Monday, November 17, 2008






Like any seasoned diplomat or politician, you have never defined what did you meant in detail, what change you wanted or promised to your countryman. The sad fact is that the devil is in detail. Still, if it is now becoming public that your idea of the change could turn out to be just the change of name from Bush to Obama. You have yet to grasp the fact that one single basic, fundamental, the mother of all fact, from which flowed the most hideous, most criminal, most damaging, most brutal, most destructive and most reprehensible series of moves from Bush presidency, was the grip of Neo-cons on his decision making powers. He was lured or impressed upon or blackmailed to give major sensitive and most influential posts in his administration to the Jews, be that American, or Zionist, but Jews who can always keep the interest of Zionism and Israel at the top of their fundamental commitment to their very existence; much more than the interest of the USA or the world at large or the greater well-being of the humankind. Republican Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin had at one point in the campaign referred to a thought that probably you, Mr. Change Obama, do not think in the terms that other Anglo-Saxon Americans think. She did not figure out that on that count even Republicans do not think in the terms, that Neo-cons think about America and Israel. If they had grasped this fact, they would not have sold the Bus presidency to the Neo-con brotherhood, so cheaply, so willingly, so happily and so unwisely.


It would appear, Mr. Change Obama, by appointing Rahm Emanuel and possibly Hillary Clinton too, you are knowingly or unknowingly, on your own violation or under pressure, are reverting to the same world view of the neo-con that had produced the most disastrous eight years in the history of the USA. You are known to be against outsourcing, but in effect, you are outsourcing the whole US administration, out to Israel. If only it can produce results that are good for US and Israel and the rest of the world. But where the priority is only and only ‘survival’ and prosperity of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora, at the expense of not only the USA but the entire world community, Mr. Change Obama, you are committing a big blunder and stepping into the same quagmire with eyes wide open, where Bush was pushed into. If is rumored that you are a thinking man, but the burden of US presidential is so colossal that you have to enlist help from several quarters. You did not have time to prepare a team, that could bring about the change that you promised all through your 22-month campaign to millions of your democrats as well as the wider American voters, whose votes you so ardently sought and got. As it is said by your Republican detractors, time and again, that presidency is not the place to get an on hand training. By the time you get to know the ropes, your advisors and your handlers will have so damaged your presidency, that they will not leave you any choice, at the pain of your discredited presidency sliding into one crisis after another, to sack a Rumsfeld, a Feith, Wolfowitz, a Bolton, a Cheney in midstream. There is a very apt Persian proverb: Gurba Kushtan rooze awal. (You kill the cat the very first day of your wedding, to impress the wife, that you won’t brood any nonsense.) Even though Iranians are not the flavour of the season of change now, since you have declared to talk to them, you may as well start some tricks of trade from the Iranians.) The rummaging cats around White House are from the garbage bins of the Bush era. The earlier they are dispatched the better, to show the people that you are nobody’s keeper. It is not that you do not have in you to sideline and put in place those, you feel are trying to undermine or overwhelm you. The way you had sidelined Hillary and Bill Clinton, all through your campaign, shows you have guts and gumption to accomplish your goals, with a perfect poker player aura that completely floors the other side. You are straight-faced, polite, steely and determined. You can accomplish much without being nasty or making permanent enemies. But there is always the danger that the old empire — be that in any garb and that you will have to figure out yourself — can always strike back. The way the neo-cons are clamoring around you to hitch a free ride on the bandwagon, your well wishers around the world, and they are certainly in billions, are worried that the change that you dreamed and that the world dreamed with you, my not end up in trenches that the Jewish neo-cons always keep ready for the next war. While your eyes are focused on the revival of US and world economy, the same Jewish neo-cons will be ready in jiffy to offer plans that will first serve their own kinds in the Wall Street, while raising false hopes of the Main Street. After all the Wall Street gnomes are expert in playing both sides of the street.


The economic upswing with massive pump-priming will only fill the coffers of the haves while the have-nots will keep increasing the lines of the unemployed and the soup-kitchen. By concentrating on the car industry, which provides massive employment potential at the blue collar level jobs, you have for the time-being successfully diverted the flow of billions to the Wall Street to your own favoured constituency of the have-nots. But the Wall Streeters and especially the Jewish neo-con brotherhood, supported by the fixers and manipulators of the banking industry, will not relent, till they get their pound of flesh, upfront. You will have to walk a very tight rope and that too with eyes open.


The megalomania of the Zionist brotherhood has fractured the world and increased the risk of confrontations at various levels of world affairs. Your first job should be to make a list of all the Jewish Neo-cons who had promoted their demonic doctrines of New World Order and American New Century and forced them on the unsuspecting US public, through full backing from Israeli leadership, and treat them all as persona non grata in the power centers around your presidency.


Only then your promise of change will certainly result in change for the real and not change as merely an electioneering slogan.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


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