Javed Anand’s ideologically driven diatribe against SIMI

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Javed Anand’s ideologically driven diatribe against SIMI



Of course! It is a question of law



By Ghulam Muhammed



It is one thing to be factually correct. It’s altogether another thing to be ideologically driven. Javed Anand’s diatribe titled: ‘Suspect SIMI? Of course’ — published by The Indian Express, on Saturday, August 16, 2008 seeks life beyond law.


At that level, what is a difference between a religiously driven SIMI and a Leftist fighting a war in the name of Karl Marx, denigrating everything that goes under the umbrella of religion, the supposed ‘opium of the masses’.


If religion is the opium of the masses, anti-religious Marxism too is a heady brew that saps the intellectual faculties of even the most sensible people.


The key sentence that gives out Javed Anand’s subterranean insecurity goes like this: “But is it merely a question of law?”


Of course! It is a question of law.


India as a nation is a legal construct. It is based on law. If you have to find life beyond law, you are on a very shaky territory.


In fact, Javed Anand’s frustration over his gross inability to interpret the law of land by sanctifying the terms ‘secularism and democracy’, in the mould of Marxist logic, while neatly bypassing and ignoring the constitutional fundamental rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech in drawing up a charge-sheet against SIMI, is so apparent, that it is surprising, he is so unaware that his slip is showing.


Secularism in Indian context does not stand for the denial of religion. India is not a replica of the erstwhile Soviet Russia, where the communist dictators had destroyed and/or closed down all churches and mosques. For over seventy years, people of faith had to undergo endless pogroms, purges, banishments, not to mention the ghastly gulag existence. India’s secularism has to be defined by its deeply ingrained religious ethos.


Javed Anand is ready to accommodate Mulayam Singh and Lalu Prasad, for their support of SIMI, when he writes that ‘Mulayam Singh and Lalu Prasad’s welcoming of the lifting of the ban on SIMI can be explained away in terms of vote bank politics. Why should he begrudge if mainstream Muslims too have welcomed lifting of the ban on SIMI. Are Muslims not entitled to be part of vote bank politics, just because they are Muslims?


Banning of SIMI, was a motivated political exercise, by the Hindutva extremists/opportunist of the ilk of the then Home Minister, L. K. Advani and the then Maharashtra State home minister, Chhagan Bhujbal, an old Shiv Sena protagonist. It was a grand conspiracy to consolidate Hindu vote bank, around demonizing of Muslims, by choosing a suitable candidate to focus on and by implication demonise the entire 150 million Muslims of India. Evidently, this too would be generously treated by Javed Anand, as merely vote bank politics!


Of course, there were hotheads in SIMI, as there are in every grouping, including the Marxists and the Hindutvadis. But the law cannot be so applied that it cannot stand judicial scrutiny. If on presentation of facts, the court is not convinced that SIMI is guilty as charged, why should Muslims not rejoice in being liberated from the conspiracy of the Hindu extremists?


The real problem for Javed Anand stems from his pretentious posturing of becoming the voice of the Muslims. His frustration at witnessing crowds of 20,000 to 200,000 gathering at public meetings called by religious figures is quite understandable. He fails to understand the real pain of the Muslims. Given proper interaction, even a maverick like Mamta Bannerjee could gather a mind-boggling crowd of 400,000 Muslims in the heart of a cosmopolitan city like Kolkata. But you cannot strip the Muslim of his religious identity and hope to achieve leadership of a neutered crowd.


The very fact, that Indian Express has published Javed Anand’s article denouncing SIMI, is proof enough that he is sleeping with the enemy. Let him write a similar diatribe against RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and get it published in Indian Express, or Times of India, or even in the new avatar of ‘The Hindu’, if he is rooting for non-discriminatory justice. That will show him the limits of his journalistic prowess, if any. His ability to get published by a mainstream English broadsheet on Muslim-bashing shows how far he is treated by the media, as not with the mainstream Muslims. The mainstream media is merely using his mixed Muslim name (Javed Akhtar + Anand) to carry on their commercial commitment to demonizing of Muslims. Muslims would rather be vicitmised than become beholden to dubious benefactors with ulterior motives.  



Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai





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3 Responses to “Javed Anand’s ideologically driven diatribe against SIMI”

  1. The ban on SIMI at Blogbharti Says:

    […] Ghulam Mohammed disagrees with the views expressed by Javed Anand in an article in the Indian Express. The post, and the article, remind one of old, valid questions: Why ban SIMI, and not the Bajrang Dal? And the RSS? Of course! It is a question of law. […]

  2. Mohammed Says:

    I’m a 21 yr old Indian Muslim and have been following the alleged SIMI bombers for a month before Tehelka took out their investigation on the charges that were foisted upon these people. I also read of the midnight pickups, long detentions of several educated Muslim men and youth on dubious grounds. On the contrary,

    I have discussed the findings with several non-Muslim friends. I have a few clarifications to make. In the hope that you will respond cordially, and will try to refrain from pointing out the VHP & Bajrang Dal’s activities to justify SIMI’s, here goes –

    1) Can Tehelka’s reportage be suspect as they haven’t pointed out any discrepancies in SIMI’s activity? For instance, in Frontline I saw a poster allegedly printed by SIMI – which had Bin Laden and the Babri Masjid in the same frame with a call for violence. Is there conclusive evidence that SIMI does publish such posters? And should the Muslims community endorse the publications of such posters?

    2) Are messages from SIMI like the popular, “No democracy, No secularism, NO… Only Islam” conclusively a part of SIMI discourse or were they pronounced at inconsequential private meetings?

    3) If they are a part of SIMI’s discourse, aren’t such statements a direct attack on the preamble of our country’s constitution? Should the Muslim community in India stand behind an Organization that makes such statements?

    4) Has SIMI properly and publicly called out for the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate i.e. an indirect call to overthrow the Indian State? Is it part of their wider agenda, or this just another false claim foisted upon te organisation?

    5) If they have called for the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate (which is impossible to establish without the overthrow of the Indian State), should the Indian Muslim community stand behind such an organisation?

    Please remember that any answers you give me will be used by me in discussions with friend, so please give me facts that aren’t dubious or whose veracity is in doubt. Also, please note that calling the VHP and BjDal guilty on similar counts and establishing the partisan attitude of the government will not help my case. I don’t believe in justifying my crimes by pointing out the crimes of others.

    I would be grateful if you would respond to each question by presenting your answers in the same number format.

    Thank you for your time,
    Looking forward to your reply,
    Mir Mohammed Ali

  3. Heartburn Home Remedy Says:

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