Malegaon men wanted a monarch for India

Malegaon men wanted a monarch for India
Wanted to cannibalise RSS, VHP and put an end to democracy; were even hoping for help from the UN
By Deeptiman Tiwary
Posted On Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 02:20:16 AM

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Lt Colonel Prasad Purohit and his organisation Abhinav Bharat had unimaginably large plans for their Hindu Rashtra. Not only was it going to be a monarchy, they would seek its legitimacy from no less an organisation than the United Nations Organisation (UNO). The outfit wanted to have a single centre of Hindu strength and had thus planned to cannibalise the RSS and the VHP. 

Also, there was no place for detractors in Abhinav Bharat’s ideology. The group planned to eliminate anyone and everyone who was opposed to their idea of the Hindu Rashtra and had even prepared a list of 75 people.

According to statements of witnesses, as recorded in the charge sheet filed by the ATS in MCOCA court, accused Dayanand Pande and Purohit in various meetings discussed in detail about establishing a Hindu Rashtra and uniting all Hindu forces. At one of the meetings, Pande expressed that there was no space for democracy in their Hindu Rashtra and that there should be a king ruling over it.

In a statement of a witness, who owns a sugar mill in Motihari in Bihar and was part of most of the Abhinav Bharat meetings, he says that these facts were first discussed at a meeting held in Ujjain in August. He says that during the meeting Pande argued that like in 1947 the UNO agreed to the division of a nation on religious lines, they would again approach the world body to help them carve out an Independent Hindu Rashtra out of India. “…This independent state for Hindus would not be based on democratic principles but be a monarchy.”

An officer from the Army Education Corps who was present at one of the meetings, has revealed that though Abhinav Bharat was itself a Hindu right wing organisation, its members had little faith in the RSS and the VHP. In the long run, they wanted to dismantle both organisations and bring them under the umbrella of Abhinav Bharat.

In the statement, the armyman says, “Shankaracharya (ie Pande) also spoke about Government in Exile etc. Lt Col Purohit talked about cannibalisation of RSS, VHP and forming a pure Hindu organisation and the need for an academy of ideological indoctrination.”

The armyman has further added in his statement that Purohit talked of political excommunication of those who would oppose and that this excommunication would be in the form of elimination.

This statement is seconded by another witness, former general secretary and present member of World Hindu Federation, who even put a number to this idea of elimination of opponents. According to his statement, the organisation had prepared a list of 75 people, who would be eliminated. In the statement he says: “…In that meeting (held on Januray 26, 2008) Lt Col Purohit said that if anyone opposed their Hindu Aryavart Government, he would be excommunicated and killed. He said a list of 75 such people had been prepared.”



One Response to “Malegaon men wanted a monarch for India”

  1. ghulammuhammed Says:

    What an irony! They lost world’s only HINDU KINGDOM of Nepal to Maoist terror organisation and now they want to enlist the same Maoist to carve a Hindu Aryavart within India. Since 1925, RSS took their lessons from the Fascists Mussolini and Hitler and had formed a formidable politico-religious space in India for their racist hegemony. Alas, in Indian democracy, they are fast disintegrating and the same caste divisions that their ancestors had founded and nurtured, have come to haunt them and spreading disintegration in their ranks.

    Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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