Mumbai Carnage: The Police Story stands shattered – By Amaresh Misra

Mumbai Carnage: The Police Story stands shattered

By Amaresh Misra

Today, 18th December 2008, is a historic day. It marks the beginning of a process wherein my `theory’ about the Mumbai attack might just turn out to be true. But there is no joy. There is just an emptiness, a sadness at Karkare’s death and the killing of hundreds of innocents by the Hindutva-Mossad-CIA combine using factions in the ISI and International/Israeli mercenaries.
The Minorities Affairs Minister AR Antulay was once a firebrand leader. But he has been quiet for long–too long; today he spoke and questioned directly Karkare’s killing in the Parliament. Antulay is a cabinet Minister; he is not known to speak out of line. Despite Abhishek Singhvi’s remark distancing the Congress from what Antulay said, the latter, it seems, definitely has the sanction of the Congress High Command at some level. Anyone supposing something else is deluding himself/herself.
Here is the text of the Times of India report:

Maintaining that “there is more than what meets the eyes”, Antulay said Karkare was investigating some cases in which “there are non-Muslims also”, an apparent reference to the Malegaon blasts case in which sadhvi Pragya Thakur and a Lt-Colonel Shrikant Prasad Purohit were among the 11 persons to be arrested.
“Unfortunately his end came. It may be a separate inquiry how his (Karkare’s) end came,” he told reporters outside Parliament.
Antulay said “Karkare found that there are non-Muslims involved in the acts of terrorism during his investigations in some cases. Any person going to the roots of terror has always been the target, he said.
“Superficially speaking they (terrorists) had no reason to kill Karkare. Whether he (Karkare) was victim of terrorism or terrorism plus something. I do not know,” he added.
When he came under attack in Lok Sabha on the issue, Antulay sought to wriggle out saying he had not talked about who killed Karkare but about “who sent him in the direction” of Cama hospital, outside which he was killed.
“Who had sent them to Cama hospital (a lane opposite which he and two other officers were killed by Pakistani terrorists on Nov 26). What were they told that made them leave for the same spot in the same vehicle.
“I repeat what I had said. I had not said who had killed them but only questioned who had sent them there (Cama Hospital) in that direction,” he said in Lok Sabha where BJP and Shiv Sena members attacked him for his remarks.
Anant Geete of Shiv Sena accused him of “misleading” the house and sought Chidambaram’s clarification.
Earlier in the day, describing Hemant Karkare as a very bold officer having great acumen and vision, Antulay asked “How come instead of going to Hotel Taj or Oberai or even the Nariman House, he went to such a place where there was nothing compared to what happened in the three places?”
“Why all the three (Hemant Karakre, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte) went together. It is beyond my comprehension,” the minister said.
The minister’s remarks came under immediate attack from BJP which asked the prime minister to clarify whether his remarks are an “individual misdemeanour or the collective wisdom of the Cabinet”.
“The remarks are obnoxious and deserves a clarification from the prime minister,” BJP spokesman Rajiv Pratap Rudy told reporters.
Reacting to Antulay’s remarks, Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi they should be treated his “personal views” and Congress party does not agree with them and does not support such a formulation.
To a question, he said there was no question of embarrassment to the party.
Samajwadi Party MP Amar Singh, who himself was in the centre of a controversy when he had raised doubts over the killing of a Delhi police official in an encounter recently, said a senior leader like Antulay should before issuing any statement uphold the cherished tradition of collective wisdom of the cabinet.
Not completely disapproving the remarks, Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan said Antulay must be having “more information” since he hails from Maharashtra.
The issue came up when the house was discussing two bills brought in by the government to tackle terror against the backdrop of Mumbai terror attacks.
Geete said the prime minister and several senior union ministers have gone on record to say that Karkare was killed by terrorists.
Not satisfied with Antulay’s reply, Geete charged the union minister with “misleading” the house, which he “did not “expect”.

