Who killed Police Officer Sharma? By Prathiba Sundaram


2008/9/22 Prathiba Sundaram <prathibasam@yahoo.com>


Who killed Police Officer Sharma?


Who killed Police Officer? When he smashed the front door of the suspected terrorists’ room, immediately the terrorists shot and killed the police man! Police story is that!!


But Sharma has no wounds at front side of his body, but back side. It is clear that somebody from back side shot him and killed.


Who was behind him? Obviously there was no one but Police men. Due to some reasons (an enquiry will bring the truth) they knowingly or mistakenly killed their leading policeman.


Now they have no other choice except to charge the students who are residing in the room. If the police arrested the students, the students will expose the truth. Then the police shoot and killed the innocent students. Then they kept a AK47 and Pistols and proclaimed to media that they killed very hardcore terrorists


The story ended, but the loopholes bring the truth. A clear photo shows that the encounter specialist Sharma has no wounds on body except his backside.


Home Minister Shivraj Patil, decline to comment on police encounter, when press asked about the incident, on the same day. It means the encounter story was a fiction., created by Shivraj Patil or MK Narayanan or the police officers who accidentally killed Sharma. No one is beyond doubt.


Prime Minister should oust Shivraj Patil and MK Narayanan, security advisor, from their posts and an enquiry is needed by a sitting Supreme Court Judge.


Say the truth dear countrymen. Say the truth dear media men. Try to bring the truth out. And one day it will come out.

(Prathiba Sundaram is a journalist based in Mumbai.) 



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