proof that diamond trade money was used in the attack by alqaeda ” . why are the americans distancing themselves from ‘diamond terrorism ‘ ? are they guilty ? the indian intelligence has a secret report that states west african conflict diamonds are being regularly smuggled to surat by sea route from israel ,antwerp and london .conflict diamonds or ‘blood diamonds ‘ are banned from commercial sales . it means there is a smuggling network of israeli backpackers on the sea route of west coast gujrat .the mumbai attackers could include a few of these backpackers from israel belgium or great britian if indian intelligence reports are true .

  5. roland Says:

    the RUF in sierra leone and charles taylor in liberia are very close to MOSSAD and CIA . the ALQAEDA is a covert terrorist group created by CIA and mossad to control diamond mines in africa , drug trade in afghanistan , oil in iraq . the pakistani army and intelligence are hand in glove with AL QAEDA , CIA AND MOSSAD FOR A SHARE IN THE ‘BLOOD CAPITALISM ‘ PIE .

  6. roland Says:

    ahmed shuja pasha ,the pakistan ISI chief served in sierra leone from 2001 to 2002 .before that the american and israeli intelligence had failed to control the diamond mines in a fierce battle between 1991 to 2001 between the americans and local militia . in just one year shuja pasha brought peace to sierra leone by negotiting a deal between the army ,rebels , natives and rogue neighbour liberia . pasha was picked up for this job by michael mullen and he delivered in favour of the american diamond cartel with his ‘social engineering’ . in 2002 ,pasha returned to islamabad and michael mullen asked mushhaaraf to give him a plum posting . he joined the ISI under ashfaq kiyani . later when kiyani became army chief ,pasha was made the ISI chief .after the mumbai attacks ,it was michael ullen who started the ‘non state actors ‘ theory before the pakistanis started parroting it .

  7. roland Says:

    the style used in the 26/11 attacks and akshardham attacks were similiar to the tactics used by rebels in sierra leone and its capital city of freetown .the rebel group RUF starts a random firing on innocent civilians and hurls hand grenades on unsuspecting people in freetown to divert the government military into the city in a long engaging battle . then another rebel group sets out to capture the mines from government control . the akshardham or swaminarayan temple complex has major trustees from the diamond town of palanpur and a few patels who are in the diamond trade . on the day of attack there was a 5 p.m function in the main hall of the swaminarayan complex .plenty of diamond traders had assembled for the function . the terrorist struck at 4.50 p.m and started a random firing on the guests. a few diamond traders got killed, many managed to escape unhurt, many were badly injured .

  8. roland Says:

    on 26/11 , the taj was hosting a diamond conference by DTC ( diamond trading company ) a sister concern of de beers when it was attacked . the rival of DTC is an active member of the chabad lubavitcher nariman house in diamond trade and is a very close friend of vladimir putin . his name is lev leviev .lev leviev name often crops up in diamond mafia activities in europe and africa .

  9. roland Says:

    we can now confidently say that 75 percent of major terrorist attacks in the world are linked to the diamond trade mafia ……..25 percent to local politics and general elections . it is infact a dirty gangwar of global diamond cartels taking place and innocent people in africa ,india ,europe and america getting killed for the greed of the bling bling trade . major part of global terrorism is linked to bling bling…. bling bang .

  10. roland Says:

    in the delhi blasts ,a bomb exploded very close to the DTC (diamond trading company ) headquarters . DTC is a family business enterprise of the world’s leading diamond traders de beers .

  11. roland Says:

    austria is under strict control of the zionist mafia . jorg haider , a fearless nationalist politician of austria was assasinated when he spoke of ending the zionist mafia control in austria . jorg haider warned that austrian economy would be doomed by ‘zionist bankers ‘ who were indulging in money laundering in drugs ,diamonds and illegal arms shipment.

  12. roland Says:

    nearly 6 terrorists of 26/11 had narcotic substances like LSD , COCAINE in their blood samples . it shows a sign of european or israeli drug habits.israelis also do a compulsory ‘circumcision ‘ like the muslims as per their religious teachings .

  13. roland Says:

    a few reports suggest that terrorists made a last call to new jersey and contacted dan samuels , a mossad agent .

  14. roland Says:

    vijay slaskar on 26/11 headed from his home straight to the taj hotel . at taj ,he was told that 2 terrorists were caught and were in colaba police station . he reached colaba police station and interrogated 2 israeli nationals . he got a call again to head for CST .

  15. roland Says:

    my ‘diamond terrorism ‘ theory is proving to be accurate . investigations have now reached austria where they say the mumbai attacks were planned . invesigators are now saying it was planned in austria .

  16. roland Says:

    a leading diamond merchant from mumbai named rashmi mehta used all his political clout and money power to ensure that the dead bodies of the nariman house rabbi and his wife did not undergo any post portem or autopsy . why was it allowed by the police in such a high profile case ? why were the bodies released very soon and allowed to go to israel ? why was nanny sandra ,who looked after baby moshe, a prime witness in the nariman house and also an indian citizen allowed to travel to israel ? what was the hurry and urgency shown by the israeli government in granting a super fast citizenship to nanny sandra ?

  17. roland Says:

    when we talk about austria , one name that emerges is the world famous ,is the austrian origin of rothschild brothers and company . rothschild are considered by many among the most powerful family on earth . they say the rothschild were responsible for starting the second world war from austria and are the oldest and richest banker’s on earth .many experts say rothchild banking funded the war against nazi germany. during the world war the rothschild funded a arms making company ‘rhienmetall waffe munition’ in austria. this same company is today the manufacturer of ‘arges’ hand grenades that were used in several terrorist attacks in india .

  18. roland Says:

    what is the link between leading mumbai diamond trader rashmi mehta with a lubavitcher centre and a rabbi ?

  19. roland Says:

    rio tinto mining ,that is mining diamonds in chhatarpur in madhya pradesh is owned by rothschild .

