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FROM TERRORISM TO FASCISM : The bloody trail of Malegaon Blasts and the Israel-US-RSS nexus – Proved: RSS took Money from ISI! By Amaresh Misra

January 23, 2009

From Terrorism to Fascism: The bloody trail of Malegaon Blasts and the Israel-US-RSS nexus

Proved: RSS took Money from ISI!

By Amaresh Misra

Hindutva elements of India—there is still time—do not shirk your responsibility—Muslims have condemned terrorism and have even said that they will deny burial space for any terrorist—now it is your turn—condemn RSS-Hindutva type terrorism or perish in hell! Come back to the fold of Sanatan Dharma—there is no such thing as Hinduism or Hindu—there is only Sanatan Dharma and Sanatanis—and Sanatan Dharma has a historical pact with Islam to fight Israel and western Imperialism.

Seek forgiveness from Shankaracharya of Dwarika and Badrinath—and enroll your Muslim brothers in the cause of nationalism. Otherwise NATO forces are knocking at your doors—they will destabilize both Pakistan and you—they will not see who is a Muslim and who a Hindu.



The Mumbai Police has failed miserably to put the lid on the can of worms opened by Hemant Karkare during the Malegaon Blast Investigations. There was widespread fear that the appointment of Raghuvanshi, a known RSS man, as the Mumbai ATS chief will lead to the emasculation of the Malegaon probe—but in the charge-sheet filed against Sadhvi Pragya Singh, Raj Kumar Purohit, Dayanand Pandey and others in the Malegaon Blast investigations by the Mumbai ATS, the fact that there indeed was a plot for a fascist takeover in India has been confirmed officially.
The 4,000 page long charge-sheet reveals that Purohit and his accomplices had planned to “suspend the Indian Constitution, and write a new Constitution” and force a regime change by a coup or some other armed method by the year 2024. Furthermore, they had received assurances and concrete help from Israel and the ex-Nepalese King Gyanendra for their project of a `Hindu Rashtra’.
In fact, in their reports on the charge-sheet the Times of India and Asian Age conveniently omitted the Israel angle. Both these papers also included the `Maoist’ angle—saying that Hindutva terrorists also sought and received help from Maoists, when even a political science rookie knows that Nepalese Maoists are not only against `Hindu Rashtra’, they have been instrumental in ending `Hindu Rashtra’ in Nepal.
Both the Hindustan Times and the Mumbai Mirror carried the Israeli angle in detail. In fact the Mumbai Mirror published a telephone conversation between the accused; a conversation which is a landmark in the history of criminal investigation in India, as it exposes, for the first time, that Mossad and Israel were not only supporting Hindutva terrorism, they were also keen on backing the project for a regime change and suspension of democracy in India.
The conversation given out in the charge-sheet is reproduced below. It tells of a harrowing anti-national conspiracy. The Mumbai Mirror report is as follows:

`Prasad Purohit in 2007 floated Abhinav Bharat with an intention to propagate a separate Hindu Rashtra with their own constitution, aims and objects as Bharat Swarajya, Surajya and Suraksha in its preamble,’ says the charge-sheet.

It further says that Purohit wanted to adopt a National Flag i.e. a solo themed saffron flag having golden ancient torch in the middle.

The charge-sheet also includes certain transcripts of conversations between Purohit, Dayanand Pandey and Ramesh Upadhyay, which has details about their men visiting Israel and also been in touch with Nepal based Maoists; excerpts from the transcripts of a conversation that the police claim was retrieved from Swami Dayanand Pande’s laptop.

The conversation reveals India dirtiest secret:

Purohit: I have contacted Israel. One of our captains has been to Israel…very positive response from their side. They have asked us to show them something on the ground.

Our website had not been launched yet. We just gave them on paper…they asked us to wait and watch for six months.

We had asked for four things…continuous and uninterrupted supply of equipment and training. Second thing allow us to start our office with saffron flag in Tel Aviv.

Number three…political asylum. Number four support our cause in UN that Hindu nation is born.

They have accepted two things. They don’t want to fly our national flag in Tel Aviv saying they don’t want to spoil their relations with India. Also they are saying that they cannot support us on international forum for two years.

Purohit: Let me also tell you our meeting had been fixed with King Gyanendra (of Nepal) on June 24, 2006 and then in 2007…the King had accepted the proposal…20 people from my side will train as officers there every six months…I’ll get 40 persons every year and 200 persons will train as jawans…I’ll get 400 soldiers. You being an independent nation, ask for Aks from Czekoslovakia, we will pay the money and the ammunition. The king has accepted…

The Mumbai Mirror continues:

Purohit again talks of a meeting in which relatives of King Gyanendra participated. There is also a reference of Queen Aishwarya, King Gyanendra’s wife.