The basic evil/criminal intent of BJP-Shiv Sena politics along with their pathetic `soft’ and `hard’ supporters, stands exposed; the questions here are vital: a cabinet minister, not an Independent analyst, has questioned the Police theory about Karkare’s death. Note what Antulay is saying: WHO sent them there (Cama Hospital); how come they were traveling together?
This is exactly what we have been asking—Antulay’s statement means that that he is hinting at the role of some top functionary WHO SEND THEM THERE–(TO THEIR DEATHS)! Now put this in context with proceedings that have begun against AN Roy, the Mumbai DGP, Hasan Ghaffoor, the Mumbai Police Commissioner and the Maharashtra Home Secretary.
What do you get? That the entire Police story put forward by the likes of Rakesh Maria is suddenly under suspicion–so much for those savvy journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt. Rajdeep in fact quoted Maria as his source and a reliable, honest officer–if he had to sell himself I am sure he could have found a better buyer. He should have learnt from Javed and Teesta.
This means that the entire police version might be wrong! Which means that there is a question mark over Kasab and Ismail killing Karkare, Salaskar and Kaamte. Which means that Kasab and Ismail might not have killed the three; which then raises the question: who killed them? Was it the Mumbai Police top brass? Or the Gujarat ATS under Narendra Modi? Or a combination of the two–again–WHO SENT THEM THERE?
This means that there is sufficient doubt over Kasab’s version! Which means that Kasab’s entire story of how he killed the three officers, plus the entire thing that he is a Jehadi etc, is a plant, something which our Police excels in! Which means that the so-called CCTV grabs etc showing the footage of Kasab and Ismail were all fake! Aziz Burney of the Rashtriya Sahara Urdu and the Marathi Press has said this in so many words!
The Mumbai and the Indian Police has been known for keeping informers, ex-militants and Pakistani spies in illegal confinement or on their payroll. And then planting them in situations where either Police or the corporate-politician-bureaucrat nexus or foreign powers or Hindutva forces have carried out attacks and bomb blasts. This happened on numerous occasions say, in 2006 when the RSS Headquarters in Nagpur were attacked allegedly by `terrorists’, who then died in an encounter with the Nagpur Police. It later turned out, and this was proved by Jusice Kondse Patil’s report on this issue and by Suresh Khairnar, a veteran socialist and human rights activist, that these `terrorists’ were in fact people who had been killed by a non-Maharashtrian Special Crime Branch Police in a fake encounter and then brought and placed before the RSS Headquarters. The Nagpur chief of Police in fact went on record to say that his Police actually did not engage in any encounter!
Now comes a report that Kasab was actually kidnapped by RAW officials in Nepal in 2006. In fact a PIL has been filed in a Pakistani court and the Times of India carried a report on this in its 17th December Mumbai edition.
In my last piece I had mentioned the Red Fort case. Indians, including some leaders of so-called secular parties are so ill informed that they do not even remember there was a Red Fort attack! They only know of the Parliamentary attack, which was again a fake drama staged by the Delhi Police–the best part is that our wily parliamentarians know this! That is why they did not turn up to commemorate the `martyrdom’ of Police personal who died defending the Parliament!

Kasab is a fake; the real terrorists who came to Mumbai wreaked their mayhem and went back safely–some of them, as testified by eye-witness near Nariman House were definitely Israeli. The main aim of the entire operaiton was to eliminate Karkare and to create something so big that the Malegaon blast investigation pales in comparison.
But Karkare killers and Hindutva forces had the backing it seems of Manmohan Singh. Why else would Advani meet Singh before 26th November on the issue of `torture’ of Praggya Singh? Has anyone heard of a leader of the opposition meeting the Prime Minister on such an issue?
Apparently a deal was struck between them; and remember Advani could not have met Singh like this, without American mediation.
Was Sonia in the knowhow? Probably not–the Sonia angle is very important–there are reports that probably she was unaware of what happened on 26th November and that depite throwing in her lot with the Manmohan Singh lobby on other issues, she saw that their plan included upstaging her!
Karkare’s killing is the result of the larger fight between Hindutva-pro-Israeli, pro-American lobby which is now deeply entrenched in India and whatever is left of Congress’ old legacy in the establishment. Both these factions often unite, as they did against the Left on the nuclear deal issue. But the `old legacy’ faction does not realize that pro-US, pro-Israel lobby is planning to overthrow it–and maybe sink Sonia and Rahul as well!




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4 Responses to “Mumbai Carnage: The Police Story stands shattered – By Amaresh Misra”

  1. debojit Says:

    I do not want to comment on Amiresh Misra , I have tolerance and I believe it is his thinking . But what I know about him is, he is a failed historian and his books failed to attract readers and market. There may be some sort of popularity game is going on, easy to get media attention if you give controversial statement. Sensational controversial news always catches fire in media and popularity reaches optimum level among the public.
    I think India should carry out an investigation on Hemant Karkare ATS chief death. Let’s have a clean investigation on this by a seating high court or Supreme Court judge and clarify the things. As per I know there would be three conspiracies behind and one of three must be true…

    1. He might be killed by Hindutva forces (Hired contract killer by Hindutva forces), while doing investigation malegano blast he got death threat from some Hindutva groups.
    2. He may be killed by Indian Islamic terrorist (Hired contract killer by Islamic terrorist), as he received maximum number more than 35 death threat from Indian mujahedin.
    3. He may be killed by Pakistan Islamic terrorist Ajmal Kashap and group.