  20. roland Says:

    global terrorism linked to diamonds…………every government in the world is in denial mode on this sensitive subject . the american government went out of the way to ‘cover up’ the twin tower attacks links to african blood diamonds . the americans denied any links to diamonds in US embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania , when all honest investigations led to the footprints of blood diamonds . today , india is doing the same things like america . they have made every ‘cover up ‘ bid through media , newspapers and investgative reports that the forbidden word ‘diamond terrorism ‘ does not emerge anywhere ,despite clear footprints of diamond links in almost every major bomb blasts in various cities of india from mumbai to delhi .we live in the most dangerous world of ‘blood capitalists ‘ today and media tycoons like rupert murdoch decide the quality of ‘truth’ we all must believe in .yes , the media influence decides what is the ‘truth’………all other things are conspiracy theories .

  21. roland Says:

    talking about the media ,almost every news channel worth its salt in india dish out absolute crap……..’cock and bull’ stories and try to present a breaking news as a ‘soap opera ‘. the less said about the quality of every hindi news service channel ,the better. the hindi news channels are a disgrace , shame and mental torture on our kids who are growing up .the english news service is no better , only they pretend to be a bit more sophisticated . so u have an arnab goswami of ‘times now ‘ pretending to go to the bottom of every investigation , terrorism experts like maroof raza and g.parthasarthy sounding like the most honest men in the world , u r made to believe the panelists in ‘talk shows’ trying to spread the ‘gospel’ truth , but unfortunately at the end of all the ‘media circus ‘ u get a feeling of empty from inside . u feel the media terrorism experts and eminent lawyers were just wasting ur time , pretending to educate the viewers , but matter of fact they were hiding everything .

  22. roland Says:

    once upon a time in mumbai rakesh maria used to be the best investigative ,honest , efficent ,upright police officer of mumbai .mumbai police force was considered among the ‘best’ in the world and rated along with scotland yard .post liberalisation or post 1990’s era the decay in our police – politican -mafia nexus took very strong roots . the decay is total and complete today . terrorism has no links with any religion or faith of this world……terrorism is purely profits and politics . terrorism is a result of mafia -politician – police -capitalists banker’s unholy nexus .i call this nexus ‘blood capitlists’ . african ‘blood diamonds ‘ have strong links with blood capitalists worldwide .

  23. roland Says:

    the probe into the mumbai train blasts has become the biggest joke on the families of the innocent victims of that tragedy . that the mumbai train blasts specifically targetted diamond dealers and brokers of panchratna building is very clear now , but the investigators and police agencies have been taking the country on a ‘con’ ride for almost 3 years now . first the ATS arrests a bunch of young men and claims they belong to SIMI ,and conducted the blasts . more than 2 years later the crime branch picks up another young man and claims that the ATS catch was all wrong. the ATS strikes back at the crime branch by conducting a ‘lie detector test on sadiq shaikh and proving all claims of crime branch wrong . is this police ‘circus’ not a big fraud on this nation ?narendra modi who claims to be the biggest nationalist born in india also went out of his way to ‘cover up ‘ the diamond trade links in the ahmedabad twin blasts in the diamond street of the city as well as the attack on palanpuri jains in the diamond trade in swaminarayan temple in akshardham. why ? what is everybody hiding from the nation by not revealing that these bomb blasts are linked to the diamond industry ? the nation must wake up before more innocents lose their lives in the next bomb blasts conducted by the ‘blood capitalists ‘ or the ‘blood bankers ‘

  24. roland Says:

    atleast for me the mumbai attacks of 26/11 is a catastrophe of historic proportions . it made me realise how hollow and artificial the so called civilised developed world was . i discovered every investigating agency right from FBI to CIA to mumbai crime branch were into ‘cover ups ‘ and a puppet in the hands of ‘blood capitalists’ .i saw the media circus with all its hypocrisy at its best . i felt that religion or faith or poverty or deprivation did not cause terrorism…….the biggest and most dangerous terrorists of this world were the richest people on earth who funded it from their banks and money laundering system .i noticed that there was not a single politician on this planet or a world leader who was a true nationalist………everyone was a ‘capitalist opportunist’. i learnt that the mafia and terrorists were creations of the so called civilised society capitalists for the sake of profits .why did the FBI land in mumbai in a hurry as if india had faced its first terror attack ? why is the CIA chief on a visit to india ? i firmly believe that the americans have been caught with their pants down and i see no other reason for it . the next cheque for ‘aid’ to pakistan in billions will be for owning up to the mumbai attacks on behalf of CIA and rothschild bankers .those billions to rogue states come from pockets of tax payers money and honest middle class savings in banks and mutual funds that get wiped out by manipulation by these civilised capitalists .

  25. roland Says:

    with folded hands and tears in my eyes i ask humans of every single religion and faith ,everone who wants to contribute to world peace and end to terrorism to stop investing in gold and diamonds for luxury or fashion purpose . this is the least u can do to reduce the number of terrorist attacks and reduce the number of bomb blasts . when u buy these commodities u r funding a mafia and banker with blood in his hands of innocents worldwide .give up these luxuries and educate societies that ‘show off’ culture will bring blood and dead bodies to our doorsteps. why do all marriage celebrations in india have compulsory gold jewellery culture ? why does every american have to show affection with diamonds ? maybe ,we are all uneducated on who benifits when we purchase these luxury for artificial happiness . india or america or europe……….everyone needs a fairytale wedding gift of gold or diamonds………….but remember ur luxury comes at a cost of human genocide in africa ,bomb blasts in india , never ending war in sri lanka, death of millions of innocents worldwide , the rise of mafia powers in russia ,italy ,karachi and mumbai and new jersey . i leave the judgement to how much sensitive and empathy u have in u for fellow human lives .

  26. roland Says:

    i throw an open challenge to anyone who can convince me that 26/11 , 7/7 train bombings , akshardham , ahmedabad , jaipur , mumbai gateway blasts ,delhi blasts are not linked to diamonds . the challenge also goes to the biggest self confessed nationalist born in india shri narendra modi .

  27. roland Says:

    the challenge is also open to NDTV , TIMES NOW , ZEE NEWS ,AAJ TAK , INDIA TV , AND ALL OTHERS OF UR CREED . enough is enough . get real now……….if u have any shame left in ur eyes after u read ur fake news reports to the millions of ur viewers .