Purohit clearly mentions that Israel agreed to two things—namely training and supply of equipment. And that they did not agree to the flying of a `Hindu Rashtra’ flag in Tel Aviv or recognizing a rebel `Hindu Rashtra’ Government in the UN.

The charge-sheet while attempting to take into account Karkare’s findings steers a course clear form blaming Israel directly. Then it states that no other leader was involved in the plot!

Did I hear this correctly—no other leader involved…why is the ATS trying to say `no other leader’? This is like the Mumbai Police’s statement during the Antulay controversy that `Karkare was hit by four bullets and they were not Police bullets’!

So the ATS is obviously trying to clear Narendra Modi, Praveen Togadia and who knows Lal Krishna Advani and maybe some Congress leaders.

But even this `compromise’—of naming Israel but clearing big leaders of involvement in the Malegaon blasts, and of not defining Israel’s role to the fullest, and of actually saying that Purohit’s group was not involved in other blasts in India, says a lot—it makes the buck stop but only tentatively. Because once you take Israel’s name, and once an accused in a bomb blast is quoted as saying that Israel has agreed to training and supply of equipment, the worms in the can get nastier. And though apolitical and opportunist civil libertarians and NGO type politicians and pseudo-leftists can still appear mum on the revelations, the end of their era of liberal-left double speak has begun.

This is the time for all patriotic forces in India to take stock—even communal elements in the establishment cannot hide Karkare’s findings. The charge-sheet also mentions that Mohan Bhagwat and Indranesh, two top RSS functionaries, took 20 Crores from the ISI and the Purohit gang was planning to kill them!

So two things are obvious—that the Hindutva camp, including the RSS are linked to the ISI—and that there are deep divisions within the Hindutva forces—to the extent that a part of them have broken loose and could have turned upon their ideological teachers.

What do we make of this? Why is there is no hue and cry over the RSS-ISI link? The RSS should not only be banned. Its leaders ought to be boycotted by their supporters for misleading their supporters by their tirade against Pakistan, when all the while they were taking money from the ISI!

There are also revelations about funding—it is written in the charge-sheet that Purohit collected Rs. 21 Lakhs—but it is not said whether those 21 lakhs went into the organization of Malegaon blasts. Again it is a rookie’s guess that a blast would require much more—and then what about the sources of funding?

Here, it is clear that the ATS is not carrying Karkare’s findings forward—Karkare, perhaps unwittingly had stumbled upon the source of funding of nearly all major terror attacks in India. Was the Israeli mafia involved? Was Mossad involved? Was the International diamond trade, which is controlled largely by the Jewish Mafia, involved?

It is well known that a conference of diamond traders was going on in the Taj when the attack took place on 26th November—some diamond traders were killed. But quite a few managed to escape. I will just leave the reader with a poser for now—remember that initial reports on the terror attack spoke of a gang-warfare; it is obvious that there were several groups, some working at cross purposes during the November 26th attack; was there one group belonging to one mafia force/security agency-secret service which carried out Karkare’s assassination and another which executed the Taj/Oberoi operation? The interesting thing is that the Israeli mafia currently controls much of the International diamond trade; and in that trade, a major Jewish diamond cartel, linked to Condelltza Rice, Bush’s Secretary of State, is locked in a fierce competition with a Dutch diamond cartel.

So the political alliance of Jewish fascists, called Zionists, and American fascists, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASP) is linked also to the diamond trade; I leave you with the poser posted on a blog:

“Is it a coincidence that blasts in Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Akshardham all targetted diamond traders and workers? In Mumbai train blasts all bombs were placed in the first class compartment which is mostly occupied by diamond traders of Panchratna building at the time of explosion. In 26/11, the CST random firing was started to divert the entire police action away from Leopold, Taj, Oberoi, Chabad house so that maximum diamond traders could be killed at these places. Is it a coincidence that Taj and Oberoi were hosting diamond trade conferences and meetings and had large number of diamond related guests put up? Is it a coincidence that the Chabad house founder is an ex- Israeli army-man who later started his own diamond polishing plant in Israel? Is it a coincidence that a few diamond traders got shot at Leopold cafe in the random firing? There is a lot sinister here and a lot more than meets the eye. Who could be the people who want to destroy the diamond trade and for what reasons? It could be a few top politicians from Maharashtra or Gujarat with whom the diamond industry may have touched a raw nerve on political matters? It could be Lev Leviev cartel, a Lubavitcher Jew, who is in cut throat competition with De Beers diamond firm? Are the De Beers polished diamond suppliers being systematically targeted by the Lev Leviev cartel? Are Qasab and company the ‘contractual killers’ hired from Pakistan to do the dirty job for politicians and diamond cartels? Did Hemant Karkare during his Malegaon probe bump into the ‘diamond terror’ network?”


