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The victory of the Palestinian Resistance & Israel’s unilateral withdrawal – A W A M I B H A R A T

January 18, 2009


The victory of the Palestinian Resistance & Israel’s unilateral withdrawal

The Palestinian Resistance has been victorious whilst the Israeli Nazi army withdraws in ignominy and global wrath. The People of Gaza have withstood the F-16’s, Helicopter gunships, tanks, ships and phosphorous attacks and have done so with extraordinary courage.

All that Israel achieved was the wanton destruction & death of children and civilians and residential neighbourhoods that included schools, hospitals, government buildings as well that of the United Nations. More than 1200 dead and 5000 seriously injured by the mercenary Israeli army.

The resistance led by Hamas still stands in defiance and the People of Palestine and the world stand in solidarity of the brave and courageous 1.5 million Gazan polulation who are challenging the collective might of the Israeli and American warmachine. Clearly Hamas and the Palestinian National resistance has triumphed and the Zionist colonial project of genocidal ethnic cleansing has once again been vanquished.

Palestine in 2009 and Lebanon 2006 have forever shattered the myth of Israeli military supremacy and have proved that the Palestinain resistance that stands at the vanguard of the global resistance to US-Zionist Imperialism will ultimately suceed to create an Independent state of Palestinen with Jerusalem as its capital.

We also salute the people across the world who took to the streets and besieged their governments. We also salute the rising tide of global Jewry against the Jewish Zionist counterparts.

This struggle will prove critical for the just resolution of the Palestine – Israel conflict. We need to stand in solidarity with the Jewish people as they join the struggle against Zionist Imperialism.

We also salute the leadership of South America lead by Chavez of Venezuela and Morales of Bolivia for taking a clear position against Israel, unlike the collaborator regimes of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, we must add.

The anger of the Arab street, social and political movements will lead to democratic revolutions that will soon sweep away these dictators and monarchs. With Israel having lost both the strategic and moral war, the Zionists will resort to even more desperate measures.

The “Shoah” promised by the Israeli leadership is still a possibility. For the larger agenda of total ethnic cleansing, the Zionists need a larger war that will envelope both West Asia and the South Asian nations.

In the absence of a larger war theatre, without the direct involvement of the US and NATO, Israel cannot succeed.

And thus the coming war on Iran !!

We need to see the growing tensions between India and Pakistan that are being fanned by the Imperial powers in this light as well.

The patriotic people of both India and Pakistan can together avert a global catastrophe if we refuse to be drawn in to the agenda of nationalist jingoism and war mongering.

We the People of Asia need to stand as one, to defeat the designs of both the Israeli European colonial power and that of the US and the EU.

This is a both a time of sorrow and triumph. Sorrow because of the deaths of thousands of children and a sense of triumph because of the victory of the Palestinian resistance.

Yes the souls of the children and resistance fighters of the Warsaw ghetto and found a new voice and have been resurrected in Gaza.

And with resurrection, comes a new life and a new will to struggle and to change the world.

Long Live Palestine !!

Towards a Global Intifada !!

Feroze Mithiborwala, Kishore Jagtap, Varsha V V, Sayeed Khan, Amol Madame, Chetna Birje, Arif Kapadia, Reshma Jatap, Afaq Azad, Irfan Mulla, Inayat Akhtar, Mulniwasi Mala, Jyoti Badekar, Jagdish Nagarkar, Gaurav Karia, Avinash Kamble, Harshavardhan Vartak 98208-97517 / 93245-14101