  28. roland Says:

    the taj hotel owner ratan tata is no angel just because he was born a parsi . the TATA family earned their early days money capital from smuggling banned opium to china illegally through corrupt british officers and jew financiers like david sassoon family based in mumbai . today also despite making all the money they maintain close links with the dubious n.m rothschild private banking who fund and do consultancy for almost all their investment projects . the rothschild bankers invest heavy in diamond and gold mines across the world and the TATA’S helped in creating the salwa judum private army and naxals in madhya pradesh ,maharashtra and chattisgadh diamond and gold mines . the TATA’S record in funding terrorism is not clean . many years ago a BODO or ULFA militant injured in a police encounter was secretly being treated in mumbai’s taj hotel for his bullet injuries…….the hotel room converted into a hospital bed . a lot of gujrati investors who have links to n.m rothschild private banking funds are heavily involved in terrorism funding in naxal ,maoist and other militancy regions in the north east . did anyone ever say poverty and deprivation causes terrorism ? think again now………its always these filthy rich high society dogs .

  29. roland Says:

    tony nagel of united kingdom and marc schwalb of belgium,both chabad jews ,were present in mumbai on 26/11 . they had paid a visit to nariman house ,tal hotel DTC conference ,and a gujrati diamond traders wedding function at oberoi trident on 26/11 .both these abovementioned jews are in the diamond industry .now why is the mumbai police and maharashtra government trying to impose restrictions on any coverage of 26/11 trials in court ? is it because a lot of people from diamond industry will be deposing as witnesses ? why is the mumbai crime branch become so desperate to hide the diamond trade angle to the attacks that shook the entire country ? anyone who has the right answers for this big ‘cover up ‘ ?

  30. roland Says:

    bharat shah of b.vijaykumar diamonds , dilip mehta owner of rosy blue diamond company and rashmi mehta of gembel diamond company hold the key to investigations into the real culprits behind the mumbai carnage . a strong citizens group of honest people is needed to watch over every proceedings of the mumbai trial or it will end up in a ‘eyewash’ like all previous bomb blast probes . the mumbai crime branch is misleading the nation on the 26/11 probe . the minority muslim community is always made the scapegoat in every major bomb blast and the short term memory syndrome of the majority community is well exploited by politicians and police to do a successful ,cover up ‘

  31. roland Says:

    the diamond merchant who was holding a family marriage celebration in oberoi trident needs to be questioned as well as the de beers and DTC (diamond trading company )management should come under scrutiny for holding their taj hotel diamond conference on 26/11 .the chabad nariman house records should be investigated on how many diamond merchants stayed there over a week’s period…… many diamond merchants visited naiman house for kosher dinner………whether nariman house was into money laundering from tel aviv ,antwerp or london for diamond payments …….whether the rabbi and his wife recieved commisson on ‘secret’ diamond deals and meetings that took place in nariman house between jews and gujratis in the diamond trade .

  32. roland Says:

    pakistan interior ministery asked 30 questions to india on the mumbai attacks and 2 additional questions .one of the questions was ” links of the surat diamond merchants to malegaon accused and details of their relatives living in karachi ”. india replied ”no diamond trader linked to malegaon probe and it is a ‘figment of imagination ” . now a complete censorship has been imposed on any reporting in media on mumbai train blasts and mumbai 26/11 attacks . this is a clear sign of the government being in a ‘cover up’ mood .

  33. roland Says:

    i would like shri ghulam muhammed and shri amresh mishra to respond to my comments .

  34. roland Says:

    an important thing to note is that hemant karkare started his malegaon arrests from surat ,the famous diamond city of india .it meand a brilliant officer like karkare must have smelled the blood in the bling bling diamonds .

  35. roland Says:

    it means

  36. roland Says:

    david sassoons son abdullah changed his name to albert ,moved to england from bombay , became a baronet and married into the n.m rothschild family .all the sassoon jews in europe are said to be descendents of david sassoon ,who was a very rich iraqi opium smuggler jew from bombay .

  37. taira Says:

    roland how do u know so much ? who r u ? u make plenty of sense to me.

  38. joy Says:

    tavleen singh the stupid arrogant oversmart journalist should read all this before passing judgements on the community she hates deep down from her heart . tell tavleen singh to stop preaching her intelligence on others as we no longer like her crooked wicked face.

  39. regina Says:

    tim roemer , is being appointed as the next US ambassador to india . now,this man was responsible for framing the fake 9/11 commisson report giving a clean chit to de beers and maurice templesman of all involvement in the attacks . does this mean more ‘diamond terrorism ‘ in india in the coming future . we need to keep a close vigil on all american and israeli appointments from now on and study the past background of the appointments made of evil men like tim roemer .

  40. roland Says:

    sadia shaikh has been released of all charges of any involvement in the mumbai train blasts . this was the same man whom a few months ago the mumbai crime branch dragged on national media and made him confess that he masterminded all blasts from mumbai to delhi . now ,they say they have no proof against him . so they have no real culprits in the mumbai train blasts ………just muslim scapegoats . what deters the mumbai crime branch and ATS from questioning n.m rothschild private banking ,members of the sassoon trust ,jain diamond merchants like bharat shah ,rashmi mehta and dilip mehta , DTC and DE BEERS office bearers based in mumbai on the mumbai train blasts and 26/11 attacks ? maybe all these people are too highly connected in political circles for the comforts of our police department . it seems very likely that the police department has been categorically told by their political bosses to frame muslim youths as scapegoats for all blasts . the police department at the moment has drawn blank on the real culprits of the various bomb blasts in the country . meanwhile ,the rothschils ,sassoons ,de beers , DTC (diamond trading company) ,BHARAT SHAH ,RASHMI MEHTA ,DILIP MEHTA AND COMPANY, SHRI RATAN TATA u all can get away with murder of innocents . but remember all u evil ‘capitalists’……..always remember……..BLOOD NEVER SLEEPS . the blood of innocents will never go waste , it will keep all these evil men awake at nights , it will haunt their ill gotten wealth from the opium trade , it will devalue the diamonds glitter in the markets , it will ensure the gross failure of landrover ,nano and corus steel plant .

