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More comments posted on Brahmins

June 9, 2008

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Manoj George wrote on June 5th, 2008 1:25 pm:


“1. Are Brahmins responsible for plight of Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh as well? Are they the cause of Muslim poverty in Africa or Muslim emigration into western countries?”


GM comments:


Of course all the chief conspirators were the Brahmins, who were the collaborators/perpetrators of the division of United India, into Pakistan and Bangladesh? When Pakistan was partitioned, as a state it was born in bankruptcy. Pakistan was sold to Western imperialists, as a military outpost. The day Pakistan was founded; an emissary was sent by Jinnah to the US president to receive a check, to fund the newly born state. Who conspired this state of affairs, other than the towering figure of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, A Kashmiri Brahmin. Nahru’s daughter used force to carve another supposedly weak and puppet nation of Bangladesh. The whole community of Muslims which formed 30 percent of United India’s armed forces and other security agencies was systematically destroyed; or they would have certainly made their own space in United India. The British and Jinnah were the front people to have initiated the move to partition India, but India was the biggest beneficiary of this partition. If Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and even in India are backward, exploited and deprived, I will lay the blame on a Brahmin and its Machiavellian conspiracy against Muslims, as Brahmin love for India was merely a cover for the love of Brahmin dreams to rule India exclusively.


Imagine how India was a closed country aligned with the Soviets, mainly to ward off the West’s imperialist designs on independent India or rather warding off of any ’regime change’ by the West to unseat the uncompromising Brahmin. A Brahmin family was only protecting its own hegemony over India. Later, when India was finally opened, the ‘credit’ went to other Brahmins, now dancing to a different tune, to dethrone the old Brahmin family. Later it was Brajesh Mishra, Vajpayee, both Brahmins, who brought in first the American Jews, and later the Israelis to run the country once again as an enslaved nation.


If Muslims were to write future history, they will characterize the 60 years of ’Independent’ India as the Brahmin Age. Let us see, how fast their legacy gets dissipated as their injustices have hit the nadir and there is no redeeming signs on the horizon.


Manoj George is bringing into discussions the subject of Muslims of Africa or Muslim emigration to West, which is not the main subject of the present discussion. Mercifully, Brahmins unlike Jews have tangled with Indian Muslim on the Indian subcontinent only. Though lately, they both, Brahmins and Jews seem to find quite fertile common grounds to cooperate and move against not only Indian Muslims, but the entire Muslim world. Nobody can deny that when an Indian American Jindal is introduced into the US election equations in the Republican quarters, against an Afro-American Barack Hussein Obama that is going to be widely demonized as a closet Muslim, a backroom proxy war is already on.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai