Muslim leadership condemn Ambani, Mittal for projecting Modi as PM

Muslim leadership condemn Ambani, Mittal for projecting Modi as PM
Submitted by admin2 on 18 January 2009 – 12:05am. Indian Muslim
By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

New Delhi: Reacting strongly to the statements wherein leading industrialists of the country have described Gujarat Chief Minister as good prime ministerial matter, Muslim organizations have condemned the industrialists for supporting fascist forces.

Muslim leaders have said that it will be unfortunate for the country if it is led by a person who is responsible for massacres and ethnic cleansing in his state. They expressed the need that the industrialists should be involved in dialogue and convinced that they are seeing just one side of the coin.

In a global investors summit that ended on January 13, three top leading industrialists of the country – Anil Ambani, Chairman, ADAG, Sunil Mittal, Chairman, Bharti Group and Rattan Tata, Chairman Tata Motors – appeared supporting Narendra Modi as the next leader of the country because he has brought unprecedented development in Gujarat.

Talking to Nusrat Ali, General Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind said: “Nothing could be more unfortunate for a country if a person who is involved in massacre and ethnic cleansing becomes prime minister.” He said that the thinking of the industrialists and their proposal is absolutely wrong.

He expressed his concern over narrowing gap between industrialists and fascists. “That industrialists and fascists are coming closure is also unfortunate for the country. The government should take notice of the issue and industrialists should also rethink about their own views,” said Nusrat Ali.

Asked if the products of the companies chaired by these industrialists should be boycotted, he said: “People should protest the statement of the industrialists. Rather than boycotting their products there is a need for the society to change the mentality of such businessmen.”

Dr Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyas, Member, Executive Committee, All India Muslim Personal Law Board also describes the statements of the industrialists as “very unfortunate.” Talking to TCN he said: “You cannot see the one side of Narendra Modi – whatever he is doing on developmental issues and investment issues – and on the basis of this you decide that he is the person who is capable of running a country.” Given the fact that India is a plural society with different religions and people, only a person should be at the helm of affairs who respect the diversity of the country, a person who is ready to tolerate all other religions, he said. “As far as Narendra Modi is concerned he is known internationally not for development which is taking place in Gujarat but for the pogrom 2002,” he pointed out.

Dr Ilyas is of the view that these people should be involved in dialogue to help them see the other side of the coin. “We should ask these people to take back their statements. It is not correct that on each and every issue we should come forward and boycott product of a company. These industrialists might be seeing only one side of the coin, not the both sides. We should meet them and engage them in dialogue and convince them that this type of one sided statement is not healthy for the society.”

Abdul Wahab Khilji, General Secretary, All India Milli Council, however, says that people should keep distance from fascists and those supporting the fascists while admitting that in democracy everyone has the right to express his views.

“But it seems that the industrialists have projected Modi as PM just keeping in view their own business interests. But we think that for the sovereignty and security of the country and for democracy and secularism, Narendra Modi can never be a good option,” Khilji says adding that the acts and deeds of Narendra Modi are known to people. Not only Muslims but no peace-loving people will accept him as the leader of the country.

Meanwhile, Hyderabad-based active Musim organization Majlis Bachao Tahreek has given a call for boycott of products of the company chaired by Anil Ambani. In one-page advertisement MBT said Muslims should boycott Reliance phone, petrol and other products. “Anil Ambani’s wish to make Narendra Modi, killer of thousands of Muslims, as prime minister, is like rubbing salt into wounds of Muslims.”

Ex-corporator and MBT leader Muhammad Amjadullah Khan led a protest on Friday in Hyderabad. The protestors burnt the effigy of Anil Ambani for projecting Narender Modi as PM of India. The agitation took place at different places after Friday Namaz at Ujalesha Mosque in Saidabad, Hyderabad. Later another dharna was held at Santosnagar Reliance FRESH and the police arrested all the MBT leaders when they tried to go inside the shop. Speaking on the occasion Amjedullah Khan appealed to all the Muslims and secular Hindus to boycott all the Reliance products.

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5 Responses to “Muslim leadership condemn Ambani, Mittal for projecting Modi as PM”

  1. Azeem Says:

    How can Modi be the Prime ministerial Material after killing 3000 innocent women and children in gujarat , when he was campaining for the state elections he did not even visit muslim areas and said , “I dont Want Muslim Votes” , How then the hopes of 200 million Mostly poor Muslim can be associated with this type of leaders who commit genocide and who are merchants of Death and Destructions as told by Sonia Gandhi.If he doesnt like Muslims, then why the hell he is sending delagation to Muslim countries and begging to invest in Gujarat Global Investemt, Sir winging elections will never clean the blot of genocide against innocent muslims. I fully condemn this kind of statesment from big, Responsible and respected industrialists like Anil ambani and Sunil mittal who have become color Blind to bloodbath of muslims and the past atrocities against humanity which were sponsored by modi , Surely he will prove to be hitler if he get selected and will end up like hitler, bush and Saddam.
    Abdul Azeem

  2. 1conoclast Says:

    The Boycott of the products must be widespread & crippling to have impact. The voice & actions of Secular Indians (Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Zorastrians, Jews, Tribals etc. etc.) must be heard far & wide!!!

    Please find my support here:

    I’ve visited your blog before, but I’ve only been active recently. I’m very pleased to hear a like-minded voice. God Bless!

  3. 1conoclast Says:

    Sorry, that was a link to be posted elsewhere, but more than good enough to eat!

    Here is the one that I relates to your post:

  4. Prasad Karkare Says:

    I find this hypocrisy, because you condemn tata, mittal & ambani for supporting Modi who as per your opinion has supported the massacre in Gujrat; however no muslim has ever condemned the massacres of Hindus in Kashmir, the Kashmiri Pandits are at refugee camps.

    Don’t you feel that these types of holocausts are to be condemned first and then the minor incidents?

    Prasad Karkare

    Dear Mr. Karkare, For record, I and I am sure millions of Indian Muslims, condemn massacres of innocents, be that in Kashmir or Gujarat. It is you, who wish to put religion before morality that find fault with all those that are against the politically motivated genocide of people and try to rationalise it by citing other equally regretable examples.

    Ghulam Muhammed

    • Prasad Karkare Says:

      Dear Mr. Ghulam Muhammed,

      It is necessary to note that Gujrat riots happnned after Godhra. Shri. Narendra Modi has taken the necessary steps to reinstate the victims of both.

      However no one has ever taken any corrective steps to reinstate the Kashmiri Pandit refugees for last more than 10 years. Regretting or condemning the massacres is not enough as one becomes respectable who walks his talks.

      Religion & morality go hand in hand. If Jihad (killing of infidels) is supported by any religion can it be still called morality? Some people state that Infidels or Kafirs are those who are muslims by religion, however do not believe in Allah or the Prophet. Even if there are muslims, who are atheists, does that make them worthy of death penalty? Is that morality of a religion?

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