  41. roland Says:

    the mumbai 26/11 trial is an absolute farce and a gross waste of public time and money .ujjawal nikam and abbas kazmi are conducting the trial as if the courtroom is a lunatic asylum . everything looks ‘fixed’. ujjawal nikam wants the judge to believe that the mumbai attacks were done to liberate kashmir from india . either ujjawal nikam is a illiterate small town lawyer who has no idea about DTC (diamond trading company ) and de beers , or if he knows them then he is nothing more than a courtroom ‘fixer’. ujjawal nikam and abbas kazmi are being paid money from the precious taxpayers money to lie to the nation . they both are taking the one billion indians sensiblities for granted . they think they are smarter than the common people of india or maybe they are just ‘puppets in the hands of the political system ‘ . GOD BLESS THEM………GOD SAVE THEM………GOD SHOW THEM THE LIGHT AND THE TRUE PATH……..AMEN.

  42. roland Says:

    the indian government is passing a ‘gag ‘ order that will soon try to prevent youngsters writing on internet blogs on sensitive matters like mumbai attacks . why has the government become so shaky suddenly ? is the congress government trying to curb ‘freedom of expression ‘ ? or trying to cover up for their israeli and american and british counterparts ? the congress must realize that young voter who value ‘freedom of expression’ voted them to power . by stopping their expression freedom u will be digging ur own grave . learn from the mistakes of the emergency days before it gets too late for u .finally ,investigate the role of DTC in the mumbai attacks if u have any gratitude to the people of india for getting voted back to power .

  43. roland Says:

    kavita karkare and vinita kamte ,both wives of slain brave cops,are indeed brave women of our times .their determination to get to the bottom of the truth on the mumbai attacks and find the real killers of their husband ,indeed puts a shame on many top cops who are hell bent on hiding facts .i m in full support of these two brave women ,who have questioned the police version time and again ,without getting any support from the public . where is the angry public that swore to change the corrupt system after 26/11 dissappeared ?nobody can be seen today when these two brave widows are asking for justice……for a honest probe . my advice to kavita karkare is to ask for a probe into the role of diamond traders of surat in malegaon blasts and whether hemant karkare had questioned anyone from the diamond industry during investigations. secondly she should ask in a press conference the role of DTC in the mumbai attacks at taj ,oberoi,leopold,nariman house and CST . DTC or diamond trading company is the biggest distributor of rough diamonds for polishing in surat .their name has appeared in various terrorist acts across africa and america .DTC is one of the suspects in the 9/11 attacks. i will support kavita karkare in her mission wholeheartedly in any way i can to get to her husband’s real killers .meanwhile ,DTC IS A PRIME SUSPECT.

  44. roland Says:


  45. roland Says:

    i have not been to hyderabad , yet i just bumped into an interesting information. the mecca masjid blast . the mecca masjid is right opposite the charminar and the gemstone and diamond jewellery market . again a diamond trade link here too. i firmly believe hemant karkare had discovered too much . now i plan to visit malegaon on an independent inquiry . or if anybody can provide me vital links and information on malegaon kabrastan adjoining areas that have diamond trade craftsmen with links to surat diamond industry. what is the history of malegaon’s diamond mill compound that was burnt down in the riots.does malegaon blast area have nearby craftsmen in diamond or gemstone works ? will someone guide me ?

  46. roland Says:


  47. tarique Says:

    the ram pradhan commiteee report makes no single mention of the DTC sightholders present in taj hotel during the 26/11 attacks . no newspaper or television channel worth its name has ever mentioned DTC sightholders present in taj and oberoi on 26/11. why ?now ,the maharashtra government is going on record to say that the ram pradhan report will not be made public and it will now be a ‘top secret’ report . what is this top secret ? i guess it is the DTC sightholders presence in taj and oberoi trident as well as in nariman house.

  48. tarique Says:

    the special public prosecutor ujjawal nikam is being paid a hefty fee of 25000 rupees per hearing in the qasab trial . he is being paid from the indian public taxpayers money to speak lies to the nation and prove in court that the 26/11 attack was done to liberate kashmir from india . our system has become filthy with corruption and lawyers like ujjawal nikam think they can easily take the public for a ride . meanwhile no media reports mentions the presence of DTC sightholders in the taj , oberoi and nariman house at the time of attack . no media reports ever mentioned the presence of miss varda shine , a top DTC executive in taj on the night of the attack . why ?

  49. tarique Says:

    rhienmettal waffe munition the austrian firm that makes the ‘arges’ hand grenades has its corporate sales office in new delhi in one of the office suites of taj hotel . the arges hand grenades have been used in parliament attack ,26/11 attacks as well as 1993 mumbai blasts and maybe akshardham too .

  50. tarique Says:

    more than 7 months after 26/11 , a BBC correspondent richard watson has come out with a theory about local muslim involvement from mumbai in the attacks. this is another british formula of ‘divide and rule’ by the englishmen . did that idiot richard watson not research the DTC links and diamond mafia links to the attacks in his investigations ? BBC………is it british broadcasting corporation……or bullshit broadcasting corporation ?

  51. tarique Says:

    BBC…….bullshit broadcasting corporation is back to its usual mischief mongering policy of ‘divide and rule’ in india . dan reed’s documentary on channel 4 of BBC has been made with the sole intention to create enemity among indian hindus and muslims . the contents are mischievious to the point of creating anger among hindus for muslims . dan reed’s intentions are evil here and clearly aimed at diverting the viewers attention from the diamond terrorism angle and DTC sightholders involvement in the attacks . mr dan reed, please do not film half truths……..half truths are dangerous . besides who sold the clips of the police confessional statement of ajmal qasab in nair hospital to this filmmaker after it was declared as a ‘top secret’ ? on a positive note ,i feel very happy that broadcasters who want to hide the capitalist-banker nexus in global terrorism are getting exposed . every move by the media on the 26/11 events is being closely watched . a ‘cover up’ effort here on the diamond terrorism links will be exposed .

