The American Political Theory of Big Bang – By Ghulam Muhammed

Saturday, November 08, 2008




Americans do not believe in nit-picking. Better a hatchet rather than a scalpel. They are, that way different from the old imperialist Great Britain that believed in micros more than the macros. British were not averse to give company to a local dog in blistering heat, when they were in tropics.


The big nation moves with Big Bangs.


In recent history, there were three big bangs that the political elites used to harness their nation in the name of patriotism to commit for huge sacrifices; in human as well as in material terms.


Only last month, a Japanese cabinet minister had to resign for suggesting publicly that US had provoked Japan to commit Pearl Harbor. There are any number of proofs to prove this crime by Americans against there own people, under prodding from conspirators, to join the Second World War.

So Pearl Harbor was the first ‘Big Bang’ that moved men and material to pump up US economy to war footing and provide immense profits to racketeers and industrialists, while blood sacrifices by soldiers could hardly be compensated enough for their families to bear the tragedy of human losses.


The Second Big Bang was 9/11. A whole library of material is on record with most convincing facts, that 9/11 was an inside job. Bush and his neo-cons with their New World Order ambitions wrecked the whole world. America’s global prestige was dragged in dirt. Billions were spent on war

misadventure and people of America were saddled with ever increasing debts and the looming threat of history’s most devastating recession.


This required the Third Bang. Election of Obama was that Big Bang. With one stroke, US changed from a blood-thirsty warmonger to a nation of democrats rooting for peace of the world. The way Obama has reaped the  world’s goodwill, can never be achieved by any thing less this Big Bang. Now the conspirators are poised to harvest a new crop of exploitation of the world, using the friendly image of Barack Hussein Obama.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


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One Response to “The American Political Theory of Big Bang – By Ghulam Muhammed”

  1. mahboobfaisal Says:

    I would call it journalism, where the proofs of your authoritative statements do not reflect in your writing. Rather, they might be reserved to address any disagreement.
    However, I must appreciate your point of you view and your observation of the sequence of events in history

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