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Thank you, Ghulam


Reader comment on article: The Enemy Has a Name

in response to reader comment: Two different world views


Submitted by Anne Julienne (Australia), Jun 20, 2008 at 18:12



You’ve expressed the truth as seen by a Muslim in a few well chosen words.


To me, as a non-Muslim, your view fails to explain sep 11 and fails to acknowledge that Bush’s wars were a response to that unprovoked attack. Through incidents like the Rushdie novel and the Danish cartoons, we now know that Muslims feel threatened or “subjected to stress and trauma” at the very slightest of slights.


We in the West will not continue to tread carefully as if on egg shells. We in the West might be more capable of uniting against Islam than you give us credit for. Good clear statements disclosing the Muslim mentality are useful to us.


So, thank you for your comment.






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GM responds to the comments of Anne Julienne (Australia):


Dear Julienne, You are correct when you write that I have completely ignored 9/11.


Personally, I with other millions across the globe and across the great divide of communities are yet to be convinced that any organised Muslim group had the capacity to carry out such a scale of terror act and that too on US soil, and without internal help. There are any numbers of discrepancies and the debate on technical level is still on.


On a personal basis, I found two events reported while I watched the live telecast of 9/11 attack, that were completely ignored by media and investigating agencies.


One: dancing of some Jewish persons on the terrace of a building overlooking the twin towers while the carnage was in progress. Second, the possibility of advance knowledge of the attack by Israeli sources, who were able to caution Jewish people working in different firms in the Twin Towers and make sure they do not report for their duties on that fateful days.


As for Bush’s war on terrorism, on the pretext of 9/11, Bush has undertaken so many aggressive steps, that have clearly focused more on controlling and holding territories to exploit them for their resources (IRAQ) or their strategic position on world map (AFGHANISTAN), rather than to address the possible dangers of 9/11.


For Bush himself, in fact, 9/11 and even Osama is just a sideshow. So, I should be excused for taking up the lead from Bush over 9/11 and Osama.


Your contention: “We in the West might be more capable of uniting against Islam than you give us credit for” — is not tenable in the present context, as Bush had to invade Iraq, without UN, much less other Christian countries’ support for his illegal invasion. Even though the world mourned the death of innocents in 9/11 terror attack, Bush could not convince them to unite against Iraq or Afghanistan, much less against Islam. Media propaganda is just that.

Good clear thinking and good clear actions based on good clear thinking is welcome by all sides in the global conflict scenario.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai









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