  52. tarique Says:

    no newspaper ,no news channel no police or government agency provided any information on the presence of miss varda shine ( a DTC CEO ) in taj hotel on the night of the attacks . who is this miss varda shine ? a brief sketch about her……..varda shine is managing director of DTC INTERNATIONAL , the rough diamond section of de beers that controls approx. 40 percent of world diamond sales by value .in 1997 varda moved to london from diamdel in tel aviv to join the rough diamond divison of DTC .she became M.D. of DTC IN JANUARY 2006 after serving 22 years with the de beers group.varda shine left school in israel after a 2 year stint with the israeli army . she was managing the DTC sightholders meeting on the night of 26/11 in taj hotel. this fact was never brought to light by any media group and went unreported .

  53. tarique Says:

    there is bad news for the peace loving indian citizens . tim roemer will be cleared in a week’s time to travel to india as the next US ambassador to india . bad news because this guy is regarded in american political circles as a DTC . de beers , rio tinto and a maurice tempelsman ‘pimp’ . efforts are underway to post him to new delhi before the visit of hillary clinton to india . he was tipped to become the CIA chief but he missed the bus coz his role in presiding over the 9/11 commisson report……….giving a clean chit to DTC was questioned by many in the administeration . we will get to hear a lot about this evil demon called tim roemer in the days to come .WAKE UP INDIA………..A ENEMY AT OUR GATES .

  54. tarique Says:

  55. tarique Says:

  56. tarique Says:

  57. tarique Says:

  58. tarique Says:

  59. tarique Says:

  60. tarique Says:

  61. tarique Says:,25197,25806611-601,00.html ……….. a link to diamond and mining connections to the jakarta blasts

  62. tarique Says:……………a report from ‘wall street journal on the rio tinto mining executive being targetted .

  63. tarique Says:………….a link to the mining corporates targetted in the bali bombing

  64. tarique Says:……………..the crimes and human right abuses conducted on local population of various countries by mining corporate giants .

  65. tarique Says:

  66. tarique Says:…………………….a link to jewish diamond trade money laundering that is in many ways connected to 26/11.

  67. tarique Says:…………………….a link to jewish diamond trade money laundering that is in many ways connec to 26/11.

  68. tarique Says: _ a peek into the diamond trade players.

  69. tarique Says:

    mumbai based downmarket socialite queenie dhody is making big noises on the mumbai attacks and most of her remarks seems anti moslem or directed on the moslem community . she is a jewellery designer and involved with a jewellery promotion magazine promoted by terrorism sponsers DTC (diamond trading company ). this downmarket socialite knows very well which side her bread is buttered , even if it means shielding the DTC role in the five star hotels where she spend most of her ‘colorful’ nights . queenie dhody and her ilk think that common india suffers from a low IQ level and that varda shine who pays her must be shielded at all costs. WELCOME TO THE SLEAZY SOUTH MUMBAI WORLD OF DOWNMARKET SOCIALITE WHORES WHO TRY TO COMMENT TO INDIA LIKE A NUN .

  70. tarique Says: a link to pakistan’s pearl continental and j.w .marriot connections to ZAVER MINING COMPANY owner’s hashoo group.

  71. tarique Says:

    tim roemer ,the US ambassador to india is maintaining a low profile to the extent that the media has been told not to publish his 9/11 commisson report exploits . he was the commisoner who drafted the 9/11 commisson report . in his report he made sure that the names of diamond mining firms involvement in 9/11 never cropped up .before arriving in new delhi he made a big fool of himself when a slip of his liar tongue said ”a missile struck the pentagon” . in his report he had mentioned that the pentagon was struck by flight 77 of american airlines . his ‘missile’ blunder has now become a popular joke on internet comments. he is in india on a mission , to evacuate the tribal population in abujhmaad in chattisgarh that is the gateway to the 4000 jungle full of diamond reserves . the white house felt he was more useful in diamond mines than being a CIA chief .

  72. tarique Says:

    tim roemer’s family in laws are in the mining business so he is on a mission to abujhmaad tribal genocide in india . does tim roemer ever think that he has to die one day , that all his greed for the glitter is meaningless ?

  73. tarique Says:

    agha khan ,the leader of the khoja ismaili sect is a very dangerous man . his family have always been british supporters and they made all their wealth by piggybacking british and zionists . in pakistan ,most of the violence and bomb blasts can be attributed to the ‘secret’ activities of the agha khan henchmen . agha khan is one of the biggest mining stakes holders in pakistan mining belts such as balochistan and swat valley . we need to be more careful of these self proclaimed spiritual leaders in future . agha khan trust foundation and his shady business dealing are the reasons for what is happening in pakistan today .

  74. tarique Says:

    agha khan actually funds the powerful hashoo groups ZAVER MINING COMPANY . the hashoo group hosted pakistani armymen with mine and women in their five star hotels like j.w. marriot and pearl continental that were bombed . the armymen got royal treatment from the agha khanis hashoo group coz they were helping eliminate pakistan tribals in swat and balochistan who refused to part with the land of their ancestors to these mining companies . the poor tribals were eliminated by these pak army thugs in the name of taliban and al qaeda . i m glad that the tribals struck back on marriot and pearl continental . after all u cannot take the poor tribals for granted . i m glad a great number of pak top army officials were killed in the attacks .if u kill a tribal for his mineral rich land by propogating him as a terrorist , u will get it back from him even if u live in a fortress like j.w . marriot , one of the most high security hotels of pakistan.

  75. tarique Says:

    sorry it is ‘wine and women’

  76. tarique Says:

    the truth is slowly but surely emerging out . van jones , a envoirnmental department secretary in the obama cabinet has been shunted out and asked to resign when he said that the american government was involved in 9/11 . today the ahmedabad metropolitan court ruled that ishrat jahan encounter was fake . rakesh maria has been pulled up by the courts for trying to frame a muslim in a false case involving sadhvi pragya’s lawyer . more revelations are to follow . my special thanks to feroze mithiborwala ,amresh misra , ghulam mohammed and kishore jagtap for keeping hopes of truth alive and working for hindu muslim unity . GOD BLESS U ALL .

