Jamia Nagar ‘Encounter’ – The real story

The Urdu Times Daily, Mumbai


Wednesday, October 08, 2008


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Jamia Nagar ‘Encounter’


By: Alam Naqvi, Editor


Hassam Siddiqui is younger to me but we are contemporary in the press experience. After my M.A completion, I began my journalism career with Lucknow daily ‘Azaaim’ and at the same time Hassam Siddiqui was stared reporting for ‘Azaaim’. Below is his factual analysis with the courtesy of current issue of his weekly magazine ‘Jadeed Markaz’ (from October 05 to 11, 2008).


“No encounter had occurred in L-18 flat at all. But the story is that the Delhi police was under mounting pressure after the blast. However, the ‘encounter specialist’ inspector Mohan Chand Sharma who had been given ‘transfer order’ from the Special Cell was orally told not to relieve and immediately do something to reduce the pressure by utilizing his men and agents/informers. It happens that one of his scouts was living in Jamia Nagar. So Mohan Chand Sharma sought help from this Azamgarh-in-law son. He guided the inspector to the L-18 flat where five Muslim youths lodged in. He identified them as they are Muslims and like other Muslims they too talked about the Muslim incarceration and illegal ban on SIMI. So detain them and thus the political conspiracy and cyclone on Delhi blasts would gradually cool down after some time. He further directed the Inspector to plot some plant and seize weapons from their possessions as they are not terrorists.


M.C. Sharma was aware that they are not terrorists and he did not think necessary to inform the Delhi police and South ACP and did not wear bullet proof vest and went Jamia Nagar along with his teammates. First he decided to send Inspector Dharmindar to the flat to inquire whether all boys are present in the flat. Immediately Inspector Dharmindar was put in pant-shirt and tie ensamble, laptop around neck to masquerade as a Vodafone sales agent. He rang the calling bell and Atif opened the door. He asked Atif a glass of water introducing himself as a Vodafone agent and came to check the service. He also asked about his other inmates of the flat. After that Dharmindar called Inspector Sharma waiting outside the flat that “all there wanted preys are in the flat”. While Zeeshan has gone to write the IIPM entrance test and Saif went to the market at that time.


The Dharmindar’s call made Atif suspicious and feared. He called his friend Sajid and shut the door from inside. Dharmindar started to scream and requested M.C. Sharma, who now has reached the door along with team; to secure him otherwise they will kill. Inspector Sharma threatened Atif to open or I will break the door and shoot you. As Atif opened the door the inspector Sharma caught their hair and pulled them the down stair uttering “You…… terrorists……plant bombs……” In this manner they took the alleged two persons to the second floor. Meanwhile Sajid tried to get rid of his hair and started to resist with Inspector Sharma. Sharma spoke out “……shoot him dead…..” Suddenly  fire opened from behind and three bullets hit Sharma’s body instead of Atif. One of the Special Cell cried out: “Oh! Bullet has targeted the Saheb”. Observing the situation the entire team got angry and then two policemen standing on the stair entered dozens of bullets in Sajid’s and Atif’s bodies.


Tie-wearing Inspector Dharmindar along with his inmate rushed injured Inspector Sharma to the hospital and rest of the team took out Sajid’s and Atif’s body and shot some bullets on the wall of L-18 flat. They also went to the roof and opened fire in the air. After the incident, the control room directed the Delhi police, ACP South and SG Dhariwal to reach the spot. Meanwhile Saif returned from the market and police hold him and circulated him as a dreaded terrorist. But in this selfish scramble situation the police forget showing the seizure weapons. So in the evening they organized media and told that AK 47 rifle, one three 3 bore pistol, six mobile phones and some bags full of bullets were recovered after a thorough search by ACP Sanjeev Yadav.


It was their friend Saqib who recommended Ziaur Rahman s/o Abdur Rahman to give Atif and company this flat. Saqib and Ziaur Rahman have a talk with the available some live TV channel at the spot. In the evening Saqib, Ziaur Rahman, his father Abdur Rahman and L-18 resident Zeeshan went to a private local TV channel in Jhandwan for some help. Police came to know about them and arrested them from there. Ziyaur Rahman and his father also went to the police for some help but the police announced that they are dreaded terrorists of IM. Thus Saif, Khalid, Zeeshan and Ziaur Rahman were allegedly accused for being involved in blasts in Delhi, Ahmedabad. Police also claimed that they have confessed their crimes. Police also prepared forged documents of rent verification.


Hence the police had shot two innocent Muslim youths and sacrificed Inspector Sharma’s life along destroying dozens of students’ future. And Joint Commissioner of the Special Cell is awarded with the promotion as Additional Charge of North Delhi Range.”



Courtesy – Jadeed Markaz, translated from Urdu by Md. Anwarul Haque E-mail anwarqasmi@yahoo.co.in


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