    Unfortunately in India both the political party congress seems to pseudo secular and Hindutva BJP have used Hindu against minority to get some political mileage. Congress is also equally convicted in past and shared same blood as BJP. Just for minority vote bank policies now then turns to be pseudo secular party. If so then they must answer for 1984 skih genocide. Congress and BJP both are mass murderers of Indian politics. 1984 skih riots was a state sponsored terrorism by congress party against skih communities, it was started like, Khalistan separate movement triggered by Jagjit Singh Chauhan and covertly backed by general Zia Hul Haq, ISI was on peak in mid 1980 and Mrs. indira Gandhi had to do operation blue star which created panic among the skihs communities and finally Mrs Gandhi got killed by her skih body guard. After this incidence congress used hindues for skih roits in delhi same as BJP and Shiva Sena used hindues in Gujarat and Bombay riots after demonization of babari masjid and godhra train incidence.
    I do agree there are many unfair incidences happened to Indian Muslims, all because of Kashmir jihadi issue (Pakistan say ajjadi), after 1989 brutal killing of Hindu pundits in valley by jihadi outfits hates against Muslims spread across India obviously RSS and BJP use this as opportunities and spread hate rate against Muslims. Also I believe Muslim them self has to blame some time, some of Muslims mullahs treat other religion person as infidel or kafir. Either bring them to Islam forcefully or kill them, they do not allow to preach any other religions. They have Issued fatwa against actor salman khan, they want to establish Islamic kingdom in universe. For example many temples and churches and Buddhist idols has been destroyed in Islamic nation. In Saudi Arabia establishment never allowed to build a church and temple. I have seen Dr Zakir Naik said in many occasions in Peace TV that preaching of other religion in prohibited in Islam (Haram). This brings some anger and suspicion among Hindu and political parties in India, hindutva group took advantage of this and used them to demolish babari masjid and break down churches in Orissa and Karnataka , I will say this is a shameful act act against mankind and I condemned it . I was surprised when I saw a program in which Dr Zakir Naik said he openly supports Osama Bin Leiden, this kind of statement may create confusion in society of democracy. Muslim also need to be bit liberate and moderate in secular society. Even in Pakistan every day at least one school and video shop bowled up by bombing by some stupid ideology so called jeehadi . They are the sick people and greater enemy of mankind.
    Dear Sunny I am completely agree with you, I really wonder about these figures,the statics says after independences India has 2% Muslim but now it has grown up 16% and many of them hold highest post in India like chief justice, cricket captain, DRDO chief , Foreign secretary head, police commissioner (Hussan Goofer Mumbai Police Commissioner) and many more cabinet ministers. Now I want to give comparison of Hindu and Christian in Pakistan and Bangladesh. During partition Pakistan has 14 to 15% minority (Hindu , Christina and skih ) but now it has gone down to 2 percent , what happened to them and why all of sudden decline in figures . Mystery is either they were killed or converted to Muslim, neither I have seen any minority is holding a middle level position in Pakistan establishment, forget about higher level post. I am not very much sure but I heard from some peoples that Hindus are living in miserable condition worse than street dog in Pakistan, hindutva group propagate this in India to get sympathy. some time news comes in Indian print media that Hindu temple has been made as Auto Garage or destroyed in Pakistan , this kind of news certainly help hindutva group to put up anger against Muslim in India. I was shocking when I heard that Yusuf Yohana was not given cricket captaincy as he was belongs to minority and latter argued to convert to Islam , but I am not sure I heard from web media and some other sources.
    Now come to Bangladesh, during partition Bangladesh has 19% minorities but now it has downed to 8% , again I ask why such a fall in figures , they do not have part in political system and has no authority in establish and in government body. Off course Pakistan can sympathies and condemned for Indian Muslim because of some misfortunate incidence happened to them in India but same time they should looks their country also and put the things in order. Neither Pakistan print or television media arise a concern on minorities problems in Pakistan. In India at least media has never unfair to Muslims, Pakistan has to give respect to minorities, else in the name of religion Hindutva forces will take advantages of this to create discrimination in civil society.