  77. tarique Says:

    today as indian citizens of a democratic nation we miss honest leaders like socialist madhu limaye a lot . today the country needs him the most . the hindu and muslim youths of this country need a friend ,guide and philosopher like him .shri madhu limaye as a parliamentarian in mid 70’s strongly opposed and prevented the entry of de beers in india on grounds that they were supporting apartheid in south africa and promoting violence in society . he stressed that allowing de beers to operate in india would amount to security problems for india . he was so correct more than 3 decades ago . de beers gained official entry in india post liberisation through a rajasthani royal princess and socialite and 2 retired army colonels ,who helped them in political connections . one of the army colonels was d.k .palit , who proved to be corrupt as hell . d.k. palit used his new delhi connections to convince the government that de beers was not a south african based group and operated from london . he argued that even russia dealt with de beers group .the government finally relented and de beers started its dealing with a delhi based firm HINDUSTAN DIAMOND COMPANY . the bankers of this company were BANK OF BERMUDA .both army officers were put on the board of this company . later de beers used this indian army connection to settle scores with indian diamond traders who strayed away from their sightholders policy or tried to source cheaper rough diamond from other companies . all these facts are well documented in the bestselling book ‘glitter and greed’ by author janine roberts . the reason of narrating this part of the book is because it has striking similiarities with col.purohit arrest from malegaon . now,it has to be investigated how many corrupt armymen , serving and retired both, are working for the de beers or DTC combine in india . it can help solve the mumbai train blasts,jaipur blasts,delhi blasts,samjhauta blasts ,mecca masjid blasts,ahmedabad blasts and akshardham attacks ,including 26/11 carnage .

  78. tarique Says: read from page 54 to page 59

  79. tarique Says:

    one of the most disturbing aspects of post liberalisation era in india is that our society at large especially in urban areas is moving towards right wing policies . the right wing infilteration in army ,police ,all political parties ,judiciary , social life is very harmful for the unity and integrity of this nation . big multinational corporates wanting to enter india for business will stoop to any given level including bomb blasts and terrorist attacks for their own selfish interests . the phenomenal rise of right wing politics arrived in india post 90’s era with the arrival of big multinationals.

  80. tarique Says:

    d.k.palit was in the 3rd battalion of 9 gorkha rifles . it proves that he had links in nepal . he was also on the board of hindustan diamond company and a de beers stooge .

  81. tarique Says:

    the varanasi blasts is also linked to the gemstone jewellery trade . a few bombs exploded in the busy market of gadaulia and nearby famous for jewellery trade.

  82. tarique Says:

    hemant karkare was bang on target with the arrest of armymen ,both past and present ,in the malegaon probe . if hemant karkare was alive today i m sure the entire oppenheimer family ,owner of de beers and DTC would have got beaten up by the entire world . yet as an optimist ,i feel glad that a martyr like hemant karkare ,in his death opened up the DTC de beers cupboard that is full of skeletons of innocents. his sacrifice will never go waste.hemant karkare in his glorius death achieved what no great leader of any nation could do . he put barrack obama ,tony blair ,george bush ,sarkozy ,clintons to shame by directly or indirectly taking on the oppenheimer family .none of the world famous leaders and politicians who make bold speeches have the guts to take on the oppenheimer family .

  83. tarique Says:

    the retired indian army majors and even a few serving officers connected to the DTC de beers cartel are a threat to national unity as well as hindu and muslim innocent lives . these armymen have betrayed their nation for greed . their hands are stained with blood of the majority as well as the minority community . they have betrayed the glorious trust and pride the p[eople of india has for the indian armed forces . these traitors must be brought to book by alert citizens of our country .

  84. tarique Says: highly credible people in america raise doubts on 9/11 official version .

  85. tarique Says: leading indian diamond trader dilip mehta discussing diamonds at the beginning of the clip with a ultra orthodox lubavithcher rabbi in mumbai .

  86. tarique Says: eli averbouch owner of leo scachter diamonds share some thought after surviving the taj hotel attacks .

  87. tarique Says: hollywood actor charlie sheen raises doubts over the 9/11 report .

  88. tarique Says: charle sheen raises doubts on 9/11 commisson report . is the crook timothy roemer listening ?

  89. tarique Says: how important is diamond trade in moving illgatten wealth without official agencies noticing it across the world ?

  90. tarique Says:


  91. tarique Says: an article on alrosa diamond company that was connected to mumbai’s nariman house .

  92. tarique Says: a link that shows kenneth haywood on whose computer the terror email involving ahmedabad blasts , had a past with US navy marine corps . US NAVY ADMIRAL MIKE MULLEN COMES STRAIGHT TO MY MIND IN THIS TERRORISM GAME .

  93. tarique Says:

    i have lost all respect i had for the present home minister of india , p.chidambaram , the harvard educated liar . they say he is a very good corporate lawyer , i feel he is a corporate capitalist liar and a curse on the poor tribals in the mineral rich lands of chattisgarh,maharashtra and jharkhand . he told the nation that he was visiting america to discuss 26/11 issues , he came back saying ‘the maoists and naxals ‘ are biggest threat to india . who are these maoists and naxals that he is shouting from rooftops about ? the facts is that these maoists and so called naxals are poor common villagers who own mineral rich land with gold and diamond reserves in them . the big mining giants want to grab these lands from the poor villagers by hook or by crook . these evil multinational mining giants are being aided by our home minister ,corupt police and a media that has lost all credibility to even exist . the media is making up all these ‘cock and bull’ stories about naxal threat and maoist danger, about how they are a ‘red taliban’ , since the time chidambaram landed in india from america . i m sure chidambaram was invited to america at the behest of mining companies like U.K. based vedanta , the evil nicky oppenheimer and the old fox maurice tempelsman and the lesbian ‘bitch’ hillary clinton to discuss the easy ways to grab mineral rich land from indian tribals. tell the indian public through media reports hat that are inhuman and kill them in fake stage managed encounter if they refuse to part with their land . now i know what some of our indian royal family membares go to learn at harvard ,oxford ,yale and cambridge and stanford . they learn to speak lies , promote inhuman capitalism , to encourage to loot what belongs to the poor, to kill innocents for profits , with a slogan ‘everything is fair in capitalism and profiteering’ .i wish chidambaram peeped into his soul as often as he peeps in his ‘lungi’. the harvard educated lungiwallah who breakfasts ENRON has lunch with VEDANTA MINING tea with MAURICE TEMPELSMAN dinner with NICKY OPPENHEIMER and sleep with the SATAN .