January 23, 2009


by Feroze Mithiborwala
23rd January 2009

President Obama in his urge to show the world that one of the first acts of his administration will be to get actively involved in the Palestine / Israel conflict and the larger Arab arena as well as the South Asian theatre has made three appointments. But the imbalance inherent in the appointments of George J. Mitchell as special envoy to Palestine / Israel and the Arab states, Richard Holbrooke to Afghanistan / Pakistan and Dennis Ross to Iran have sowed the seeds for further destruction and war.

Of the three, George J. Mitchell is the only honest negotiator in the Obama team with a track record of proven results in Ireland. He is a true Democrat, in the legacy of Jimmy Carter, with both a commitment and a conviction to bring peace to Palestine and Israel and thus all the region.

Whilst announcing Mr. Mitchell’s appointment, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who herself is beholden to the Israeli Lobby and is a Zionist herself, did not even mention Palestine and stated that G. J. Mitchell would undertake to negotiate between Israel and the Arab States. It was only after Mr. Mitchell clearly mentioned Palestine as being the key to the region, did Hillary refer to the matter.

One may also recall that Hillary had also threatened to “nuke Iran” and today she is the Secretary of State.

Moreover President Obama himself is giving very little room for Mr. Mitchell to involve all the representative forces within Palestine.

Unfortunately Obama still believes that ex-President Mahmood Abbas enjoys the support of his people, moreover since his constitutional term expired on 9th January 2009. The Palestine Authority is in tatters due to the Israeli intransigence and yet Obama wants to exclude the democratically elected Hamas government from the dialogue. This is a sure recipe for a guaranteed disaster and will only serve to reduce any space for maneuver for Mr. Mitchell who faces the most daunting and onerous task.

Especially after the Israeli genocidal attack on Gaza, where Obama chose to keep mum, the will of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation has grown and so has the global support for the cause of the Palestinian nation. Even during Obama’s inaugural speech, he chose to desist from condemning the “shoah” in Gaza that was witnessed across every household in the world and had miraculously (?) come to a halt two days prior to the swearing in of the new president.

Richard Holbrooke the special envoy for Afghanistan & Pakistan is a hawk and is currently part of the neoconservative organization, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI). Mr. Holbrooke is also referred to as a Hillary Neoconservative. He has co-authored a statement with the extreme hawk and Neocon, Dennis Ross that openly threatens military action against Iran.

Holbrooke has also been part of the National Endowment for Democracy that advocates “regime change”. Holbrooke is also part of the “Council for Foreign Relations” which is the bastion of the Israeli lobby and it is the CFR that dominates and determines US foreign policy.

Dennis Ross who is the special envoy to Iran is a hardened Neocon, an Iran baiter and an Israel-Firster. He supported the war on Iraq which Obama has opposed. Ross has also served with the pro-Israel think tank, Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) as well as with the “Jewish People Policy Planning Institute” (JPPPI), based in Jerusalem.

Dennis Ross has co-authored the report “Meeting the Challenge: US Policy towards Iranian Nuclear Development”. This report alludes to an Iranian nuclear programme that has been debunked by the CIA National Intelligence Report (Nov 2007) that said that the Iran nuclear program was on hold.

The report calls for the military encirclement of Iran, pressure on Iran to abrogate its nuclear programme and thus leading to its logical extension where “war becomes inevitable”.

It is clear to all those who understand the regions of the Middle East and South Asia that the Obama appointees are doomed to fail. If Obama was serious in pursuing peace then Holbrooke and Ross would not have been the considered choice.

And failure, as per the calculations of the Neoconservatives and the Zionists will lead to war.

The call for war under a McCain would have not found support either within America or the world at large, but the Neoconservative / Zionist calculation is to have a supposed liberal called Obama, who having tried to negotiate and use diplomacy and having failed, will then appeal for war.

Obama in his inaugural speech had also stated that,

“Our nation is at war against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred” &

“We will not apologise for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense”

and more ominously he further states that,

“For those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughter of innocents (very applicable to Israel), we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken, you cannot outlast us & we will defeat you”.

All of the above are classic Bush-Neoconservatism, couched in the suave & sophisticated liberalism of a Black president, with Hussein as his middle name.

And therein lies the danger !!