Monday, September 22, 2008




Writing in The New York Times, Anand Giridharadas, while expounding the strategies behind India’s new massive investment in its armed forces, has given out tasks that India would or should take up. One of the more mischievous hints that would certainly alarm India’s Persian/Arab Gulf neighbours is explained by the author as the new paradigm of India’s defense objectives, when he writes:


“A more robust military is also vital for protecting millions of Indian workers in the Persian Gulf, who are from time to time threatened by political volatility. But the most pressing motivation may be the fast-moving Chinese.”


Two generations of Indian workers, in their millions have earned their very comfortable livelihood in the Gulf countries since oil boom started, and even remitted billions of dollars to help India tide over its earlier foreign exchange difficulties. Now the military and naval planners are to pay that hospitality back by threatening to take care of Indian workers’ interest through gunboat diplomacy, a la USA.


It is typical of the western hegemonists to immediately dispatch their armed flotilla to trouble spots, under the pretext of saving their own citizens, but in essence threatening uncooperative regimes to follow their dictats, or else. Now they are enlisting India to do their dirty job, if any, in the neighbourhood.


Has this been Mahatma Gandhi’s Idea of India?


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai




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