  94. tarique Says: how diamond industry is fuelling crime in money laundering or ‘hawala’ .

  95. tarique Says:

    de beers entered india in 1991 when indian economy got liberalised . that was the beginning of the process of private banks , private airlines , diamond mafia , fashion and ramp shows in india on a wide scale as never seen before . all these industries are connected to money laundering by corrupt politicians to secret swiss accounts or tax havens . politicians , colonels in big arms deals from multinationals ,could now easily convert their corruption earned crores into diamonds and hide it safely from the eyes of the world . considering that 50 out of the 85 DTC sightholders are gujrati indians ,shows that the maximum amount of corruption earned money to secret swiss accounts goes from india . it shows india is the largest money laundering centre of this world .corruption earned billions by politicians and beaurucrats all across the world has been going on for hundreds of years now and it is all hidden in diamonds . diamonds is the safest way to move money to any part of this world without the official agencies noticing it .

  96. tarique Says:

    what was the reason for bomb blasts in ahmedabad ,jaipur ,mumbai , delhi ,akshardham , mumbai train blasts , 26/11 attacks , mumbai gateway blasts and many more blasts in india ? the answer is very spine chilling………..9 out of every 10 diamonds mined anywhere in the world are polished in various indian cities according to carats , colour ,shape and size of the diamonds . the palanpur gujrati jains who dominate this industry for a 100 years now ,know every trick in the book of the ‘secret acticities’ in the diamond trade world dominated by jews like oppenheimer and rothschild banking and other swiss banks . since black money or corruption money are converted into diamonds by swiss bank authorities by politicians of almost every country of this world , the indian jains learnt about the shapes ,sizes colour and value of diamonds issued by the swiss authorities to their ‘secret’ clients ,who could encash them in many parts of the developed or developing world . some of these gujrati jains along with a few ultra orthodox lubavithcher jews of antwerp hit upon a novel idea to make ‘duplicate copies’ or counterfiets of the issued diamonds and make a quick buck . they got a lot of initial success and their cheating went on unnoticed for some time . then the swiss bankers woke up and discovered that non members with ‘duplicate diamonds ‘ of the issued token diamonds had encashed a lot of money in various countries . upon enquiry they discovered it was the palanpuri jains and their diamond polishing units all across india behind it . they now wanted to teach a lesson to these greedy gujratis. so one by one they used mafia elements ,religious fundamentalists ,ambitious politicians to target these centres through bomb blasts and terrorist attacks . the swiss authorities hid their murders by using the media to shout that the muslim fundamentalists were behind it all .

  97. tarique Says:

    airhostesses and fashion models who walk the ramp are one the sources to move diamonds of politicians and corrupt babus . that is where the fashion industry and private airlines comes in . so fashion business show organizers like queenie dhody and others help DTC move the diamonds of politicians and indian businessmen and mafia bosses . politicians also use parliament proceedings to lobby hard in favour of the diamond industry all across the world .in 1991 our indian economy was liberalised . by 1992 east west airlines ,the first private carrier was launched through mafia connections of dawood ibrahim . then in 1994 aishwarya rai and sushmita sen won beauty contests like miss universe and miss world paving way for a permanent ramp shows all across diamond trade cities in india . now we know everything was ‘fixed’ .

  98. tarique Says: madu koda ex jharkhand chief minister under the scanner for moving money to diamond mining africa and world trading diamond centres like thailand and dubai .

  99. tarique Says: about diamonds ,money laundering ,mafia and military secret world .

  100. tarique Says: is money everything in this world ? this is the question palanpuri jain families based in antwerp should ask themselves after the suicide of miten mehta ,a diamnond trader based in belgium . ‘khuda ki lathi beawaaz hai ‘ . come out all u palanpuri jain of antwerp and mumbai and confess to ur crimes or ur children will suffer more than the innocent families have suffered because of ur greed and deeds . lilavati hospital , a reputed 5 star hospital of mumbai failed to save their rich trustee from death . THAT IS THE UNDENIABLE JUSTICE OF GOD .

  101. tarique Says:

    the media is upto its dirty games yet again after the goa blasts . they are trying to paint it with a brush of hindu terrorism , though terrorism has nothing to do with any religion . after all big business houses control the media and the british system of trade is still practiced here . one of the significant aspects of the goa sanatan sanstha where the blasts took place , is that many foreign nationals were staying there illegally and without proper travel documents . the names of these foreigners and their nationality has been kept hidden and that raises suspicions . were they israelis or americans or eueopeans ? the nation needs the correct answers .

  102. JOY Says:

    investigate vedanta mining and its acquisition of 51 percent stakes in goa based SESA MINING , in connection with the goa blasts . the right time to corner p.chidambaram in his ‘lungi secrets ‘ with VEDANTA MINING .

  103. tarique Says:

    a bus owned by a state diamond company attacked in angola

  104. tarique Says:

    on thursday night a bright upcoming respected lawyer appointed by the maharashtra government to defend 26/11 accused is shot dead . shahid azmi was shot 5 times on thursday night . on friday morning the entire mumbai police machinery was put to promote the movie ‘my name is khan’ distributed by american film company ’20th century fox’ . it makes me wonder if i as an indian citizen ,is being governed by my countrymen or by the CIA ? the right wing leaning maharashtrian brahmins has totally infilterated the intelligence beareau ( IB ) in india . here, i will be not at all surprised if the recent pune blasts is blamed on muslim jihadi groups ,and scapegoat arrests of educated muslim youths is made and the cable media in india owned by the murdoch’s ,oppenheimers and rothschilds starts its anti muslim ‘soap opera ‘ in a ‘saas bahu’ style. today there is no difference between a ‘saas bahu’ serial and news journalism on television. news anchors like arnab goswami will gather clowns like parthasarathy , maroof raza and k.c.singh and the jehadi and pak rhetoric will go on as usual. not a single word will be uttered against the criminal backgrounds of the chabad centres and the osho commune who are international history sheeters in bioterrorism and cocaine marketing .

