Rejoinder to Yogendra Yadav’s response by Ghulam Muhammed

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Rejoinder to Yogendra Yadav’s response:


Dear Yogendra Yadavji, Aadaab


Thanks for your more detailed analysis of the discussions and issues. I would like to be brief.


1. I could not figure out what is your idea of when a religious becomes communal. That has to be sorted out.


2. SIMI ban has been around for some years. Their activities in the open had been for years. To treat them as criminal, administration had to prove in court of law, that they have been criminal.


Even if some cases are on record, of their ‘terrorist’ activities, can those act or acts be summarily pin down to SIMI the organisation, to Muslim the community, or to Islam as the religion or even extended to the whole Ummah, or as per US dictates, to the world’s most infamous Al Qaeda?  Can collective punishment over guilt by association either by the courts or by media is permissible under the law of the land?

3. Is there any accountability that devolves on the police and media to restrain them for arbitrary demonisation of Indian citizens, by treating them as guilty before the court charging them as such and disregarding the most simple and basic assumption of innocence till proved guilty.


If an injustice has been committed by the State agencies or the media, what punishment should be passed on to the guilty and what compensation to the victims are to be awarded, in monetary terms and as rehabilitation? In the globalised world, now that media is more or more controlled by foreign investors, they cannot be free to subvert Indian society with impunity, while they could pay heavily in their own countries for such crimes.


4. You cited the case of Narendra Yadav. Is there any law in the land that will put him on trial for the oft repeated charges of genocide and use of state machinery to carry out an organised pogrom? Who will prosecute a Chief Minister or a Prime Minister for that matter? Can his/her immunity be lifted?



Mere condemnation is not enough. Mere academic discussions are not enough. We must act to safeguard the people from the possible tyranny of the criminals, who hide behind laws that British colonialists had originally put in place to protect their British administrators from any accountability. Indian people are no longer under colonial regime of their elected administrator.

These are some of immediate concerns. I hope we will invite and welcome all who wish to participate in the discussions.




Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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