  2. abhishek singh Says:


    1. He might be killed by Hindutva forces.
    2. He may be killed by Indian Islamic terrorist.

    When it comes to millitant Hindus, you call it “Hindutva forces” and when it comes to millitant muslims, you call it “Islamic terrorists”. Why not “Hindu terrorists” or “Islamic forces” ???

    and you say you have a balanced and unbiased attitude towards terrorism !!

  3. muneer alam Says:

    being a failed book author does not mean that whatever Amaresh Mishra says is crap and he is doing it to get media attention. He has not gained any popularity, no TV channels have invited him to their studios. What he has gained is only anger of fascist hindus just because he has blamed hindus for mumbai drama.

    The mainstream media in india is totally fascist and anti muslim and works in close co-ordination with the government when it comes to deal

    with matters related to muslims or muslim countries. No TV channels have ever reported about any of the conspiracy theories disclosed by many sensible hindus, muslims and from west. Views of A.R. Antulay were also not prsented clealrly. He said that it may be Hindu terrorists behind the mumbai attack but no media channels reported this and only reported that AR Antulay says that Karkare’s death should be investigated. They presented the half picture and fascist Indian news channels are expert in this art.

    Their is no doubt that Karkare was very close to disclose the hands of Hindu terrorists in all the blasts happened in India. He was going to arrange a press conference the very next day and was going to announce that all the blasts(except the mumbai 1993 blast) in India were carried out by Hindu terrorists who belonged to RSS, Shiv Sena, VHP etc Hindu terrprist groups. In other words he was going to say that 99% of the terrorists operating in India are hindus and not muslims. of course, the hindu terrorists had a big motive in getting him killed. Unfortunately, the media in india plays in tha hands of these fascists and have never spoken about this conspiracy.

    The power in India has always been in the hands of fascist parties, whether it be Congress or RSS. They have always had similar agenda towards minorities and especially muslims. Their leadership has always seen muslims as enemy and have believed in the Hindu domination over muslims in India.

    The founder of Pakistan, Mohd Ali Jinnah was a secular and nationalist man who could never have thought of dividing India. in 1936, when british gave a share of power to Indians and Congress won in the states with a overwhelming majority and local provincial governments in the India came into play in the leadership of congress and then started the black period of Hindu terrorism over the muslims. Hindus tried to sideline muslims in the every filed of the society and claimed their domination in a wild aggressive way. When these governments finished their 5 years period, Mohd Ali Jinnah said it “yaum e nijaat” … the day of relief. Mohd Ali Jinnah was forced to change his views towards nationalism and he then supported the call for a seaparte state of Pakistan. Hindu terrorism played a key role in the formaton of Pakistan.

    Everyone knows about the second row of Hindu terrorism against muslims during partition when hindus killed millions of muslims and raped millions of muslim women. I wont go into the details of it but after giving great sacrifice, muslims got created their own nation called Pakistan. However, Indian leadership(be it congress or RSS) never acceptted its existence with heart and always conspired against it. The illegal occupation of the state of Jammu & Kashmir and then supporting mukti bahini in 1971 and interfering in the internal matters of Pakistan. After the creation of Bangladesh, Indira Gandhi said “we have avenged our 1000 years defeat.” what she meant by this? she was saying nothing but was talking about hindu domination over muslims. this tells what attitude hindus have kept for muslims after shift of power from british to hindus. it was Indira gandhi who said “some people think that a stable pakistan is good for us. They are in a deep misconception”. India, whichever government it be, have always tried to destabilize pakistan just because its a muslm state and fascist hindus(both congress and RSS) have a deep enmity against muslims. Why ??? … because Hindus have been severely brainwashed first by british and then by fascist congress and RSS by the false and propaganda making books of history against the generous muslim kings who ruled india for centuries.

    This enmity was further increased due to partition and the muslims who voted for congress and against muslim league and preferred not to leave their motrherland, paid the heaviest price for their stupidity and still they are paying. It was not RSS but congress who was the only major political power till 1990s. What congress gave to muslims. They were sidelined and were pusdhe to corner in the every field of the society. Education, jobs, business, social status. Everything !!

