One of the hatemail sent to Seema Mustafa for her article

One of the hatemail sent to Seema Mustafa for her article on Rape of a Christian Nun in Orissa


———- Forwarded message ———-

From: B.V.Shenoy <>
Date: Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 12:43 PM

27th October, 2008
Dear Seemaji,
Several points in your article, “IN DEFENCE OF SECULARISM” (NIE, 27th Oct.) call for the strongest possible rebuttal and countering. Therefore, please permit me to say the following:
1. The Orissa nun didn’t show any extraordinary courage in “coming out with her testimony”. She was actually paraded before the press by the Christian church leaders of Delhi. In fact, it was arrogant defiance by the church of the SC order to her to cooperate with the Orissa police in Orissa and also to pressurise the Supreme Court to revise its unpalatable order against CBI inquiry. She meekly submitted to the diktats of these cheerleaders and only read what was handed down to her to read. She also didn’t show any courage in answering the questions from the media. In fact, the media merely swallowed whatever was read to it by her and then she was whisked away. So much for the courage and “right to privacy”, the violation of both of which the church didn’t give a hoot about.  
2. It appears from your article that you went to Kandhamal with the sole purpose of collecting dirt against the Hindu groups. You, for instance, have nothing to say about the other “nun”, who was supposed to be a Hindu girl gang-raped and then burnt alive by the Bhajrangis, under the impression that she was a Christian nun. It was said to have been witnessed by a missionery priest. For several days, our secular media had gone ballistic and international with this juicy piece of sensation. Even the Vatican was very upset that the raped and murdered girl happened to be a Hindu, robbing it (the Vatican) of all its sensational international coverage. Perhaps this particular newsy item didn’t come on your radar as subsequently even the church leaders started contradicting the eye-witness priest and later it became evident that the whole thing was concocted by the church in Kandhamal!
3. You also seem to have nothing but contempt for the religious leaders, Christian as well as Muslim, who open dialogues with the RSS and the VHP. For your information, even the Christian leaders of Kerala thought it wise to “open” a dialogue with the RSS/VHP. The Roman Catholic church in Mangalore was the first to hold a dialogue with the Hindus and agree to “control” the delinquent factions of their church. They also had the grace to admit that the pentacostal and New Life churches had perhaps gone overboard with their “evangelical” activities. They had further owned up to the fact that these churches are a law unto themselves.  
4. The Greatest secular messiah, V.P.Singh thought nothing of joining hands with the BJP when it suited him. All the other leaders you have named are state leaders. But, there too, you have pointedly not mentioned the name of Naveen Patnaik. Why? Is he any less secular? And what about Karunanidhi? Also absent is the name of the secular icon, Deve Gowda. The point is that contrary to the media’s own formulations of secularism and Hindu-Right wing fundamentalism, the politicians of all hues, including that of Red, are nothing if not realists. And to them the BJP is a party eminently suitable to join hands with if it leads them to power.
Yours sincerely,



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