  105. tarique Says:

    a time to pay glowing tributes to advocate shahid azmi and his contribution to the civil liberties movement in india , his sacrifice for hindu ,christian and muslim youths framed under false charges of terrorism by our filthy corrupt legal system that even today thrives on the british and brahmin divide and rule policy. shahid azmi himself was framed under terrorism and TADA cases by the system . he was anti establishment yet a nationalist and secularist to the core. the legal system of india had betrayed him in his childhood. he took that scar in a positive light and decided to fight back the system that murdered youths by becoming a bright lawyer. he studied hard in jail,studied the corrupt system that had stabbed his talented youth, and wanted to make sure that nobody in his country would suffer the same fate as him. he never charged legal cort fees to many of his clients . he was instrumental in getting a stay on important cases like 2006 train blasts and aurangabad arms haul case , where educated muslim youths had been framed wrongly to ‘cover up’ for a diamond mafia ( bharat shah and DIAMOND TRADING COMPANY ) . he succesfully defended christian and hindu youths in court who had been falsely framed as naxalites by a system that was more loyal to multinational mining companies. we all know that there are several right wing organisations that will try to show shahid azmi in a poor light , but they will have egg on their face in the end . shahid azmi is the unsung hero of our times . god willing ,his sacrifice will not go waste , as the oppressed class mothers of this country will give birth to more shahid’s everyday till corruption ,british legacy and brahmin hegemony is rooted out of this country. he left a deep impression on me , and what i m writing today on this blog will be a small tribute to this great martyr and patriot of MOTHER INDIA . JAIHIND . SALAAM SHAHID SHAHEED AZMI . WE NEED MORE LIKE U TO SAVE THIS WORLD FROM GOING TO THE RIGHT WING DOGS .

  106. tarique Says:

    shame on rakesh maria for suggesting that the underworld shot shahid azmi for publicity . it shows the evil side of corrupt top cops in mumbai . a 26/11 government appointed lawyer has been shot and rakesh maria gives casual statements . no matter vinita kamte cornered him by pointing an accusing finger at him . it clearly shows rakesh maria is fully involved in 26/11 attacks and he will get exposed soon along with the (IB ) that controls hos mind ,body and soul .as an indian i feel cheated and insulted that a cop like him is asked to protect us .

  107. tarique Says:

    the more i see p.chidambaram the more i feel that harvard university produces excellent international crooks . the bespectacled lungi wearing home minister is more loyal to multinational mining companies than to his own people and country . chidambaran is a traitor of india and yet occupying an important post in government .he speaks lies to his nation everyday , after thats what he learned ay harvard .

  108. tarique Says:

    one thing is increasingly becoming clear day by day. that is the decline of extreme right wing hindu groups despite overwhelming support from the multinational corporates , multinational banks , diamond traders , military experts , investigating agencies , right wing minded cops , corporate media and their public sympathisers . they have failed very badly despite all the armourery at their disposal . post liberalisation era in india was a boon period for these right wing hindu outfits . they came out of their shadows flush with huge foreign funding from israel,UK and USA . their war cry was ‘muslims are traitors ‘ when they themselves were hand in glove with the anglo zionist combines .post babri mosque demolition they gained political power in india .the BJP was their party , hindutva was their logo , right wing type nationalism was their slogan and aim , selling the national assets to their foreign backers was their secret agenda . but as they say ‘ U CANNOT FOOL ALL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME ‘ . the majority indian who are among the most justice loving people in this world , saw through the evil workshops of these right wing outfits . thus,began their decline and it goes on . a lot of skeletons are yet to emerge from the cupboards of extreme right wing hindu outfits , though they managed to dump some in muslim cupboards thanks to the intelligence beareau of india ( IB ) . the intelligence beareau has been infilterated by right wing maharashtrian brahmins who are the root cause of major terrorist strikes in india .

  109. tarique Says:

    kasab trial or the courtroom farce has ended . the right wing kasab trial judge will pronounce his judgement on may 3 . that day for me will bring shame on the entire indian judiciary .judge m.l. tahilyani will have failed his nation for his secret right wing capitalist agenda . de beers and DTC will continue to set up bomb blasts in trains and buildings across the world. nothing has changed and life goes on . i m advised by right wing leaning experts to start seeing innocent things in life and close my eyes on capitalist corruption sweeping across the world. DTC managing director varda shine has got away with murder of 166 people or more if i was not told the entire truth .the politicans , police ,courts ,intelligence beareau ,media all stink badly today . it is a shame that top world leaders are connected to global terrorism .

  110. tarique Says:

    rakesh maria appointed the new ATS chief and the first thing he does is to frame muslims in pune blasts . it is now no secret that he is under the influence of right wing politics and policies . he pulled out a rabbit from thin air and exclaimed ”yasin bhatkal” . shri rakesh maria may i ask u …..does chabad mafia not exist in india ?…… the osho ashram not a notorious place ?……or is koregaon park or german bakery not connected to powerful cocaine dealers ? the only terrorists according to right wing are muslims and dalits and tribals of chattisgarh .

  111. tarique Says: modasa blasts may have surat rough diamond trade connections according to NIA .

  112. tarique Says: a douglas farah interview that discusses rough diamond trade links with WTC attacks .

  113. tarique Says:

    rakesh maria is at it again . a utterly corrupt person like him has been made ATS chief in maharashtra . as expected from him ,he blames muslims and arrests them for pune blasts . is there a system in our country where such disgraceful crooks can be nailed in prison for a lifetime ? does rakesh maria have something personal against muslims or islamic religion ? he has to come out openly and confess that he hates islam .

  114. tarique Says:

    the terror e mail in jama masjid firing traced to borivali and malad that is notorious market for illegal rough diamonds smuggled from russia and africa . yet rakesh maria is putting his best efforts to blame muslims for it . these days u never know whether munni is more badnaam or rakesh maria is more badnaam .

  115. tarique Says: the lilavati hospital trustee rashmi mehta in the dock by CNN IBN investgations .

  116. tarique Says: a series of articles linking diamond merchants mafia to terrorism and bomb blasts in india and america .

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