    The riots of mumbai, moradabad, meerut, bhagalpur where muslims were killed and raped brutally by hindu terrorists. It was the government of congress in Centre when BABRI masjid was demolished by hindu terrorists. In 1993, hindu terrorists of shiv sena killed thousand of muslims and then Dawood Ibraheem took revenge by mumbai blasts. the biased and fascist India media and political establishment call the terrorist Shiv Sena a nationalist political party and dawood has been blamed as a terrorist. The Sri Krishna Aayog which government put up to investigate the mumbai riots clearly reported that it was shiv sena which carried out riots against muslims and its leader, the deadliest hindu terrorist of India BAL THAKREY lead them from the front in getting innocent muslims killed, burnt and raped. is this not a cruel joke that no government has ever taken any action against this beast Thakrey and its barbaric Sena.

    Indian political establishment has been very succesfful in media war and diplomacy. Inside the country, they have made lives of mulims hell and to the world they have successfully shown that its the worlds greatest democracy where everyone is treated equally. Only muslims of India knows under what hell and Hindu terror they are bound to live. with the progress of time, fascists have gained too much of power. Education, business and Media has been a great weapon in the hands of these terrorists.

    It can happen only in the worlds biggest terrorist democracy of India that the man who gets killed thousands of men women and children and who terrorise a minority of whole the nation, has been givern the charge of a big state like Gujrat. No one, not a single channel ever called that Narendra Modi is a motherfucking bastard and a deadly terrorist. The Indian media played a vital role in exciting the hindus against muslims after hindus played the drama of sabarmati express. Banergee cimmission reported that it was an inside job and no one burnt the train from outside. but what a great indian democracy. bannergee commission was discarded and the investigation responsibility was handed over to Narendra Modi. its like “billi se kaha jaaye ki doodh ki rakhwali kare”. A man who himself is accused of plotting riots, is given the investigation responsbility. what a cruel joke with muslims?. Indian federation never gave any punishment to any accused of the riots and have got hundreds of muslims captured in connection with the fake train burn and riots. After Gujrat, muslims have got so much terrorized that they feel insecure everywhere in the country. Media is of course playing a filthy role in terrorizing them by showing the enhanced power of RSS and its terrorist allies.

    Hindus love pakistani aur bangladeshi hindus than their own coutrymen just because they are muslims. and at the same time they blame muslim for favoring pakistan. by supporting the hindus of pakistan or bangladesh, are they not being unpatriotic to the country. they favor hindus be in pakistan or bangladesh not muslims of india. meanwhile its interesting to note that there has never been antihindu riots in pakistan or bangladesh on such a large scale as in india against muslims. even when hindu terrorists demolished BABRI masjid, pakistan did not observe any antihindu violence.

    In kashmir there has never been genocide of kashmiri pundits, they just fled away because they fear that kashmir may someday got separated from a HINDU india.

    The global scenario has also been changed in the favor of anti muslim hindu terrorists. America, ISRAEL and Europe all are behind powerless muslims, everday with new fake excuses and attacking theselves and fascist media blaming muslims for the same. first they did 9/11 to attack muslims in afghanistan and Iraq. Also, they created hatred for every muslim actoss the world. Now, India Israel and USA are behind pakistan. Though Pakistan is not a islamic counrty and their leadership is not an Islam lover, pakistan is a muslim nation and USA and Israel can not tolerate that any muslims country should have a nuclear weapon. They want to invade pakistan diplomatically and this mumbai drama was first episode of this filthy game. the second is being played by the CIA sponsored puppet government in Pakistan.

    Hindu terrorists have gained a lot by playing this mumbai drama. They removed Karkare and diverted the attention of the world from hindu terrorists. They have surounded pakistan with deep propaganda and diplomacy. The America, Israel and Hindu fascists have become a Nexus of terrorism.


  4. Boycott Bollywood movies - Page 3 - GupShup Forums Says:

    […] Originally Posted by Punjabee in USA Here is a newsflash – your govt has accepted this "drama" to be true and also taken action based on facts. So you can come out of denial now As expected of indians and their media, a total distortion of facts. Pakistani government has never accepted that it was planned in pakistan it is still doing the investigation. But as usual, indians have jumped the gun and put the balme on pakistan. Have a look into your own backyard.There are more than hundred separatist movements going on in india. I guess you’re the one who’s living in denial mode for decades. Slumdog is your true face. Here’s what the indians are saying about the mumbai drama…we don’t even need to say more LOL your own people don’t buy the crap Pornywod style story the inside job of RAW aka mumbai drama. Mumbai Terror Attacks: The Mossad Angle Mumbai Carnage: The Police Story stands shattered – By Amaresh Misra GhulamMuhammed.Mumbai […]

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