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Where have all the Neo-cons gone? By Ghulam Muhammed

August 31, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Where have all the Neo-cons gone?


If Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s theory is to be believed, they have all landed in Georgia, in a last ditch attempt to force another war on the US, so another warmonger, John McCain can win the presidency of the US, in the coming November 4 US Presidential election, thus perpetuating the legacy of the discredited US President Bush.


Eight years back, they had delivered a coup by getting their candidate, George W. Bush elected through any number of series of dirty tricks and covert strategies, including the intervention of Supreme Court, when the Democratic nominee, Al Gore lost by few votes, running into hundreds, in the total votes of millions. However, their role in using Bush to invade Iraq, as one of the most dreaded danger to Israel  and their choice of Afghanistan for the next target of their concocted war on terror, had so enraged the people back home, that one by one, they chose to fly off from the discredited Bush regime’s most important cabinet posts. However, one can be sure, though they have gone underground, and have no face to come out as strongly as at the time of George Bush, their public drubbing does not preclude their active behind the scene conspiracy to once again subvert America’s democracy and manage such public issues at the fag end of the campaigning, that their nominee, John McCone, should have smooth sailing, while Barack Obama takes the dirt roads.


One of the most daring plans is to instigate a confrontation with Russia.  With the rise of Putin, who early on sensed the stranglehold of Israeli and other Jewish robber barons tightening around Russian economy and used his popular power base, to throw out the Jewish conspirators from their economic perches, from where they had planned to take out Putin. Not willing to suffer defeat, they have regrouped around the weaker states around the Russia’s underbelly, organised the so-called democratic revolutions, got their proxies to head the governments and have been using these neighbouring countries as a staging ground to take on Putin and his power base.


Israel had been major arm supplier to the small nation of Georgia, whose obliging President had been forced to take the most audacious and most foolish step of using his armed forces to move into South Ossetia and triggered a armed conflict with Russia, thus providing Bush regime an opportunity of saber rattling in the Europe and impressing on Americans to vote John McCain, as safety and security of the US and Europe is at stake and he as a ‘war hero’, the better candidate to wage wars.


So the neo-cons are gone into hiding, but are still operative behind the scene to stage a second coup, by derailing a popular candidate and pick up the war machine that the US has been to carry out their warped Zionist New World Order agenda. This time around, they have got key people at the helm of affairs in NATO countries, like the Hungary-born French President Nicholas Sarkozy and foreign minister Bernard Kouchner, both Jewish as well as another Jewish Foreign Secretary David Miliband in UK, who are in the forefront of war and peace in Europe and are naturally fully available to the neo-cons to do their bidding in the larger interest of Israeli and Jewish interest around the world.


In two interviews with BBC and CNN, Russian Prime Minister Putin has directly accusing US of instigating Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili to move forces into South Ossetia, against all mutual understandings between the two neighbouring countries, so that a Republican President is re-elected in the next election, perpetrating Bush policies on Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.


The world cannot just wait and see that a new cold war is about to be provoked for private gains of a vested interest group. India among the non-aligned nations, must take lead in cautioning all concerned not the play with the peace of the world.



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai