Monday, April 14, 2008


Comments posted on TOI site re: G. Parthasarthy’s lead opinion article: Avoid past mistakes.



“Whatever merits or demerits of our past policies vis a vis China in general and about Tibet in particular, we should not follow and should not appear to follow any US driven initiatives that always takes others for granted and summarily expects others to follow their game-plans. Apparently the current world-wide agitation on Tibet in the backdrop of coming Beijing Olympics would not have been launched by the West in consultation with India.


India has to have its own independent response as well as well thought out policy basics to China and keep US at an arms distance, lest we get sucked into the US/EU/Israeli world politics where as strategic partners we have to sacrifice our interests and our people, without any control on the developing scenarios.


India should observe a full moratorium of at least 20 years, before it can hazard any confrontational diplomacy with China. Let the US during these years; leave India alone to pursue its economic development plans, without having to get entangled into wars and skirmishes, especially in its neighbourhood.


Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai



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